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Turkey-Israel Deal Leaves Gaza Siege Intact


Turkey-Israel Deal Leaves Gaza Siege Intact

Ali Abunimah

Palestinians in the Gaza Strip expressed anger and dismay on Monday about the deal normalizing relations between Israel and Turkey that leaves them under a suffocating siege.

An Israeli human rights group that monitors the decade-old Israeli blockade of Gaza has also confirmed that the deal does not end Israel’s tight control over the territory that has greatly exacerbated the devastation to Gaza’s economy and society from three major Israeli military assaults since 2008.


Gazans are the first official subhumans of our age. They are officially accorded less rights than other people. It is allowed to imprison even innocent Gazans because they are given only partial human rights and not accorded the full rights of ordinary people such as being innocent matters. Thus even innocent Gazans can be punished for crimes that they personally had nothing to do with nor could they stop them being committed by others. Innocent Gazans can be punished for what other Gazans do because Gazans are in a special category - a subhuman classification which accords them lesser rights.

Gazans human rights can be legislated against and prohibited. Taking away Gazan human rights can be legalized because Gazans have become the subhumans who don't have to be treated like ordinary humans.

It is legally allowed to abuse and imprison Gazans (even babies) through official decree and agreements. It seems like Israel seeks to make it official that there should be the subhuman classification for Gazans.


This link to RT Crosstalk on Brexit, posted by UnclePo in the Jonathan Cook "Diseased Liberals" thread is pertinent.

The panelists note that the EU and NATO are effectively one project; that the push to get Turkey into the Europe is about encircling Russia, creating European borders with Iraq, Iran, Syria, Armenia and Georgia; and that the war against Syria is very late now in achieving its game-planned ouster of Assad, preparing the way for Turkey's full membership in the EU. Section starts about 14:08 in the video.



This is significant and I wonder what goes on in Turkey. If it true Erdogan offered an apology to Russia and that he will in fact prosecute the Turkish Citizen that murdered the Russian pilot , there has been a sea of change inside of Turkey and this has implications for the EU as well.

Now added to this are the ripple effects of the BREXIT vote. One reason (among many) that many in Britain voted for exit was so that the UK could once again control its borders and immigration. Other European states are alarmed that having Turkey in the EU would allow the free flow of Turks into Western Europe.

Those same European nations are also dealing with a rise of sentiment among the people themselves that the Russian sanctions unwarranted, that Russia does not pose a Military threat to West Europe and that the future of Western Europe is not with the USA but with closer links to Russia and China.

The Political leaders in the EU may all be toeing the line here as they claim they act in unison to subdue an aggressive Russia, but that same sentiment is not reflected by the people. With a number of nations now considering a referendum as to whether they will remain inside the EU ( and by extension NATO and the Anti-Russian bloc) , along with austerity and an ever weakening economy ,they might well fear a huge backlash from the voter .

These are very tumultous times and many countries are seeking to shore up their Diplomatic positions with respect to other nations before the shit hits the fan,



Erdogan is a goofball and a charlatan. And Ali Abunimah is a shill for attacking the courageous Alison Weir.


Utter BS propaganda from a Zionist tool and apologist!

The Mavi Marmara was attacked by Israeli forces in international waters and claims of "being attacked" by unarmed activists by the IDF storm troopers is ridiculous!.
There were no 'arms" found on the ship, and allowing a brutal racist occupier to dictate terms of surrender must be resisted - not agreeing to capitulation to tyranny!
Israeli terrorists use Gaza as an open-air prison for millions - a crime against humanity and the several wars against Gaza's civilians used banned and indiscriminate weapons - a war crime!

Never forget the 1968 Israeli sneak attack on the USS Liberty that killed or wounded over 200 American sailors - another example of the "innocent" Israeli's just "defending" themselves in international waters! Never forget the cover-up by Israel and US craven politicians that continues to this moment!

Both Turkey and Israel share their brutal attacks against civilians, Turkey/Erdogan against the Kurds and Israel/Netanyahu against the Palestinians (and Lebanese, et al) - Both also commit false-flag ops to "justify" their depravity - two war criminals, perfect together.


The Levant Basin is a geological feature offshore of Gaza, Israel, Lebanon and Syria.

The Levant Basin is highly rospective for oil and gas and may be similar to the Saudi Arabian oil-fields.



Here is the statement from US Campaign to End the Occupation, on its reasons for removing Weir's group, If Americans Knew, from its organization.


I have read every book by Weir and probably watched all her videos. She is a truthteller--and it's the unvarnished truth that these so-called pro-Palestinians organizations could not stand. But thanks for the link, which is pure hasbara.


You are right Emphyrio. There were no weapons on board the vessel. This person is trolling outright lies and propaganda. It is symptomatic of the respect being accorded the American public that we are lied to and manipulated as recompense for the billions in aid we provide Israel. Such is the level of gratitude and respect that we are coming to expect.