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Turning White House Into a 'Fortress'? Federal Agents to Install 'Non-Scalable' Fence Just Before Election Day

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/02/turning-white-house-fortress-federal-agents-install-non-scalable-fence-just-election


“Four years after pledging to make America great,” political columnist Frida Ghitis noted on social media, “Trump has to turn the White House into a fortress to protect himself from the people.”

Okay folks, to me, this is the last straw! America needs millions of patriotic, people to descend on D.C. and arrest the Amerikan, Fuehrer along with a national strike before it is too late! Apathy, petitions and not wanting to be involved will not work anymore!


Fortress or Prison?


Astro doughnuts is still available.
Good sign that Americans really
know deep down what is really
important for our souls.

It will help bring people together
because we all have to support
our young people who will spend
the next thirty years building an
American society. The hard work
is just beginning.

Drat to the younger boomers who do
not want to pay any taxes - even for their
own grandchildrens educations!!


We have a Dumpster here that keeps bragging about how, “…Trump is really doing the peoples work, keeping his 2016 pledges and doing wonderful great things for us all…” (paraphrased but that’s this constant bs message here.)

How fucking blind these rightwingers are and defies all logic. And this story here is just another example of what I am saying.



Hopefully, the First thing pres. Biden does is dismantle it ! ''who’s paying for these natl grd" ? two more wastes of $$$- sad


My memory of DC is the National Mall.

If I were there, I’d meet at the foot of the Lincoln Memorial.

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…or tomb?


Will boiling oil be poured from the battlements?


Is there a back door in that bunker?


He must have got the plans from Papa Doc in Port-au-Prince.


We have to seriously alter/reconstruct the example young people have in our country re: paying their fair share in taxes.

We must, we need, it’s essential to get politicians in office who will listen to us, not their greedy donors, and change the laws to get the wealthiest to pay up NOW. Bush W, and Dump have paved the way for these sociopaths/narcissists to skate on taxes, and the mega monopolies they own/control to actually get huge!! tax refunds each year, while they sic the IRS on the mostly struggling middle-class and poor so that war money can be paid to our defense contractors (the largest bill in every budget, and that, too, is exploding under Dump.)

Biden can help staunch the bleeding of us.


Didn’t realize I seem to be suffering some long-lasting PTSD or something, but seeing this fence threw me right back to my childhood in Cameroon.

Ahmadou Babatoura Ahidjo was dictator for life back then, and was just as violently fearful as Drumpf now seems to be.

BTW - in my little backward red-county here in the PacNorWest, my wife’s public school is warning teachers that the local 3%ers are calling for civil war tomorrow. How do they know? Some of the non-salaried staff have been having meetings with guns in the school’s parking-lot. Some of these locals actually appeared in that Borat sequence in Olympia that didn’t make the final cut. Night of the Long Knives 2.0 seems more and more like a real possibility.


If the current Mrs. Trump is halfway smart, she’ll take her son and GTF out of Dodge today.


It’s official that Trump is a terrorist to his own country. Like Bin Laden and like terrorists, he will hide in his fortress until he is pulled out and forced to face the consequences of his horrendous actions. May it happen tomorrow November 3, 2020 regardless of the election outcome.


I’m going to sound to some like Johnny-one-note thinks all of history revolves around pandemics – but there’s a serious case to be made. Scholars have explained how plagues were key to Christianity taking over the Roman Empire. That might be “ancient history,” but we’re still putting up with the subsequent Christianity, lamentably.

We see the White House transformed into a fortress against BLM Plaza, and seemingly, symbolically against so much more. Covid comes knocking like the future, with historical resonance as deep as redwood roots. Raise the spirit of great narrative innovator Edgar Allan Poe to properly handle the multi-dimensional scope, the trans-spherical alignments of this week, starting with a Blue Moon Halloween.

So much else is going on, it might be easy for US Americans to miss the incredible scale of the Covid resurgence in Europe right now. Nobody has adequately explained the towering height of Europe’s resurgence (aligning with USA’s “third surge” – from early September). All over Europe, their caseloads are four or five times worse than ever:


What’s up with that? My favorite epidemiologist says it’s because Europeans let down their precautions too precipitately, but that’s hard for me to credit, as every single country over there is nearly just as bad – it seems reasonable to hypothetically attribute the difference in caseload dynamics to the recent introduction and spread of a significantly more contagious strain. Boris Johnson has said UK’s outbreak is now worse than the worst-case scenarios of their experts. Very likely: This is an agile virus dancing on the world stage, again quite likely from USA, since we’re such a global viral cesspool now.

This outbreak is rearing its head like a cobra, prepared to strike. It looks that ominous to me.


Won’t be surprised if trump sends out a new tweet saying “Don’t worry about the cost, we got Mexico to pay for the fence”.


Of course, there’s a coward in the White House.


To ErnestineBass - Agreed! Then again, if she were halfway smart she would have grabbed the kid when she had leverage (Stormy Daniels thing) and ran! She appears committed all the way with her terrorist spouse.


How much is it costing us taxpayers to do this? Trump wants to protect himself and… and leave us all abandoned to his violent base which he created the chaos and violence behavior. Here in the NW we will probably be okay??? but I feel bad for all the rest of the nation. Portland was never on fire, yes there were trump provactors who created violence in mostly a 4 block area and some near police precincts. I never felt threatened but only went down there once early on in support of BLM.