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'Turning Point' in Climate Fight as Judge Rules Youth Can Sue U.S. Government


'Turning Point' in Climate Fight as Judge Rules Youth Can Sue U.S. Government

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

In a powerful late Thursday ruling, a U.S. judge dismissed all attempts by the federal government and Big Oil to block a landmark trial brought by young people on behalf of the environment, in a case that advocates say could be a "turning point in United States constitutional history."


Unlike settlements which pay out enormous amounts of cash and shutter any window into wrongdoing, a trial allows the one thing the perpetrates of evil fear the most: Evidence!


Where do you think this case will go in Trumps judiciary? Evidence? We dont got to show you no stinking evidence!


Sorry, Willy, but Trump does not own every judge and jury.


This is potentially some much-needed relief from all the recent bad news. In fact, it might be yuuuge! Kudos and thanks to Lauren McCauley for an excellent article.

There are some concepts in the linked ruling that appear to my non-lawyer eye to be really important stuff. Here's an example from page four:

This lawsuit is not about proving that climate change is happening or that human activity is driving it. For the purposes of this motion, those facts are undisputed.3 The questions before the Court are whether defendants are responsible for some of the harm caused by climate change, whether plaintiffs may challenge defendants' climate change policy in court, and whether this Court can direct defendants to change their policy without running afoul of the separation of powers doctrine.

I have no clue how long a proceeding like this takes, but it does look like the case for throwing it out has been shot down. (Any lawyers here to talk me down in case I'm over-reacting?)

Also, there is a link to a petition in support of the kids (plaintiffs) here, for anyone interested.


Y'know? I've been wondering about some form of...recourse..along these lines..for awhile now. Allow me to make my case; So, in California, where, due to youthful exuberance and buying a house in 2000 which cannot now be replaced etc..I'm now stuck..and on election day in my County and State it was really genuinely shocking to witness the sheer 'volume' of the bureaucratic class' money and power grabs. No mere figure of speech, no hyperbole...I've never seen anything like it. Dozens..again..no exaggeration, dozens of 'Fire-Police-Infrastructure' property tax law end-runs (we have awesome prop-13 or 1% of purchase price..the only reason middle class people can afford to live here) so they keep end-running prop13. There were countless 'sales tax increases' sales tax increase 'extensions' nanny-state life-style taxes like the sickening 'soda tax' so indicative of the crypto-authoritarian new left.."we're going to make you pay us to set up a new bureaucracy the sole function of which is to berate you obvious lesser's with the poor quality of your choices, which will continue to justify the taking of your money" a nanny-state mobius loop. And this was state-wide. Point: So this...scenario...of now endless bureaucratic coercion, control and extortion...I am absolutely finding it more and more impossible to enjoy my constitutional right to 'life liberty and pursuit of happiness'. I've been wondering for years if this is a case that might be made. Seems like, now, maybe it is. I cannot be free if I'm watched, recorded, data mined, taxed and controlled at literally..every conceivable intersection of daily life. so, y'know, Way to go Climate Kids. Finally some savvy millennials. Negotiate from a position of strength.


awesome. simply awesome. go for it kiddos, and stick it to 'em.


Isn't this what the Water Protectors at Standing Rock are also trying to say? This is OUR country and OUR planet, and any entity or government committing or allowing acts that reduce the livability of our home is committing a crime worthy of prison time and court-awarded compensation for damages. Imagine, for instance, some future President being sentenced to fifteen years in prison and a billion dollar fine for failure to protect the young from the climate or environmental crimes of his cronies.



Claire de Lune is Hope --just listen.
Thank you.


Imagine politicians, police, and other public officials being sued for violating the clear intent of their oaths of office. Someone needs to do a test case on this. Oaths are signed. Why is that? Are they legally binding? Has anyone ever been brought up on charges of violating a public trust oath? Because if no one ever has, what's the point of oaths? If it's just empty ceremony then what is the point?


Love this piece. First heard it on Tomita's Snowflakes Are Dancing album done transcendently on the big Moog Modular synthesizer. Stunning to hear. Thanks for the post. Music is such a great soother.


Thanks. I needed that.


This lawsuit has already been won in Holland -


Thank you.