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'Turning Its Back on Millions of Workers,' Trump Admin Moves Backward With New Overtime Pay Rule

'Turning Its Back on Millions of Workers,' Trump Admin Moves Backward With New Overtime Pay Rule

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

President Donald Trump and his cabinet "are again siding with corporate interests over those of working people," critics charged, after the administration proposed a new federal rule for overtime pay on Thursday.

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There is a serious error in this article. It should be: “Workers who are paid hourly OR (not “and”) make less than $35,308 a year would qualify for overtime pay if they work more than 40 hours per week…” Overtime pay is always required for hourly-wage employees at any pay level. It is the people who are (increasingly improperly and dishonestly) designated FLSA-exempt “salaried professionals” for which overtime pay is currently mandatory only if the salary is less than the (absurdly low) $23,660.

The Obama Labor Department (you know, the evil Tom Perez) tried to increase it to 47,476, but the new regulation was halted under withering attacks by the capitalist bosses’ lawyers and their sympathetic Ayn Randite judges.


Trump and company are the same wage thieves that desired to steal tips from service workers and give the tips to the bosses. Telling the sordid story of shafting tip workers by bosses and government rules needs telling but will leave for another day…an it was not all done by Republicans.

As to the Weasel Obama administration, all they did was enrich the already vulgar rich. Name one substantive change that benefited America’s wage workers within the working class…now the middle poor.


The austerity screw turns and squeezes ordinary people in order to pay more to the rich.

Then the rich are surprised when the poor take a new tack and leave the greed heads to their primitive and barbaric lives.

We are gradually piecing history together and seeing that white christian barbarians came to America from Europe and were too uneducated to see the advanced agriculture of the indigenous people already living here. Huge swaths of forest agriculture were chopped down, the buffalo herds were killed for their tongues etc. Now the capitalist war to own Earth and democracy is about to destroy most life.


In a democracy or even capitilist economic system how can they be allowed to determine the value of a workers labor for all of industry?


Well, I work for the Dept. of Labor and we attempted to put in place a number of new rules under the OSHA act, the Mine Act, and the FLSA - notably the new overtime rule (all three of these acts put in place by Democrats going back to FDR and the US Congress of the 1930s, they would have never happened under republican rule) but most of the new regulations were defeated by Republican lawyers working for the Republican bosses of the mines and mills and Republican-appointed judges. Not a single Democrat opposed the DOL’s proposed new workplace safety and wage and hour rulemaking.

And it was the same story at the EPA to an even greater degree between 2008 and 2016 too.

Please learn some basics of government and government rulemaking.


Fuck Trump and his minions.


I second that and raise ya a million.

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remember this when someone (a GOP troll??) tries to tell you there is no difference between the political parties - and the same for almost every post on the environment, consumer protection, civil rights, reproductive freedom, voting rights etc
We are losing so much ground because of the fools that didn’t rally to Clinton in November 2016 when Trump was the alternative


Sadly, there will be even more shitty judges rolling things back now too. The courts are gone for decades if Trump wins in 2020 with McConnell as Senate leader.


This is bullshit. ANYONE making under $100,000 per year should be paid time and a half for any work over 40 hours/week. This should be written into law. How in the fuck can ANYONE who makes $23,000 per year be considered “supervisory”?


You are right about Obama, he never put on his comfortable walking shoes, as promised, to walk the picket lines in support of workers.

His policies like the Affordable Care Act was a multi billion dollar gift to the For Profit private insurance companies.

It deserves to be dismantled and replaced with Medicare For All.


We can thank Bill Clinton for signing away the 40 hour work week.


Thank you for the facts based on your lived experience. Facts still matter.

Error fixed…

Only 77,000 votes in 3 states (WI, MI, PA) rallied to Trump to put him over the top in the ARCHAIC OUTDATED Electoral College. Having some perspective on Trump’s win is necessary.

If you are a Trumpy lizard and you work for a weekly paycheck your dumber n a bag of hamberders voting for that useless piece of foreskin. Alll and I mean all trumpy lizards are dumber n shit.

Trouble is they (Trumpy lizards) are clueless fuktards everyone of them.

Full blown war in Syria/Iran with Clinton - I can’t rally behind murder - maybe you can - good for you. The fools were people like you who didn’t vote for Green -