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Turning Blind Eye to Brazilian Coup, OAS Targets Venezuela's Maduro


Turning Blind Eye to Brazilian Coup, OAS Targets Venezuela's Maduro

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The head of the Organization of American States (OAS) on Tuesday called for an emergency meeting over what he described as an "institutional crisis" of democracy in Venezuela. But supporters of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, and other leftist governments in the region, are saying that—while Brazil essentially "burns under coup"—the hemispheric body is going after the wrong villain.


Which begs the question, in the Computer Age, why does any country need politicians?




The OAS is an operative of the US CIA and always has been. Moneyed interests protecting their self-serving, profit-making ventures with the aid of CIA covert operations.


Why would the US led OAS pay any more attention to Brazil? The CIA have got their coup. There is now an all white all male government. That is even “better” then ours.
Now, leftist Venezuela has been a thorn in our side since years. Time for another government change. If Obama cannot accomplish that, Hillary will get it done for sure .

Trump will decide what to do, as soon as he has figured out, what Venezuela is :slight_smile:
Hint: It is not some Italian cheese. :slight_smile:


Obama is a puppet. That he is a cute puppet in the age of " beautiful people " malarkey is very apparent, as well. Who is pulling his strings is the question. Biden warned Maduro over a year ago the end was coming. "Smilen Joe "; a face that could launch a thousand special ops. Just to keep the oil from China? Maybe.Can Venezuela’ s military be purchased like Brazil’s was? The courts, too? Maybe that’s were those $2-3 Trillion missing from DoD is? Slush funds work like, often times.


I have no doubt the CIA is making hay now with the OAS, since both Rousseff and Maduro don’t support the US government’s idea of capitalism and conservatism. Our oligarchy likes their oligarchies too much. And corruption? With the Clinton Foundation playing us all fools, how can we claim clean hands?


You’re certainly right on Trump. Hillary already showed her chops in Honduras. Venezuela will be a piece of cake for her. I wonder how many indigenous activists will have to be killed in Brazil and Venezuela before Hillary looks ashamed? If ever.


There should be a coup to oust Ehud Barack Obama.


That Woman has neither shame, compassion nor a conscience.
So don’t hold your breath.
Her motivations are solely personal enrichment and blood lust.


Obama and the CIA are engaging in the same tactics used by Kissinger in Chile to destabilize economies in Venezuela and elsewhere to foment coups. Maduro should take a lesson from the Bolsheviks and ban hording and economic sabotage providing swift justice for violators.


Yes, and I suspect it all began with the US sitting down with its oil-producing allies and oil companies and explaining to them that in this instance, geo-politics must supersede profits.

The economies of Russia, Brazil and Venezuela (also lesser leftist oil-producers) were prospering with high priced petroleum, so the best way to initiate economic warfare upon them would be to drive down the price of petroleum. Further economic and political sabotage would follow.

US-friendly oil producers were instructed not to cut back on production to drive prices higher. They obeyed.

Oil company profits would suffer in the near term, but would recover after the economies of these target countries were in tatters, forcing the leftist governments out of office, to be replaced by capitalist governments favorable to US capitalism.

So far events have proceeded as planned, the result of these leftist governments being too lenient with their capitalist opposition (a very difficult problem to handle under a democracy).


What? Would IBM Watson formulate all policy that affects people then?


John Dimitri Negroponte is America’s “kiss of death” for any Latin American country. He has been connected to organizing murderous anti-democratic killers around the world. He is also reputed to be the architect of fueling the war between Shia and Sunni in Iraq a dreadful catastrophe for humanity.

The history of American interference in Latin America is legend. The Ugly American continues…


OAS is US mob and black ops. The gorilas return.


Watson might be better than corrupt politicians. But I was referring to using computers to make direct democratic decisions by voter initiative and referenda that would reflect the geometrically more rapidly changing technology and time. Our government seems to be purposely stuck in the Middle Ages.

Snowden recommends encryption for secure communications, so the govmit wants to hack that. Unhackable Quantum Computing is coming soon so what will the oligarchy do about that?


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