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Turkey-Israel Pact Betrays Gazans, Grants Immunity for 2010 Flotilla Attack


Turkey-Israel Pact Betrays Gazans, Grants Immunity for 2010 Flotilla Attack

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Abandoning Palestinians and its pledge to fight Israel's protracted blockade of Gaza, the Turkish government on Monday announced an agreement to normalize relations with the Middle East powerhouse—reportedly just in time for a new, lucrative natural gas deal.

The two countries have been engaged in a bitter dispute since 2010 when the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) attacked the Turkish-owned Mavi Marmara, which was carrying humanitarian supplies to the people of the Gaza Strip, killing nine people at the time and and fatally injuring a tenth.


This "pact" is just part of Israeli diversion of world attention and continued imprisonment and subjugation of Gaza and its population - its shameful Turkey/Erdogan agreed, but they have benefits as well as the odious Israelis.
The Israelis have followed the expansionism championed by Zionist leaders since 1948 and before to take Palestine by force and ethnic cleansing. They have been terrorists since those days - the Irgun, Stern Gang, Haganah all committing atrocities like in Deir Yassin) and continue to commit atrocities cloaked in "victimization" to this moment. The continuous efforts to change world opinion using the "religious" cloak and charges of "Antisemitism" against any and all opponents or resistance to their theft and destruction and mass killings - except those they assassinate, imprison has so-far been effective. The US is especially a craven Israeli lap-dog tolerating and supporting overt Israeli racism, illegal occupation and colonization, slaughter of civilians and war crimes for half a century - even when Americans are victims. Conflict and subversion is the Israeli MO to mask and divert world attention from their continuous war crimes and near genocide in Palestine.


I favor Israel's right to exist as a Jewish-majority sovereign nation-state, but I also think they need to change their policies in West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem, get their right-wing jewish settlers and their troops the hell out of those territories, stop the rough treatment of innocent Palestinian civilians, and allow the Palestinians to create their own independent, sovereign Palestinian nation-state alongside Israel.