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Turkey, the Kurds, and Lots and Lots of US Weapons

Support the KURDS:  Impeach the TURDS!!

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You’re mixing up your muderers:  Osama bin Laden was the leader of Al-Qaeda blamed for – and eventually killed for – planning the 9-1-1 attack against the U.S.  Ben Netan-Yahoo is the right-wing leader of Israel’s illegal occupation of Gaza and the murder of numerous indigenous citizens thereof.

yep. the misinformation is flying generously with this sucker.

there have probably been a hundred backroom deals between a half dozen countries involved, and until we know what those are or were, we’re all lost.

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The shows I watch say ISIS and Al Qaeda are connected as are probably more terrorist groups. Israel is not a terrorist group although their treatment of Palestine is hideous.

scratchin my head.
why would turkey need over 3,000 main battle tanks? Goin into Iran with John Revolton Bolton?
Add the large amount of money needed to support the refugees there from Bagdad and Syria = recession.

If there were a definitive culprit to 9-11 it would be known to all.
The Rev. Jeremiah Wright was scorned and otherwise ignored for his “Goddam America” statement, “The chickens have come home to roost.”

Suspicion about the president’s potential conflict(s) of interest can be answered by releasing his tax returns. What is now clearly known about his personality and character (he is an unprincipled liar) leaves really no conclusion about his resistance to their release other than he doesn’t want them open to public scrutiny because they contain information of conflict(s) of interest.

I believe he is using his office to further his personal and financial interests. Betraying an ally is not treason. However, a president commits treason if he makes a decision that puts his personal interests above those of the country. His tax returns must be released and the impeachment inquiry must be completed.

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