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Turning a Corner in Public Opinion Toward Israeli Occupation


Turning a Corner in Public Opinion Toward Israeli Occupation

James Zogby

U.S. supporters of Israel are in a bind: public opinion is changing; there are more actors publicly challenging Israel; and the crude, heavy-handed tactics they have successfully used in the past to silence criticism now only aggravate the situation. A few examples:


I appreciate the examples, but Zionist-led purges and anti-BDS laws and anti-free speech laws and actions (that equate anti-semitism and pro-Palestine rights and firings) roar across the nation on college campuses, in state houses and legislatures and in work places. This kind of crap is as prevalent as (and effective as) McCarthyism/“anti-communism” was during the height of the Red Scare. The corner is a long way off.


Zionist policy is apartheid, plain and simple.



You shouldn’t criticize lobbyists for Israel. It’s wrong because they are Jews pushing Jewish interests, and that makes any such criticism anti-Semitic. Any opposition to Jewish interests is by definition anti-Semitic and should be stamped out as being motivated by hate.

The Palestinians are terrorists: They should allow Jews to take the land of the area as they need it and its resources without protest because people who lived there a couple of thousand years ago were Jews, and because the Jews deserve a land of their own: If the Palestinians would just accede to that, they would not have to be held in the Gaza concentration camp, or brutally policed in the West Bank, and Israel would not have the task of “mowing the lawn”, something the Palestinians don’t like. Alternatively, if the Palestinians would just leave the area en mass, that would be a solution. Palestinians wanting a State of their own is just ridiculous because that would prevent Jews taking more of the West Bank as they need it for Jewish settlements - it should remain a land bank for Jewish expansion.

Incidentally, we should go to war against Iran or destroy its economy or change its regime because Iran is adding Palestinians, and Palestinians are terrorists. We should continue to give most of our foreign aid to Israel, a wealthy country, to enable it to fully consolidate its control of the Palestinians and fight Antisemitism.


" We, for our part, think Swagman is really onto something vital here ". Former Sen. Joseph " Rabbi Joe " Lieberman & Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin " Benny the Net " Netanyahu.


Also, we must remain best buddies with the KSA because they are Israel’s best buddies.


Fifty-some years ago when I was in elementary or middle school, I read an essay by the last white prime minister of South Africa. I still remember the title: South Africa Prospers While Critics Crumble. But it was the apartheid government that crumbled, though it took a few years. The Reagan administration, of course, supported the apartheid government. This struggle is very reminiscent of that one–except that the South African regime didn’t try to accuse activists of having it in for the Dutch settlers, or being anti-white racists.


Nicely said!! Thank you.


Nice snark. Bravo


It was on these boards only a few years ago that one of those Peopl that showed up ONLY to discuss articles that about Israel and always championed their cause against “terrorists” scoffed at the notion that BDS would or could accomplish anything.

The Israeli State , and their supporters in Countries around the world have always been afraid of BDS.