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Turning Point? Grassroots Groups Mobilize Against Netanyahu's 'Catastrophic' Speech


Ctrl: your argument is exactly what I object to about Mr. Netanyahu. His invitation to all Jews to come to Israel, the Jewish state that will keep them safe is nonsense. REAL Jews abhor what Israel has done. Its “settlers,” its IDF, its people who think they serve the state by persecuting Arabs are people and acts that are antithetical to Jewish principles. I base nothing on “Israel’s Right of Return.” I don’t believe in it at all. I think the Palestinians have the right to return to the land, homes and farms they have been expelled from. If you read my provided hot buttons, you would know that documentation of dual citizenship is a well-kept secret. Many scholars and journalists have attempted to ascertain the truth beyond that wall.


You made an unsubstantiated assertion. That puts anything you say in doubt.

Don’t present hypotheses as if they were fact.