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'Turning Their Backs': Richest Nations Exposed as Unwelcoming to Refugees


'Turning Their Backs': Richest Nations Exposed as Unwelcoming to Refugees

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The world's six wealthiest nations are "turning their backs" on refugees, hosting less than nine percent of those who have fled their homes due to war and violence and leaving poorer countries to shoulder the burden, a damning new report from Oxfam reveals.

According to the United Nations Refugee Agency, the number of displaced people around the world has surpassed 65 million—an "unprecedented" milestone "that represents unacceptable human suffering."


A number of people posting here regularly claim that Muslim Countries are doing nothing to protect refugees. This should be the nail in the coffin of that argument , especially when considering the fact that the bulk of these refugees flee their Countries due to western sponsored proxy wars for resources.


Most of these refugees are now from wars of aggression that WE started in the Middle East for hegemony over resources and profits from selling arms to both sides of the conflicts. Soon, most will be from parts of the world made uninhabitable by climate change caused by the very countries that will be the least willing to take them in.

This is all by design. The Great Culling of the human race is already happening. The psychopaths that run this world don't give a damn about the billions of people that will die. They think they're bullet proof and can somehow wiggle out of it. Maybe they can. Maybe they can't. Who knows?


Interesting because I've noticed that whenever I am collecting donations for a toy drive for poor children, the people making the least amount of money at my company give generously. Yet most of the people who are making huge salaries give nothing!


Exceptional at creating them exceptional in neglecting our responsibilities to care for them.


My home town of Rutland, Vermont will be hosting 100 Syrian refugees in a few months. The mayor's decision to host these refugees has brought out the best and the worst of the people who live here. Among the most vocal critics are those who supported the undeclared wars that produced the crisis. Among the most vocal supporters are those who sincerely wish we never got involved in those wars in the first place. Thankfully, those who oppose the resettlement program are in the minority.

As few as they are, this minority of people have done quite a lot to stir up hate and prejudice in our small town. They've managed to put a non-binding referendum on the ballot asking residents to either approve or reject the refugees, which the mayor has called "offensive and un-American". They managed to convince the Alderman (City Council) to reject any local taxpayer support for the refugees even if these people would qualify for such services if they were anything other than refugees.

All this drama over 100 refugees! Barely enough people to fill two school buses! A drop in the ocean of the 65 million refugees world wide.

What would those people who have been stirred to hate these 100 people do with the other 65 million? Would they be able to sleep at night if those millions were simply exterminated? Would they be happy to spend taxpayer dollars to rebuild the ovens of Auschwiz? And would they be the first to turn on the gas?


Check this out:


It's the results of a scientific study that found a strong correlation between those who have more money to have less empathy and compassion than those who have less. Unfortunately, there's also a direct correlation between wealth and political power in this country. Therefore, those who have the most money are the least qualified to make decisions regarding the suffering of other human beings, yet they're the ones who are making all of the decisions.

Sad, isn't it?


Humans that forget their humanity and turn their backs on those in desperate need will one day be the refugees they hate.
Climate change, the great equalizer, will turn major population centers in this country into disaster areas, with climate refugees spreading out all over the world and yes, right here at home. Since the majority of the most brilliant of our country mostly live on the coasts we may pass them one day asking for help.
Karma is a bitch.


Problem is, we all look like 1%ers to the billions of people in the world who live in abject poverty and will feel the brunt of climate change.

I used to give people the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they just didn't know that climate change was bearing down on us like an out-of-control freight train. Maybe if we all knew, we would change our lifestyles and live more simply, travel less, etc. That didn't happen with most folks even as we became more aware of what is actually coming down. Now, I think it's a give-a-damn problem rather than an awareness problem. It's hard to tell the actual psychopaths from those who are totally wrapped up in their precious life-styles and don't give a damn about others.


You are quite selective as to what you want to claim as "terrorist attacks".

From the list Jordan by far has accepted the most refugees. This is a Muslim Country,

No terrorist attacks have been attributed to those refugees since 2005 . Those 2005 attacks were committed by Al Qaeda in Iraq , a group which had no presence prior to the US led invasion of that country.

The single largest terrorist attack carried out in the region was by the United States of America and allies in "Shock and awe". Shock and awe was claimed by the US Government to be using firepower in such an overwhelming manner and to such effect that the Iraqi people would lose any stomach for a fight against the US led invasion. This is the very definition of terrorism.

This US sponsored invasion was premised on lies, that being that Saddam supported Al Qaeda, which was an absolute crock, and that he had weapons of mass destruction, another deliberate lie and qualifies as a war crime.

The best way these countries can prevent terrorism is to keep the USA out of the region as it that SAME USA that supported Al Qaeda in Libya and supports terrorist groups in Syria.


The numbers are not credible. The numbers would have some meaning if years covered and nations of origin of refugees given. For the U.S. are the refugees primarily from the southeast Asia from the mid 70s forward? For Germany are they primarily from the middle east beginning in 2015?


The people of iraq did NOT want the USA there. Get it?

Saddam hussein came to power in a US backed coup. Get it?

The USA supplied Saddam Hussein with the very chemicals it later claimed being used to make WMDs get it?

The USA was on board with Iraq as an ally while he was fighting Iran. Get it?

For you to come back and now caim this about "liberating iraq" which had the highest standard of living of all the Middle eastern Arab States, which saw women going to University training as Doctors and lawyers, which had universal health care and one of the best educational systems in the world to claim they now "liberated" is a a crock. You are as full of it as GW bush was

Keep your fricking armies and your CIA running around the world trying to mnake everything better to yourself and we will have a more peaceful world.


Thos people cheering around that statue carried by the western press was a staged photo op. We all know that here. It was a small crowd filmed in tight and in that crowd were people flown in from outside of iraq.

You are making stuff up as you go along.

Thos that resisted the US occupution were SUNNI and ex baathists your viceroy disbanded.

You know if I want your state department propoganda I will go to fox news to get it.v


Because the real profit comes with the creating of the refugee's.
War Crimes 101.