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Turkey: Success Story Turned to Disaster


Turkey: Success Story Turned to Disaster

Eric Margolis

Turkey, once a pillar of Mideast stability, looks increasingly like a slow-motion truck crash. What makes this crisis so tragic is that not very long ago Turkey was entering a new age of social harmony and economic development.


The US has never treated Turkey as anything more than an ally of convenience, not unlike the treatment afforded to most of its "allies". With Turkey, however, the veil of alliance is very thin--almost transparent one might say.


Farsi news reports that the leader of ISIS one Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi , the same one John McCain met with on a visit to Syria , was injured in a recent airstrike inside Iraq and with help of the CIA was evacuated to Turkey for medical treatment.

It has also been reported that Putin sent a message to the Turkish Ambassador to Erdogan warning Turkey to stop its support of ISIS or face consequences. Turkey was once to be a pipeline corridor to take Russian natural gas through and into Europe. Gazprom has already put a halt on that project for "technical reasons"

Turkey is one of the largest consumers of Russian natural gas.


Seems to be a great number of reports talking about his demise, and wounding.

Habeus Corpus. (show the body)

*yes, I know that's not what the term is really used for. But I couldn't resist. :smile:


This is an interesting composition, from a quite well informed and competent expert on the Middle East, but I detect a sense in it of exacerbation and remorse, of hopelessness that one might feel when staring into a scene of uncontrollable chaos. In the past Margolis seems to have always been able to propose solid solutions to the sad and sordid matters he reported on there as they evolved, but this article strikes me as having no conclusion, no ending. It seems that he might be thinking, but can't quite write, "what the hell are we going to do".

Shift over to the War Room (or whatever they call it) in the White House, where I wish I were a fly on the wall, watching Obama prancing about and babbling in his robotic voice but with his arms flailing, trying to figuring out what to do next, more or less like the kid who torched the vacant lot next to his house and is now stringing together a line of lies that he's going to present to his parents. Obama has, with the help of his pack of neocon dogs yelping around his feet, turned the Middle East into a pile of cow shit. And when the Queen of Darkness takes over the Office of POTUS after Obama's ignominious retirement, she and her Israeli Likudnik advisory committee are going to turn Levant into a barn full of cow shit.


"America’s ham-handed policies in the Mideast have set the entire region ablaze from Syria to South Sudan and Libya."


"American CONSERVATIVES AND NEOLIBERALS have set the entire region ablaze etc."

Please don't blame American liberals and progressives for the disasters conservatives distinctly, unmistakably cause.