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Turns Out, Americans Do Not Support Trump's Bigoted Policies


Turns Out, Americans Do Not Support Trump's Bigoted Policies

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Donald Trump's response to the attack in Orlando—described as "horrifying," "ignorant," and "demagogic"—is not resonating with the majority of Americans.

A new CBS News survey released Wednesday found that only 25 percent of Americans approve of the presumptive Republican nominee's post-shooting speech, while 51 percent stated that they disapprove.


Since Bill himself encouraged Trump to play a larger role in Republican politics, I see him as a foil, guaranteeing Hillary's coronation, along with the rigging of the primaries.

No surprise that Trump will lose, and it frees up a lot of progressives to vote their conscience.


Most recent Trump news gives high credibility to those who theorize that either he eas allowed to self select with no viable opposition or was deliberately chosen to be the Republican candidate so Hillary, being the establishment's trusted choice and the public's least trusted, would have would have an opponent she could easily beat. Trump may believe he's doing great and not even know he's a false flag job, He seems to me to have no choice but to be an electoral joke with his only slim chance being if Hillary gets indicted for her email flakiness or if her bank speech transcript gets wheelblowered and it's way worse than we think.


The November election will not depend upon which is the better of the two major party candidates, but which one has the fewest enemies and is the least hated. Never before have we had two candidates who are so utterly despised by so many members of the public.

If there was ever a opportunity for a third party candidate to have a chance, this is it.
I am rooting for Bernie Sanders and/or Jill Stein to shine in November.
The future of our country and the world depends upon it.


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Turns Out, Americans Do Not Support Trump’s Bigoted Policies

Given that a large portion, if not the majority of Republicans and many Democrats of the voting public are bigots and racists, I don't see how this thesis plays out. I don't see how this assertion can be completely credible. The best we can do is sit back and watch how another disastrous US election unfolds and into what swamp of despair, into what state of despondence it sinks.