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Turning to 'Liars': Outrage From Critics as Facebook Solicits Far Right Site for Fact Check Help

Turning to 'Liars': Outrage From Critics as Facebook Solicits Far Right Site for Fact Check Help

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

Facebook is partnering with an extreme right-wing website's fact-checking arm, a move that is generating condemnation from both mainstream and progressive critics.

Axios reported on Wednesday that Facebook would be working with The Daily Caller's for-profit fact-checker website Check Your Fact to uncover bias and false statements in stories on the social media site.

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BDS Facebook. Your brain will thank you.


No argument here. However, with reports of 45%+ of Americans using FB as their sole or main source of “news”, this development, while predictable and unsurprising, is also disheartening to say the least.


“Don’t Be Evil”

Outsource it

(Yeah, I know that’s from Google’s PR hacks. Cut me some artistic slack … )

Dump Face Book. It is using you to create a monster. Go back to talking with each other, write letters, email, call your friends and loved ones. Why sell out? Do what is moral. I dumped it and do not regret it in the least nor do I miss its intrusion.


I’m always depressed at the power that botox Laura and fat head Tucker have among the fear driven whites of “the other”. The lingering wish to return to the good old days of enslaving non whites economically seems to have an overwhelming pull on the privileged white race. They don’t seem to have a problem with socialist support of the first responders,highways, airports, the military, federal government, medical research etc., but when it comes to sharing the benefits of wealth created by labor they balk.


Boycott Facebook. Simple as that.


well, it’s hard to boycot something not used, for me and my honey, there is NO facebook, NO twitter, NO instagram, none of that stuff, guess I’ve been boycotting them all along!

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You say “disheartening,” where I’d say “terrifying.” Who does the research? Who writes the copy? Does FB ever publish corrections? If so, do they get the same prominence as was given to the original error? Lack of transparency and accountability, thy name is Zuckerberg.

I assume that a good bit of the blame can be laid to simple laziness, but can’t escape the suspicion that the 1% are taking advantage of that to help manufacture consent for their agenda.