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'Turncoat Dems' in House Blasted as Fast Track Fight Heads Back to Senate


'Turncoat Dems' in House Blasted as Fast Track Fight Heads Back to Senate

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Drawing the swift ire of progressives around the country, the U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday took a step to revive President Barack Obama's faltering corporate trade agenda, passing Fast Track, or Trade Promotion Authority, in a 218-208 vote.

Twenty-eight Democratic lawmakers voted in favor of Fast Track, which would make it easier for Obama to ram through controversial trade deals like the Trans Pacific Partnership, reducing the role of Congress to an up-or-down vote on such mammoth agreements.


Maybe progressives should lay off all"turncoat dem" rhetoric and look at their own failure to close deals. Yes you heard me right, our failure. God, we have all the passion, intelligence and conviction, but what we don't have is the ability apparently to adequate respond to maneuvers on the part of republicans and corporate democrats. Quite simply the evil axis of Boehner, Obama and O'Connell pulled off an end run (severing the two bills) for which the progressive rebellion had absolutely no adequate response.. And amazing some of the leading progressive sites in the fight (including Common Dreams, Moyer etc) post nothing on the vote until it was over. I swear that a number of progressives who hadn't caught the late news last night, didn't even know the vote was on. I get that the Pope's encyclical is very big progressive news, but today nothing was more important than the TPP.


"'Our disappointment with the president is profound,' said Friends of the Earth president Erich Pica on Thursday"

Disappointment means unmet expectations. On what possible grounds can one have expectations of anything other than Obama from Obama?

"Sadly, we have come to expect Republicans to sell out the environment for the pursuit of corporate profits."

Why is it sad? It is cause for political organizing to vote them out.

"'But we expect more regard for environmental protection and respect for working families from President Obama and the Democrats who supported this bill.'"

With what possible justification?


'Turncoat Dems' is redundant.


Seeing how TPP, TTIP and TISA have been in the making and zealously promoted by Obama ever since he moved into the white house, Friends of the Earth are apparently afflicted with the terminal denial syndrome that has been epidemic in the US for decades.


The petard has been hoisted like a sword of Damocles in an environment of scathingly cynical autocratic power grabs. Predatory capitalism is a failure of its own 'success' (better put: excesses) because it is denial of its descriptive: PREDATORY.

The system now appears more than ever incapable of envisioning anything other than scrambling grabs with corruption, lies by omission, genocide, ecocide and ethnocide (but never called these) as its prime methodology in a dance with delusion.

Privilege at root means 'first BEFORE the law'. The cynicism of privilege and 'exceptionalism' ( the litany of 'except for...') is the epistemic tie that binds the present and future to a past of feudalism and colonizing as primary methodology. It has always demanded that it be 'god' - ever since the 15th century Doctrine of Discovery. Its game back then was to dehumanize, negate, enslave, massacre and steal from non-christians and that remains ensconced in US law. It is now in trickle-up mode.

The "middle class" has been the water bearers for robber barons all along. From celebrating fully distorted 'holidays' (no longer 'holy' days - just released from the pains of labor usurped for one day a year) Columbus to Labor day - to institutionalization of 'vacation' that is: vacate your daily life and experience the 'exotic' to help further the colonization of those excluded from recognition in order to be kept invisible for the externalized cost version of economic theory. That which we historically do to others - we do to ourselves. First sacrificing one's humanity for ideological hogwash and then swallowing it. Forget lipstick on a pig, this bucket runneth over and the orders are to receive your straw for a big collective drink from the post-wash bucket - fecal matter especially especially frothy.


Wow, Democrats saying in one thing and voting the opposite...I can't believe it!


In electoral politics, the only way to get the turncoat corporatists out and replace them with legit progressives is to primary them.


That's why I vote, but don't put too much stock in the election outcome. Fortunately, one can do a lot without depending on elected officials by being the change one wants to see in the world.


Good example of the corporate party power Dems. and Repubs. two nuts in the same sack..


Most of the Yeas on the Dem side are closely identified with the Democratic Libertarian political philosophy, such as it is understood. Prominent members of this loosely organized group were/are Deval Patrick, Jerry Brown, Peter Shumlin, Howard Dean, Brian Schweitzer, William Proxmire, Dennis Kucinich, Russ Feingold. and Ron Wyden. Journalist Glenn Greenwald resides here, too, The Democratic Libertarian or Democratic Freedom Caucus currently controls 40 DNC State Chairmanships. " OK Class. Smoke 'em if ya got "em. ", I'm talking about those funny little cigarettes with names like Pink Bubble Gum and Train Wreck. Freedom isn't free, as in, cost free.


"...reducing the role of Congress to an up-or-down vote on such mammoth agreements."

Don't people get it? This is all Kabuki theater. Giving Obama fast track doesn't mean anything one way or another. All this wasted energy and distraction is about making people think they have a say in what happens. Corporations own our government. They will have any trade agreement they want.


Then how do you explain why most Dems did NOT vote in favor of this treasonous set of treaties?


What a ridiculous post. As usual, the C.D. TAG TEAM pushes commentary that blames "the Middle Class," Progressives, and the Dems who did NOT--as a majority--vote in this abomination.

But no where is there any honest assessment of the power of corporations to shape, own, control, and bribe their way into hegemonic control of not just this nation's foreign (and increasingly) domestic policy settings.

Classic obfuscation: the smear chorus takes aim at those who were unable to stop the BEAST; and in this way, they give The Beast a pass.

How does this type of narrative distinguish itself from that of the corporate media always looking for ways to demean, degrade, or denigrate the reputations of whistle blowers, inconvenient truth tellers, and all those kids gunned down by uber-macho U.S. policing forces.

The odds in any coin toss are about even for heads or tails. That is why the PREDICTABILITY of virtually everyone who's free during business/workday hours to demonize "the usual suspects" turns their motives suspect.

No talk about ALEC, the Koch Brothers, The Wal-mart heirs, Bill Gates, the banksters, the weapons producers, Monsanto and other corporations that wrote these sickening "new rules of trade."

Almost nothing that Obama has done has shown him to be anything less than a corporate-CIA sell-out. That doesn't mean that the taint goes to every Democrat. Ironically, no one hear mentions the Republicans who reliably show homage to the titans of Big Oil, Big Gen-Tech, Big Guns/weaponry, etc. THAT ilk is given a pass.



Ridiculous. And proof of my oft' mentioned point... that those sitting here DAILY without any OTHER jobs (and thus paid to shape opinions) prefer to BLAME fellow citizens rather than those who actually shape policy.

You are despicable, and none too bright. You've used many previous screen names, too. You have the mentality of the guard who beats the inmate and insists that s/he had it coming.


The numbers don't match up. One group had 28 turn-coats, the other might have had 15 that were NOT turn coats. Did you graduate 6th grade made?


They take turns being turncoats or they vote yea knowing it will not fly and change when they know their money bags need that vote. Two nuts sharing the same sack. Did you skip reality base class or do you have dementia? Two can play that disrespect game I find it 4th grade behavior but can play as I taught both 4th and 6th.


Your link to the roll-call seems to lead to a vote to "To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to allow Federal law enforcement officers, firefighters, and air traffic controllers to make penalty-free withdrawals from governmental plans after age 50, and for other purposes"

HR 2146

Please link to the correct roll-call.


I noticed this too. Is it because the Fast Track vote was brought to the floor as an amendment to an unrelated bill?


It sure seems like whenever a controversial bill comes up, one that is hotly contested and up for a close vote, there are always just enough Democrats to oppose it if it helps the 99% and just enough to support it if it helps the 1%.