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Turkey's Post-Coup Crackdown Puts Human Rights on the Chopping Block


Turkey's Post-Coup Crackdown Puts Human Rights on the Chopping Block

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Turkey has imposed a three-month state of emergency and temporarily suspended the European Convention on Human Rights as the government continues to crack down on dissent in the wake of last week's failed military coup.


Hasn't the USA been formally in a state of emergency since September 2001? Renewed yearly by all two of the Presidents who've "served" since then?


While Erdogan a fascist like so many other leaders , and while he will use this as an opportunity to expand his powers, it does not translate to him staging his own coup.

Arab press reports Russia warned Erdogan that a coup was in the works and gave the timIng for it. The coup plotters moved the coup up by 6 hours and sent a helicopter to capture Erdogan but he got on a plane and out of that area 40 minutes prior.

9 of the persons involved in the Coup worked out of Incilirik airbase. When a Turkish General working out of that base learned the coup would fail he requested asylum in the USA.

Aircraft used by the Coup plotters were also refuelled in the air from planes in Incilirik.

Russia and Iran sent words of support to Erdogan within minutes of the events unfolding. The USA took several hours to do so only voicing their support after it clear the coup would fail.

This all according to media outside the western mainstream.

My opinion follows.

Erdogan is an opportunist. On learning of the impending Coup he put his intelligence agencies on it to monitor the outcome. The plotters all revealed themselves when they initiated the attempt allowing him to arrest its ringleaders. He used that same Coup and continues to do do so as to expand his own power.

The Reichstag fire argument is being used to deflect attention away from US involvement. The US government was none too pleased with Erdogan trying to mend relations with Russia and a restart of the Russian pipeline initiative through Turkey.


Obama was in Turkey a few weeks back-and he was explaining that Globalism was going to happen no matter who stands in the way????? So I wonder how much of a role did the US have in this???? And it was noted by the press how long it took the US to respond and the EU?????


Big question.this not directed at you but speculating aloud.

It claimed that Russia picked up communications inside of Turkey and warned Erdogan of an impending coup.

The US and the " five eyes " nations are claimed to have the most advanced surveillance technology in the World. If we accept the reports that Russia did in fact intercept communications then it begs the question.

Why did the USA not intercept the same communications and warn Erdogan?


"Canada has never cared for democracy much. It certainly wasn’t what the Fathers of Confederation had in mind when they made sure that the elite wouldn’t have the last say with the Senate. It seemed such a good idea to ensure that regions with smaller populations would have some clout at the centre but good ideas can be carried too far if left to work like they’re supposed to." Rafe Mair