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Turkey, the Kurds, and Lots and Lots of US Weapons

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/11/turkey-kurds-and-lots-and-lots-us-weapons


The recent Turkey air defense system was bought from Russia. Trump gave intelligence to Turkey before the attack on the Kurds. US military in charge of the Kurdish situation that helped confine ISIS very upset with the Trump “chaos”. Russia is helping Turkey and Trump is helping Russia. US military say they will fly planes into the carnage created by Turkey, but how can military function in this situation? Also US military protecting Kurds are at risk. GOP owns this and Trump.


‘The greatest purveyor of violence in the world: my own government.’
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Alas, it is not just Turkey.

The great sickness of mens’ minds and souls, our lustful engagement of all things violent, the very foundation of so much obscene wealth, no matter the horrific desctruction let loose upon the world.


Trump is helping Russia

If so then why is he opposing the Astana process, not to mention the Minsk process?


In the summer of 1944, there surely must have been Liberal Germans, wringing their hands in anguish about how the possibility of withdrawing from France would amount to a betrayal of their allies, the noble Vichy & other collaborators.


This article is another insight as to why we the people must wrest power of the U.S. government from corporate America, particularly the MIC. The only type of “aid” the U.S. should never supply is military aid, yet this is the ONLY type of aid that the U.S. supplies. This creates death, destruction, refugees galore and hatred against the average American even though the average American would never agree to arming the entire world so that we can line the pockets of a few uber-rich defence contractors. It also accelerates our race towards the sixth mass extinction as we waste precious fossil fuels to wage useless wars. The author is right about the need to clean house of this bi-partisan group of corporate sycophants. If ‘We the People’ are unable to accomplish this feat, we’re all doomed.


Trump helps himself first. Second a Dictator he likes. Why did he prevent arms going to Ukraine? To help Putin take the land he wanted. Trump always remembers his benefactor Putin. But also to use the arms to extort dirt on Trump’s political opponent.

The alliance of the US with the Kurds and other similar tribes was done to stop ISIS. ISIS and buddies did 9-11. The Kurds were good fighters. They have 11,000 ISIS in prison camps and about 70,000 of their family in another camp. Russia/Turkey decided with Trump’s US intelligence he shared with them and his approval of their attack they could do a genocide on the Kurds ignoring the ISIS fighters that would be released. Syria first collapsed from climate change that Assad ignored and began to attack his own people. Add Yemen near that now have massive deaths from diseases that can travel. So be open to attacks from ISIS and diseases from the carnage that was helped by Bush/Cheney and their war of choice on Iraq.

I think you’re spinning a rather logically tortured tale there.


The phone call and conversation between trump and turkey’s erdogan is so-far hidden from public view. When two people of such extreme actions and appetites hold secret communication there is always a potential crime or treason. That calls un-redacted conversation must be released! The probable collusion central to the “deal” is trumps financial dealings in Turkey, and other actions that may be actionable! “Trump and his family have long had business ties in and with Turkey, the most visible example being the Trump Towers Istanbul” The stench of trump and his dealings is overpowering!

The outcome of the secret conversation was the OK given by trump to pull-back US “buffer” troops and give the green-light to Turkey’s invasion of Syria, expulsions of Kurds and others with occupation by force. The consequences of the planned ethnic-cleansing, massive occupation, and mass killings of Kurdish men, women and children in the exodus is clear. All a war-crime by two depraved people, both equally guilty of the consequences!

When any president agrees to such an atrocity and crime against humanity that harms US interests and puts the interests of another nation or leader ahead of American, that is treason! Betraying a supposed ally in such a reprehensible and shameful way must not be tolerated or condoned!

This “deal” between erdogan and trump to commit this action and its consequences are another reason why trumps hidden tax-returns-financial record must be released. The returns will likely provide the outline of his crime “empire”, financial ties, and why he does the things he does - a more corrupt or morally depraved scum was never conceived!


Funny how already a few years ago many people, even some members of the US govt, said the so-called Syrian “moderate rebels,” here referred to as the “Syrian democratic forces” (a real joke of a name), did not exist. The US and Europe would give them weapons which would then end up in the hand of the jidahis. Nobody could explain how. How is it now that, not only do they exist again, but they are being granted such importance? Are they zombies?

For years Erdogan himself was allowing rebel supply lines and fighters into Syria unmolested, to the point that he was accused of being part of the “regime change” scam. And yet now he appears to be helping the Syrian government. It’s anybody’s guess what he’s really up to, but it’s clear the US establishment wants us to think it’s really bad, which really only means that it goes against their inevitably dubious larger plans.

I think that nobody here–not the mainstream journalists, not the lite “alt” journalists of liberal-left blogogsphere–really knows what’s going on. We should look to people on the ground there, like Vanessa Beeley, to find out, though I don’t know that she’s reported on this yet.

At any rate I dont think any of the commentators here, in these threads and in the articles being commented on, really knows the reality of this situation. The author of this piece is right about the weapons, but seems clueless about everything else, starting with his evocation of the “Syrian Democratic Forces.”


Obama deserves some credit for illegally placing US troops in Syria.
US troop presence break US and international law.
Bring them home and stop sending weapons to Turkey, Saudi Arabia etc.


The NYTimes has a different version of that Forbes’ story on today’s front page.

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The relationships between the US, Turkey, Syrian forces loyal to Assad, Syrian forces wanting to overthrow Assad, Syrian Kurds, Turkish Kurd separatists, Syrian Kurds aligned with Turkish Kurd separatists, ISIS, Iranian militias, Israel, Hezbollah, Saudi money…are multi-directional, overlapping, and counterintuitive at times.

Only two certainties: Everybody involved in the Syrian Civil War has an agenda. Trump is just plain loopy.


Always US weapons on both sides, or supplied by the US. We are the arms supplier to the world.


I thought it was Ben Laden. ISIS is connected to the terrorist groups begun with Ben Laden. If you think it was Mossad so what. They killed Ben Laden for it.

Weapons sales are dependent on war. Destruction creates demand. Idle war machines and munitions are just wasted money and lost sales. You’ve gotta blow stuff up. Lucky for us, Americans are on their own planet. We can continue to sell murder with no consequences at all… la la la la…


So is Russia.

It’s clear to me why the US doesn’t cut off arms shipments to Turkey: the arms industry in the United States owns Congress. It is glad when wars break out and their products are in demand. There is no inducement in our capitalist system to broker a peace.


Support the KURDS:  Impeach the TURDS!!

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You’re mixing up your muderers:  Osama bin Laden was the leader of Al-Qaeda blamed for – and eventually killed for – planning the 9-1-1 attack against the U.S.  Ben Netan-Yahoo is the right-wing leader of Israel’s illegal occupation of Gaza and the murder of numerous indigenous citizens thereof.