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Turkey Calls Trump's Bluff

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/14/turkey-calls-trumps-bluff


Erdogan is difficult to admire (unless you’re Turkish, perhaps), but he’s becoming the worst threat to Empire’s hegemony in that part of the world since… I was going to say since Morsi, but poor Morsi couldn’t punch back and defend himself the way Erdogan can – I have to say: since Nasser!

So this is a very exciting, promising development – at least, for anyone who doesn’t find “One Ring To Rule Them All” an adequate arrangement providing for human dignity. That air base at Incirlik, alone, is so extremely vital to Empire that you seldom hear it mentioned. From Turkey’s perspective, our sheltering of that coup-plotting cult leader (in Pennsylvania) looks like our sheltering of the Shah to the Iranians. Then Trump has the cheek to send Bolton over there, to deliver some orders in such an insulting manner he almost got arrested.

The mood in Turkey toward USAmerikkka is decidedly foul, and not improving.


The arrogant U.S. needs a good slap down. Frankly, I don’t care what direction it comes from.
Can we really uphold sanctions on Turkey the way we are with Iran?
I live here so I have to identify as an American, but that’s all. The government no longer supports any of my values. So, American government, “Stick it.”


Perhaps the Turks will assist Russia in removing the Orange Turd in the White House.

Lord knows the Democrats won’t.

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I’ve been told by Soviet security officials as far back as 1990 that their radars could detect US stealth aircraft.

Read the excellent “A Girl’s Guide to Missiles” where the author Karen Piper describes how she was present for the maiden flight of the B2 Stealth Bomber. Pandemonium breaks out in the control room when the plane triggers the radar and proves that it is anything but “stealthy”! The young woman is quickly ushered from the room!


Turkey becoming less and less of a turkey? But also Ukraine, Syria, Palestina, China, and even America?
Well, it seems to me, that that’s happening even in Venezuela, Bolivia, Gaza, Jordan…
While the oligarchs and the servile servants of the wealthy class; becoming more and more desperate, angry, at sea, violent, etc., but not yet losing their wealth?
Wait and see what happens in America when wealthy start losing their lucre. Probably see America becoming more like Venezuela today.
Once and if Americans taste even incipient socialism, they will love it and just like a lot of Europeans and Chinese do.

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Let’s be honest, Turkey joined the Russian sphere of influence at least since Putin got serious about supporting Assad in the Syrian Civil War. Lots of common interests there.

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Turkey is a key member of NATO and in fact , from a geographical point of view is one of the most styrategically important members of that orgnization. Turkey has tried to join the EU for years and has been rebuffed and Turkey and Greece still have many territorial disputes.

Now this article is the height of propoganda. I almost laughed out loud when i read things like…

Some observers believe the Turkish government has already answered such queries. “What kind of NATO member is this,” asks Martens Centre Deputy Director Roland Freudenstein, “if they have to balance between their existing alliance and a hostile power which has proven many times, especially since 2014, its aggressive intentions? To me that’s a no-brainer. The very fact that Turkey claims that it has to somehow ‘balance’ between those two means that it’s not a full ally anymore.”

This quote underlies the FACT That NATO is there for nothing other then conflict with Russia in spite of public pronouncements otherwise.

“The implications are both military and political,” former US Ambassador to NATO Doug Lute told DW. “Turkey has slipped farther and faster from NATO’s core values — democracy, individual liberty and the rule of law — than any other NATO member. We see again that when states drift from core values the door opens for Russian influence.”

I like that Core values thing and “the rule of law”. Democracy, individual liberty and the rule of law? This coming from an American ? On all three the USA strikes out as made evident by its multiple violations of International law , its 2 million plus in prison its mass surveiilance of citizens, its 1000+ killed per year by its police, its concentration camps on the US border with mexico and so on.

Meanwhile the US Military is bombing and killing people in places like Yemen and Somalia, In Pakistan and Iraq, In Libya and Afghanistan and the guy quoted in the first clip whines about “Russian Aggression”.

Now here is the truth of NATO and its members and of the nations of the EU that are part of it.

It is a force that is used to enforce Western Capitalism on nations they feel falling out of its sphere of influence so as to ensure Corporations in those nations have free access to those markets and to those nations resources. It is kept intact so as to ensure the “warfare state” formed during the Cold war goes on forever so as to ensure continued military spending . As a “collective” it very much like a firing squad. If 16 soldiers shoot at someone standing against a wall . a single one of them can not be blamed for firing the bullet that killed. These thugs spread the guilt for war crimes around so no one country “guilty”.

I am no real fan of Erdogan , but I do hope he gets Turkey out of NATO.


The points in the article may be valid – but don’t get carried away
with pleasure that Turkey has bested the US in something.

Erdoğan already is the kind of tyrant that the bullshitter wants to
become. Erdoğan’s claims about the coup are unsupported by evidence,
and he uses them to demonize and persecute scapegoats just as the
bullshitter does to immigrants. The fact that many Turks believe
those claims is a measure of the effectiveness of his propaganda

Another take on The Turkey leaving NATO scenario. The SCO proves to be a very real threat to US Hegemony.

We can only hope. We are on the ledge of the Empire falling. This is not going to be a barrel of monkeys for us in the USA, but we need a reset button too.

Trump is in this thing WAY OVER his pay grade.