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Turning the White House into the New Headquarters for Trump University


Turning the White House into the New Headquarters for Trump University

Dean Baker

There are sharp differences between the political parties in many areas, but one principle on which there has been a longstanding agreement is that the presidency should not be used as a marketing platform for the president’s personal business interests. Donald Trump seems determined to break with this principle.


Trump will be setting the new standards of how low will a sitting president sink to acquire profits doing the nations business..Doesn't matter what the big douche does anymore..His followers don't care they didn't care before they elected him they don't care now...Donald is going to stick it to all of us in the next four even the dumbases that voted for him...Donald could have orgy sex with live chickens on the white house lawn..and the stupids would say hey he z just messing wit ya,,Its his stunt double or they would say the video was edited by liberals...Donald could put on a sheet with hood and sing ho ho in the land of cotton* wouldn't faze his stupids...Donald has Cart Blanche to do as he pleases he will have more power than any president in recent history. The only ones who can stop him from doing real harm is the republicans but alas they are just as stupid ..they will sit there and clap and let him do as he wants..


The Republicans who could stop Trump are NOT "just as stupid", they know that with the GOP stronger by all state and national metrics than they have been since 1928, they are postured to destroy what little remains of the New Deal and enact the fascist programs they have been trying to enact for half a century or more.


A woman with whom I was talking the other day called Donald Trump
"The Archie Bunker Candidate." If you remember that TV series you will
know who she was describing. Archie hated blacks, Hispanics, and
didn't have a kind word for too many people. He made up his own
rules as he went along, and considered his wife as a person who
he credited smart enough only to get him a beer every night.

Has the Republican Party endorsed an Archie Bunker Presidency?
It's not too late .. for the sake of our country I am sure the Repubs.,
President Obama, and definitely Bernie Sanders can reach across
the aisle, for the good of our country, and work out something so
that a President-elect who is more capable can be our
President-elect. There is no better time than the present to
fix this most unpleasant but needed task before more harm is
The Republican Delegates have not yet convened and voted
Mr. Trump in. There needs to be some soul-searching and a
closed door session of both houses should be convened ASAP.
SUBJECT: Mr. Tump, You've entertained us greatly, but now,