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Turkey Fires Thousands of Teachers in Widening Crackdown on Dissent


Turkey Fires Thousands of Teachers in Widening Crackdown on Dissent

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Turkey has revoked licenses for thousands of educators in the government's latest crackdown following Friday's failed military coup.


I was hoping the coup would succeed. He is not our ally except in the sense that he colludes with our govt in war and death.


Question. Is NATO membership on the line given the circumstances?


OK, follow up question. Why such a targeted list of people?


Yes, Erdogan had his lists. But who precipitated the event?


Yes. It seems that this was an event that was desired on both sides. But to what result?


Oh. I hope that he's thought this through. But of course he probably hasn't.


Listen to the liberals - "Crackdown in Turkey - OMG - media and teachers have to shut up."

Who do you people think created this situation for Turkey?

How would you like it if you were living right next door to ISIS - handmade by the United States' lousy foreign policy and the apathy and general spinelessness of hundreds of millions of American voters?

How would you like your country to be the next Syria? The next dominoe to fall?

Why do you think the Turkish People went so crazy to stop any coup? Why do you think they're cracking down on this?

Here some of you sit in the luxury of the 'safe" United States - destroying everyone else's country is fine as long as you all got yours. And judging people and THEIR chosen governments in those situations.

Every time the United States wants to topple a government - everyone starts sounding as "liberal" and "democratic" as the "New" New York Times.

You think they're supposed to act like they're living on the Upper West Side of Manhattan?


They were bombing the palace. Did you notice?

How would you feel if they were bombing the White House? And Canada was like Syria? With people less than the distance of one state away starving to death? With hundreds of thousands of migrants coming across the border to escape to Greece or crouch down next door - some of who had been helping chop off heads?


Just go ahead and vote for Hilllary. Don't trouble your minds too much. "Freedom of speech! LIberty!" BOMB BOMB BOMB away USA.


This is what I think: we're going into full blown war with either HIllary or Donald. They want war. It might even be a world war. In a strange way - not necessarily attributable to intelligence - Donald might even make better decisions. Not that anyone could really discern which way to go, in any case. It's like choosing between holocausts.

You people who voted for Hillary Clinton in the primaries while we pleaded and begged you to listen to reason are a bunch of self-centered narcissistic idiots. You embody everything appalling about American identity.


Or, CIA pissed and they "pushed the button" to oust Erdogen because of his insistence on Gulen's extradition; CIA would have had to scramble to cover their multiple foreign operatives hiding behind Gulen's madrasa network??



Erdogan's wholesale purge and repression are the real coup, eliminating his enemies and Turkey's secular citizens and teachings to further his power and Islamic state. Soon the executions will begin, and the US and other NATO propagandists and corrupt politicians will make the usual excuses for brutality and depravity. The Russian factor may be the most significant with an Erdogan and Putin rapprochement, excluding Obama & US.
The supposed "coup" was the worst planned and executed attempt in history perhaps and is very suspect. Far better the army and Erdogan's opponents had succeeded and restored Turkeys precious secular tradition. The Turkish military had better act fast or lose their role as protector of a secular Turkey forever. The legacy of Ataturk and his dream of a modern secular Turkey is being destroyed - the influence of religion and ability of charlatans and power-mad dictators to control an easily manipulated population is being proven once again.........



Practice coup by the CIA/NATO. Only the Turkish people can thwart the real one coming. Erdogan needs to purge these Gulen"istas" out like the cockroaches they are.


Who was behind this coup? Well 24 hours after the coup failed. Erdogan said he wants better relations with Russia, Syria and Iran. So that should give you a clue. : )


Yes, that was my thought also. How did he come up with a list of so many people already? My guess is that he had been compiling it for a long time.


Turkey is realigning it's foreign policy and forging economic ties with Russia leaving the US out in the cold. Read article by Mike Whitney on counterpunch.org


Yes i think Mike Whitney today on counterpunch.org explains pretty much the background prior to the coup events. Erdogan is afraid the US is not interested in Turkey remaining a state, instead the US favors a Kurdistan which will allow it to pipe Arab oil and gas to Europe via Syria.


According to many sources like counterpunch.org and Asia Times Erdogan was tipped of about the coup by Russian intelligence. US plans to encircle Russia and establish a Kurdish state on Turkish, Syrian and Iraqi territories are all in shambles along with the US plan to export Arab oil and gas to Europe via Syria.


The historic Kurdish Region was in parts of Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria, but primarily Turkey - the Kurds were the largest ethnic group to get nothing from the break-up of the Ottoman Empire, most of their historic tribal lands going to Turkey.

That said "US plans" to establish a Kurdistan are likely rubbish - Kurds are fighting for an independent Kurdistan and the US is using Kurds for their own purposes and will screw them in the end like many other peoples have been used by the US empire......If Kurds succeed in establishing a state of their own they would probably be happy with a contiguous state in northern Iraq and Syria.


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