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Turkey Shuts Down 131 Media Outlets, Journalists Flee Country


Turkey Shuts Down 131 Media Outlets, Journalists Flee Country

Nika Knight, staff writer

Turkey's brutal crackdown in the wake of a failed military coup reached new heights on Wednesday, as the government decreed the shut-down of 131 media outlets. The government has also issued arrest warrants for 89 journalists since the beginning of the week.


Coup? Kinda like those dead inmates from Dachau, murdered and dressed up as Poles, then deposited in a German radio post to provide a pretext for a German invasion of Poland. Coup my ass. Just another tinpot asshole with a taste for absolute power. In fact, just our kinda guy! Can't have people running around with dangerous delusions of freedom and any say in their governance. One more great achievement in the march of civilization.


Things to look forward to here at home...


American "allies" show their _"quality" - Turkey under Sunni Erdogan, Israel under Zionist Netanyahu, Egypt under military ruler Fattah el Sisi after deposing democratically-elected Morsi, and Saudi Arabia under the Sunni royal family - perfect together, may they all stand in the dock at The Hague for crimes against humanity and war crimes - including the Bush regime criminals and its successor Obama!


You are correct, of course. There is no such thing as an independent journalist in the MSM. That's why I come here and not waste my time anywhere else.


Waiting for Clinton supporters to tell us this will for sure happen in the US under Trump (although it's already partially happened, much more subtly)