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Turning Point as AGs Unite to Target Exxon for Climate Crimes


Turning Point as AGs Unite to Target Exxon for Climate Crimes

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

In a move many are hailing as a "turning point" in the climate fight, 20 state Attorneys General on Tuesday launched an unprecedented, multi-state effort to investigate and prosecute the "high-funded and morally vacant forces" that have stymied attempts to combat global warming—starting with holding ExxonMobil and other industry giants accountable for fraud and suppression of key climate science.


Exxon/Mobil is one of the worst environmental corporations in the world. Too many climate crimes to list. Suffice it to say that Exxon has gotten away with pollution and devastation of the planet for far too long.


I hope this turns into the most successful investigation of a wanton crime spree that ever existed. Quite frankly, Exxon and the other corporations on their bandwagon should be stripped of their corporate charters, their CEOs jailed, and their holdings nationalized for the purpose of converting to a green sustainable energy future.


RICO sounds great, and you’ve named some key targets.

The thing is though, the vast criminal enterprise goes way beyond climate denialism.

If we do not dig deep, and enforce a general disempowerment of the rampant corporate sector, then all efforts to restore basic ecological integrity to the living Earth (far beyond just a “transition to renewables,” but a paradigm shift to humanity as ecological stewards, with the human economy subservient to the needs of the ecology), then there won’t be any future historians to write our epitaph.


I won’t be satisfied until I see heads in baskets.


ACORN got all 50 Attorney Generals to participate in a suite against HFC corporation’s housing fraud.

The author, John Atlas, of the outstanding book "Seeds of Change: The Story of ACORN, America’s Most Controversial Antipoverty Community Organizing Group " noted that ACORN seldom used legal means but this was among the first time, or maybe the first time, all Atty Generals joined in a suite.

ACORN was a succsffult anti poverty group that was was killed off by the right wing and the democratic party didn’t support them.

Organizers can learn many lessons from the book. One thing I learned was that democrats walked away from the issue of poverty by 1980. Bernie has brought that issue back on the table. And as the candidate with the strongest environmental record, I am all out for him and his Bernie movement of millions.


Now we need to corral and corner the nuclear and chemical industries that have developed such a scale of dissociative privilege that entire regions and communities are and have been for decades and centuries sacrificed as ‘dead zones’. Utterly unethical, and paying billions over the years for PR companies to convince you that you are not “American” if you question them in any way shape or form. Enough is enough. It should have happened a long time ago. We have millions of lives on our societal consciences.
End the production paradigm of “planned obsolescence”. The entire paradigm of “economics” needs to eliminate “externalizd costs”. THAT is what the 1% doesn’t want anyone talking about because if you seriously contemplate how it is used you soon discover that it is a shared identity across all of the false narratives of divisiveness and “exceptionalism”.


Because this and most problems are derived from too much money in a few hands, the only solution is to democratically cap personal wealth and distribute the rest equally among all people.


I’ve got children and grandchildren, and am as frightened of what the future holds as anyone, but let’s get one thing clear:
If every gallon of oil pumped since Edwin Drake sank the first viable oilwell in 1859 had come with a Warning—OIL KILLS PLANETS --printed on every barrel, gallon can and petrol pump, we would still have burned the stuff. )and that includes all the handwringing commenters on here.
So please–let’s not kid ourselves otherwise.
I’m just trying to point out the obvious here, and dispense with the broad sweep of opinion (as above) that just gets passed around.
There might be “determination” that “We” must “do” something—unfortunately “we” created the problem, not the capitalists and politicians. Rockefeller made billions, but we all helped him to spend it. We all bought Ford’s cheap cars and agreed that we could run on wheels forever. We all insist on the comfort of Dunlop’s tyres and bask in the glow of Edison’s lightbulbs. Politicians, scientists and economists assured us that this was to be our permanent future, and “we” voted for the biggest liars. We still do.
Trump promises to make America great again, and hysterical millions scream in assent, unaware that it was fossil fuel that delivered that “greatness”, not political will.
You are reading this on a device that is a construct of hydrocarbon built in a sophisticated energy driven factory—not a blacksmiths forge fired with charcoal!
This is the reality of a “green downsized economy” read it:

You may rail against climate change and global warming, but you still expect payrises and house values to rise year on year,—and a pension to pay out 30 years from now.
Where is the money supposed to come from? The tooth fairy? Money in circulation depends on the continuing availability of hydrocarbon fuel to drive our industrial infrastructure. We live in an energy economy, not a money economy. No economy can be sustained by trading window cleaning for haircuts.
There are Nobel prizewinning economists who can’t grasp that simple fact. All politicians blank it out and promise infinite growth instead.
If you’re looking forward to an oil-free future, check this out:
We’re definitely going to have an oil free future, but let’s cut the waffle and stop deluding ourselves as to what it means.
Humankind is the problem, the sheer number of us. Rockefeller didn’t turn oil into food, we—humanity—did, not duplicitous politicians. And in doing so, blew our future. We ate and procreated—our two favourite pastimes. We started with I billion, (the global population around 1800) and used oil to grow an extra 6 billion.
Without oil, those six extra billion couldn’t have existed; neither do they have a future.
The exhortations to have a ‘green economy’ skips over that little nuisance. Instead, we nod in acknowledgement to that idea—as if supporting it will somehow give it credence, then carry on demanding “more” of everything.
We refuse to face the fact that there is no more to be had (despite the anomaly of the current glut of oil).

My book The End of More

tries to explain why, though offers no solutions. Frankly I don’t think there are any.
Something must be done—agreed.
But that implies political will, which humanity in a collective sense, does not have.
So nature will do it for use. We are, effectively a plague species, and the cause of global fever.
The planet will get rid of her fever by disposing of us as the temperature rises.


Worse yet, they pay no taxes…we pay them subsidies to kill us!!!


What a self-serving “Comment” to sell a book! You’re blaming the victims of corporate overreach and abuse rather than providing valid insight on the mechanics of how this crap happens, or the history of our successful attempts to control it -at least until corporatists mounted deep pockets lobbying and bribes to “de-regulate” again and again. Who are you to shill for the book and take all that space without a shred to inspire the Humanity that is what WE are trying to revive and propagate again?


Yes, and sentences should be draconian

However, there should also be an out: suspended sentence in exchange for a guilty plea, submitting to a full Truth and Reconciliation process–revealing all, turning over all documents, apologizing and admitting guilt, forfeiting all money and other property made during the crime spree, and agreeing to never again hold a position of responsibility in business, government, non-profit, or religion. That’s a much surer way to get all the information we need and to fully discredit the despicable industry and its behavior than a simple court case, I think. Better, faster results, less resistance and then we get on with the solutions.


If it hadn’t been for the lies of fossil fuel corporations–Exxon, Shell, Koch, the API, funding through ALEC, and many more, to the tune of many billions–we would have embarked on the journey to renewables we’re just starting now, but we would have started it in 1973. There would be no climate crisis. None of the US Middle Eastern wars that have happened since then would have. Without those wars, the September 2001 attacks wouldn’t have happened and there would be no hovering on the brink of fascism now. The oceans wouldn’t be on the brink of utter collapse. That’s just the start.

Further, the richest 7% of people on Earth emit half the greenhouse gases and cause similar proportions of almost all other ecological problems. Since almost all our problems have a largely ecological foundation… the conclusion is obvious. This is a problem caused by a tiny number of extremely rich people, including most people posting here. Their numbers are not growing, at least not through births. The only groups growing are the poor, and they cause virtually none of the climate crisis. Further, population growth rates have been declining since the 1960s, are half what they were then and are widely expected to level off and then decline by 2050, at 8.9 billion. Almost certainly, it will stop sooner and lower because climate change is already increasing deaths and we’re just turning the corner on its acceleration.

Poor people of color being blamed for a problem overwhelmingly caused by rich people of mostly white–not a solution to anything, just another problem. The rich have to be convinced to radically change their lives through the cooperative action of government, and while improving their own lives, have to do whatever it takes to help the poor attain better lives with even less ecological impact through efficiency; clean safe renewable energy; reforesting the planet, transforming chemical industrial agriculture to low-meat local organic permaculture and transforming industry to ecological forms.


Politicians that have taken payoffs from the fossil fuel industry should be included in these law suits as well.


Actually the ‘more’ that is needed is for energy which at the moment is supplied by fossil fuels. The fossil fuel civilization model is changing but not the more growth model. Substitute easily available energy from renewables and there is actually little change in our civilization although the big oil interests would be in free fall. All electric cars will actually work better than fossil fuel ones ( no pollution or greenhouse gases). This last decade has seen extraordinary advances in solar and wind energy production. 2/3 rds of all new power plants being constructed are either solar or wind. China and India and others have announced plans to roll back producing new coal fired plants like they had announced only a few years ago in favor of solar and wind. They reality is that more growth will happen as soon as the now archaic oil technology moves out of the picture and is replaced by the rapidly advancing solar and wind powered civilization that will forever alter the climate change picture.

More … As is more growth is easily possible but not with more oil. That is now seen as a dead end.


THIS is what I like about the USA; you are a bunch of annoyingly argumentative and litiginous people.

However, I doubt that had Exxon publicised global warming in 1977 people would have stopped using cars. Exxon’s short-sighted cupidity certainly led it to miss a great marketing opportunity to kick off renewables to its future profit.


The opec oil crisis inspired Carter to initiate a very wise and thoughtful program that just might have left us with a less threatened world. It was not to be. OPEC and the fossil fuel interests help sink his presidency.


It is correct to hold these entities responsible for their criminally immoral actions, which are violations that impair humanity’s relationship with the Earth, as tragically difficult as calling them to account may be. Yet it remains imperative to change the policies in Washington that marginalize the warnings of science.

Where we fail to act to change policy by giving real teeth to regulation that protects the public we fail truth. Exxon et al. deserve the pervasive new reality of this litigation, but the US culture is devastatingly destructive. It’s policies in virtually all areas are leading all humanity to destruction.

Where we will not acknowledge these facts and act accordingly we do the worst thing that can be done. The elite claim that the fix is too hard. That’s why Exxon and the rest never respected the truth. The fix is not too hard, it was merely inconvenient for them. They feared personal private loss, and so they lied.

Now all humanity is being made to pay the price, and while the entire fossil fuel industry is rightly called to account, it remains more important to take down their lobbying power and consequent ability to buy results that deny reality.

Where that’s not possible Senator Sanders’ candidacy shows as the nearest possible public start to eviscerating the destruction done by what is now and antiquated system that no longer serves the needs of a humanity that is at risk in a manner that has never been true before.

The history of human societies has given us all the necessary authority. It remains my personal claim that no matter how large the problem, there is a solution that shrinks that problem to easily functional terms. This is the human way. We CAN bring a civilized nature and manner to our operating.

That may never have been necessary before, that may never before have been called for at the scale we see today, but neither of those things impair our ability or authority to act in the face of this scale of emergency, which also appears never to have been so dire before.

Honesty is the best policy. Truth must be respected. The ability of oligarchs to purchase perception does not change reality, but rather only purchases that wish. The imperial rule of the US has failed. We can all wish that weren’t so. It’s more important to act.

We require a different Systemic way. Where the nature of our existing capitalist economic system dictates that there will always be winners and losers that system no longer succeeds at respecting the reality of a caring humanity. Our collective intelligence IS meet to the admonitions of all the good books and the golden rule. It is time we took hold collectively and applied the miracles of consciousness, intelligence, and technology to the real challenges humanity faces, rather than allowing the fear of loss of elites to continue presiding over devastation.

Again, the emperor has no clothes.


And the MSM, purveyor of the propaganda that has permitted these criminals to get away w’ murder.


Make no mistake , 911 was a deep state op to continue on the path of forever fuel. They, Middle East, had OUR oil and we connived to control it. Expect more false flags and more wars. The largest consumer of oil is the U.S.military. The Pentagon is a sinkhole into which money for the few flows in unending waves. Tax and print the worthless paper so the 1% can enjoy untold riches.