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Turning Our Backs on Nuremberg

Turning Our Backs on Nuremberg

Rebecca Gordon

Events just fly by in the ever-accelerating rush of Trump Time, so it’s easy enough to miss important ones in the chaos. Paul Manafort is sentenced twice and indicted a third time! Whoosh! Gone!


The People, that’s right, "Us, must put down this authoritarian takeover now if our children and future generations are to ever have a chance to live in Peace.


I’m afraid WE don’t represent a large enough block to raise an army. So, now what? Write our congressman. Ha.

There’s only one other major political party in this nation other than the Republicans which are intent on covering up Trump’s criminal past, present, and future.

If “they” do nothing, or little to nothing as I suspect, an active revolutionary force will need to be organized by you know who. Us.

Peaceful revolution will mean many on the front lines will be hurt by the dirty tactics the administration will throw at us.

If you live in this nation, you’re going to have to take a side.

Support crimes of those in power, or demand prosecutions.

This may be our only choices.


Denial of global warming is an act of war, with the same grisly results.
The buildup of weaponry is world wide. Their hi-tech solution:
Electric big rig trucks self-driving down the freeway…
A fraud of another kind, a future self-driving truck ‘deceit’ and ruse.
The more dependent all nations remain on petroleum products,
the more vulnerable we become to strategic disruption of supply.
War planners worldwide find the same answer to the question,
How to dispose of so many humans? - Weaponry, lies, destruction, siege.


The Rogue Nation just keeps pushing the envelope of the obscene. When the pushback comes, probably from without, I hope I’m already dead.


Hi davidpsh: I too wonder when we will suffer drone attacks from other nations, and when we will have sanctions and have food and medicines stopped from coming in here—or when schools and hospitals become convenient targets —you know , like America and Israel do now to others in the world. Hubris, Arrogance , and Stupidity----the 21st century version of causing your own nation’s downfall. : (


As if.

Why the sudden urgency now? Where were the accusations of war crimes when Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Rice, Powell, Feith, et al were invading Iraq without provocation, a crime for which Nazis were hanged following Nuremberg?

Then there are the dozens of other countries where the USA has interfered militarily and otherwise.

Your empire won’t last forever…and then there will be a reckoning.



There must absolutely be a reckoning. One so loud, that the world never forgets it.

Thank you for your comment.

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Like the schoolyard bully, who only understands a taste of his own medicine.


“A country isn’t a rock. And it isn’t an extenuation of one’s self. It’s what it stands for when standing for something is the most difficult! Before the people of the world - let it now be noted in our decision here that this is what we stand for: Justice, Truth, and the value of a single human being.” - Spencer Tracy, “Judgement at Nuremberg,” 1961

“We tortured some folks.” - Barack Obama


Well spoken and written Ms. Gordon.
Also, “…the curse of American exceptionalism…”. A curse it is indeed.


I"m still pissed at Bernie for not launching a 3rd Party After 2016. I’m 68, That was a once in lifetime opportunity for me. I’m sure I won’t see it get that close again. I am also afraid that , at this point, nothing will change without blood in the streets. Vietnam protests and the Civil Rights movement were the last examples. What? 51+ years ago.

PS, having said that, I"m still supporting him, one last time


Hi davidpsh—
yes that Taste of his own Medicine ," can work wonders, but with older adults----sometimes it can just take the growl of the junkyard dog to change a viewpoint! : )

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Go for it Phred,

Bernie is probably the best ticket in town right now.

Stay away from the corporate cretins. They’ll screw us simple folk good it we give um the chance to.

Hope he doesn’t do a Trojan Horse again for the fucking Democrats.

Agreed, Stardust. Unfortunately, “older adults “ would seem to imply at least some degree of wisdom, no? I’m no expert but I see nothing of it in the Trump regime, sigh…

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Excellent article, Rebecca. Thank you. (You were too gentle on the cretinous monsters of Dump and Cabal in your last paragraph.)

I’d like to know if it’s running in any other venue.

I also don’t know if the despicable PPs —-well, they’re actually POS—-have implemented their restriction threats on ICC investigators yet.

A most informative article by Rebecca Gordon. The Nuremberg trial may have been the zenith of American leadership and morality, despite our bombing of Dresden and Hiroshima and Nagasaki. At least the war had been declared, unlike now.

Hartley Shawcross, a US prosecutor at Nuremberg, remarked that “there comes a point when a man must refuse to answer to his leader if he is also to answer to his own conscience”. True today, and demonstrated by Bradley Manning, John Kiriakou and every other whistleblower in this country.

Francis Boyle was also a whistleblower, and did a great service by leading the efforts in Kuala Lampur to convict Bush & Co of war crimes in accordance with international laws.

I’m just wondering, does anybody remember the film Casablanca?
*The story revolves around the attempt to get a rare Exit Visa to leave the Nazi controlled areas. People murder to get one, sell their bodies for one, lie and steal.
*I’m looking at the news, with all the cruelty against people trying to immigrate to the US Fourth Reich, but I am also seeing stories about people who are barred from leaving. It is usually people who have been critical of this government, but sometimes there is just a refusal. A family cannot leave the country.
*As the level of control increases and our movements are more closely monitored, we may reach the point where the average person cannot leave, unless the departure is supported by the government, which means that those looking to leave and being allowed to, are probably agents of some type, perhaps CIA.
*By whatever means, the effect is that you have to have the equivalent to an exit visa to get out. Watch Casablanca sometime, it is an eye-opener. When the people are so disgusted, or so afraid, that they want to leave this country in droves, the government will re-invent the Exit Visa, and people will pay dearly to buy, or otherwise obtain, one. Few will succeed.

Frankly, I think we have a greater chance of drone attacks on We the People from the current fascist government, if our protests, etc., are becoming effective in reining them in. I’m sure they haven’t been training combat brigades in "suppression of civil unrest" for nothing.
*However, We the People have to keep increasing the pressure on them any way we can, as the alternative is to resign ourselves to being powerless downtrodden serfs, fearing death or gulags for generations, for our children and grandchildren unless they are obedient and silent. No way to live, believe me.
*This travesty of a government is building prisons as fast as they can. Let them live in them under life sentences while we try to rebuild our nation. I think it can be done!