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Turkey's Downing of Russian Warplane Only Taste of Looming Disaster

Turkey's Downing of Russian Warplane Only Taste of Looming Disaster

Jon Queally, staff writer

Offering a dramatic window into the fractious and complex geopolitics that are now swirling around the war against the Islamic State inside Syria and Iraq, the downing of a Russian warplane by Turkey on Tuesday was also followed by the release of footage showing a Russian military helicopter being destroyed by Syrian rebel forces armed with U.S.-supplied anti-tank missiles.

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I’ve been scanning the US and UK MSM today, and I’m shocked by what is being reported. I don’t know why, but I guess I always have this wish that one of them will come to their senses. But they never do, and the lies become bigger and more obvious and the tragedy is that the people are swallowing them hook line and sinker.

Do you remember the Paris attacks? After all the bewailing and cursing of ISIS, and the never ending anti ISIS tirades and editorials and commentary, when Turkey is exposed as a major supporter of terror and ISIS, everybody drops ISIS and rushes to the defence of Turkey, stating all manner of technical details justifying Turkey’s actions. And the commentaries just switch and tag along.

What kind of nonsense is that! are the people that stupid? do they really have no memories or common sense? Maybe being dominated by empire is all we deserve, all we can hope for. If you want to fight empire, you need a memory span of at least 1 week, and there’s no sign that we the people have that!


FFS, even if the jet had strayed in Turkish airspace the turkish generals know they are not conducting operations in Turkey. They know that jet is no threat to them. Therefore if they shot it down it is because they intended to do harm. This is intentional. This is a declaration of war.


Hmm… A Russian plane shot down by Turkey for no good reason, the pilots killed by “moderate” head-choppers, the rescue helicopter destroyed by a US supplied TOW missile by said “moderate” head-choppers who by the way were trained by the CIA in Jordan. Who are the good guys here? Certainly not us.


Tick Tock, Tick Tock, we are on the verge of WWIII. Way to go sociopath leaders. We will be as surprised as Germany was in WWII when the bombs start dropping here!

God do I hope I am wrong!


So what’s wrong with this picture. Last week Nato planes dropped leaflets to Isis. Warning them forty five minutes before they were going to bomb these Isis oil tankers. But these Russian pilots get little or no warning. Something is very wrong with this picture.


Thanks for pointing that out. Sometimes I skip over the article and read the comments. Yea Syria has abetted Isis. If you want to believe that MSM bullshit.


Germany surprised when the bombings started? What?

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Obama’ incoherent & counterproductive strategy in the mideast is an understatement he clearly doesn’t know what the fuck he is doing! Arming the terrorist we’re supposed to be fighting tells me the US leadership is criminally insane!It’s time to get the US the hell outta there!!


Hmmm. Maybe. (:

I’m a chicken bot.



The most dangerous terrorists on the planet–the international banking cartel, their corporations, and their public sector subsidiaries, including the U.S., NATO, Saudi Arabia, Israel, South Africa, etc.–are desperate to respond to Russia turning their big lie around on them, by agreeing to fight “terrorism” and going into Syria and actually attack the cartel’s mercenaries, ISIS and “the Syrian opposition.”

Extreme measures were called for, including the false flag event in Paris, to justify NATO and other lackeys attacking Russian forces to prevent them from destroying the mercenaries, who serve as the principle excuse for the cartel to take down any nation that still controls its own central bank and currency (Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Iran, etc.) all part of the list delivered to the Pentagon just after 9-11, as General Wesley Clark had said, over and over.

Each time the Russians destroy ISIS’s and the opposition’s armaments, the U.S. restocks them.


I don’t think that’s true. What causes you to say that?

Turkey is a member of NATO. Turkey did not shot down the Russian plane and murder it crew, NATO did.

Anyone that believes Turkey shot down the Russian war plane because it violated Turkey’s air space for 17 seconds, please contact me, because if you are really that gullible, I have some things I would like to sell you!

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Bad news. Just watched the Russian Diplomat on Aljazeer and he says Russia must respond, whatever that means.

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I think what the “Syria has abetted ISIS” comment can only refer to is the following logic. That is that by failing to roll over and be overthrown by U.S. supported ISIS, Assad has forced the U.S. and NATO to provide “further support for ISIS,” thus: “Syria has abetted ISIS!” Ha! You can’t make this stuff up.

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I think that Turkish Generals don’t know what the intentions are of a Supersonic Bomber penetrating their ADIZ (Air Defense Identification Zone) since it is required by ICAO rules for that intruder to broadcast an ETA of penetration three minutes or more before penetration. Since I’m sure that Russian Backfire Bomber didn’t do that, and, according to both sides a conflict had been going on like that for weeks, it sounds kinda like another Korean Airlines Flight 007 where the Russians shot down a civilian 747 which was probably just lost. Maybe the Ruskie just got lost. It happens all the time with both sides jamming frequencies and dicking up ground navaids.

But who the hell really knows? The whole Middle East is destabilized thanks to our President and his former employer, the CIA, giving money and cash to terrorists (widely reported by the way, was Obama sending aid and weapons to al Qieda. I thought anyone who gives aid to a terrorist organization should be prosecuted? Just what the hell happened to that law???)

Turkey military did its job. It shot down a military plane carrying live bombs which crossed it boarders and did not respond to 10 calls. Russians did similar things before and were put on notice. Frankly if it were a Turkish plane in Russia , Russia would have done the same thing.

As usual, when a diversion of the world’s attention is in the news, Israeli Zionism/racism moves to commit yet another act of ethnic cleansing against the indigenous inhabitants of territory they control, in this case the displacement (read - forced removal) of Palestinian Bedouins from their ancestral lands to make-way for Jewish-only settlements!

"An Israeli plan to build several new Jewish communities in the Negev region of the country’s south will displace thousands of Palestinian citizens of Israel from two Bedouin villages, rights groups have said.

Approved by the Israeli government on Sunday, the plan allows for the construction of five new Jewish planned communities, two of which will be on top of a pair of Bedouin villages.

Bir Hadaj village is home to at least 6,000 people, while an estimated 1,500 live in Katama village, which is classified by the government as an “unrecognised” village.

“This is part of an ongoing policy of pushing Palestinian Bedouins off their land in the Negev”

How can the world, UN, or the US remain silent when crimes against humanity of such premediated importance are committed? The answer is corruption and control of the press/media to hide the truth from the world! Israeli/Zionist extremism and propagande has subverted the US thoroughly, from our elected reps/Congress to the White House, through their foreign agents/lobbyists, AIPAC, before ALL US politicians must make obeisance and cravenly grovel before Israel/Aipac or be attacked, de-funded and targeted for defeat!

Racist discrimination and killings/murders are no different in Chicago or Palestine!