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'Turns Out,' Says Ocasio-Cortez, 'Everyday People Like It When We Fight for Everyday People'


'Turns Out,' Says Ocasio-Cortez, 'Everyday People Like It When We Fight for Everyday People'

Jon Queally, staff writer

Citing a new poll that revealed 81 percent of people overall support the idea of a bold and ambitious 'Green New Deal,' Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez celebrated the simple political concept that when you push for policies that are good for a majority of people, a majority of people like it.

"Turns out," the Democrat from New York declared in a Monday night tweet, "everyday people like it when we fight for everyday people!"


From the article:

“That progressive policies are, in fact, very popular is something studiosly ignored by corporate media outlets obsessed with the false idea that the U.S. is a center-right nation, a myth which critics note is peddled by the same “radical centrists” who dominate Capitol Hill, the cable news shows, NPR, and the nation’s major newspapers.”

Is it just me, or do corporate media seem increasingly to be fighting a rear-guard action as their near-total control of the dominant narrative falls apart? Maybe social media can save Mother Earth from the aspirations of the worst of us.


Everyday People Rock…


Washington Post operative Josh Rogin this week perpetuates the myth that everyday people like Blue Dog Democrats.


How could 80% of the public support the New Green Deal while only something like 60% believe the main cause of climate change is humans? This survey doesn’t jive with polling results on climate change. The action on climate change is at the state and local level and is likely to remain there for some time. Do voters care if the idea came from progressives? How many voters know what a progressive is? On the right progressives are considered to be liberals and are not distinguished from people like Nancy Peloisi and Chuck Schumer who generally claim their agendas are progressive.


We need to make it totally illegal for Corporations to participate in politics in ANY way at all, period! Then it won’t be necessary for politicians to take a voluntary pledge to not take their money. It will take that proposed Constitutional amendment to do it, but it is absolutely necessary to taking back our country and government for average people. Corporations should only be acted upon by government, not act upon government. Only real, living, citizen human beings of age should ever be allowed to participate in politics, as individuals only. That would put everyone on a level playing field.


One of the many constitutional amendments that are needed to restructure the anti-democratic U.S. Constitution.


“Restructure the anti-democratic US Constitution” AND restore all New Deal regulations that were decriminalized during the past four decades.


So, if someone identifies as a progressive, let’s pretend they lead the more “progressive” party in the House, but work through the DCCC to undermine the left, pay tribute to Pete Peterson on the House floor, support austerity and brag about how good they are at raking in bribes, are they “progressive” because they say they are? If so, would Stalin have been a conservative capitalist if he called himself one? If so, I am the best looking human in history. There, objective reality changed. If a working person supports single payer, publicly funded elections, publicly funded higher education, public banking, worker ownership, among other things, but doesn’t do so for ideological reasons, are they “progressive”? What the hell does it matter? Support single payer, and other things associated with the left and call yourself an invisible goblin for all I give a damn. Pelosi can call herself whatever she wants, she’s a corrupt politician that has enriched herself while in office and works in many ways to undermine the left. AOC doesn’t have to be begged to do what over 80% of her own party wants regarding single payer. If it makes you feel better, call AOC a centrist since she is far more in the center of popular opinion on the issues than the people you support and call “centrist”.

Evo Morales, for example, was a former cocoa grower union leader that didn’t have tons of formal education and came from a poor, working class background. First indigenous leaders in a country where indigenous people are a large percentage of the population. That is inconceivable in this rotten political system.

Funny though that rich folks are surprised that working people want to avoid the end of human civilization, and would prefer to do so in a democratic and relatively equitable fashion. The elites are perfectly happy to see the world collapse as long as they get to keep their capitalist system.


Response to the title: Who knew ?
Honestly how old is this poll ? There’s a column in the graph labeled “Mod/Lib Republicans”, didn’t they die off about 30 years ago ?


We’re the only country in the world which profits off of health care.
We have the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs.
The killers who make opioids are getting richer every day.
Fracking profits in the USA are more important than clean drinking water.
Citizens United allows dirty oil and coal, corrupt Pharma, and the bailout kings (banks) to buy politicians.
Corporations have invaded the classroom and want to dumb down the voters. That’s one reason we have the orange baboon.
Any person who has more than a few brain cells is getting fed up. I think we are in for a sea change and it’s starting to look a lot brighter than it was a year ago.


yuppers, this invisible goblin is an old goat. I just put my head down, take a running start and haul in a wagon for the documentation to pave the way. Cross references as glue and voila! Make the facts stick!

We need a societal infrastructure and there is nothing like the old model of barn raising to gather all the varied talents contributing to a healthy social infrastructure. Let’s shrink the neo-feudal debt lords of wall street into dust bin of history.


I almost lost hope that this positive article would be taken as such by the CD folks. As happens regularly you can’t tell if the trolls have a place at the table or not. Almost had to go to my Hee Haw spot, “Pain and Agony on me.” Thanks Barton for accentuating the positive.


Your comment about Pelosi got me curious about her net worth, and that expanded to all of Congress.

You can find some interesting tidbits at Roll Call, showing Pelosi at the #30 spot of net worth, with $16.4M, and Diane Feinstein at #10, with $58.5M.

Re Pelosi, there is the following: "The longest-serving House Democratic leader in half a century, Pelosi had never made a salary before being elected to represent San Francisco in 1987. But she had become a major party activist, fundraiser and donor with her successful businessman husband…"

Bernie is way down the list, with a net worth(?) of $-0.0M (more liabilities than assets).


I mean, how do we expect the millionaires’ club to relate to the average working individuals they are suppose to represent? Especially when some, like Pelosi, had never made a salary before getting in on the great scam.


I keep rubbing the two I have left … and sometimes there’s a spark!

Theres an old Sufi fable The Islanders
heres a video


It’s a beautiful thing, ain’t it? The 1%'s Infotainment Industry has been stepped around and left behind. The conservative/liberal game is up. It’s dying out everywhere but in the Flat Earth regions of dial up yesterday and the wet dreams of Wall St.


Please twitters, there are millions that don’t use twitter. Get sick and tired of all the places I have to look at to see messages with just facebook and then noticiations and messenger and my emails

Please includes us non twitters’ please give us emails or facebook, unable to contact people that arent my senators and reps which is wrong wrong wrong especially the leaders. I should as an American beable to contact them via email or telephone easily.


This is why, when Trump calls them “fake news”, it sticks with so many people. Yeah, he’s full of shit, and he often says that when the media actually does point out some of the absurd and inaccurate things he says, but the media is hated far more than he is. Polling shows this, there is good reason for this, and the people in the dominant media are to a person rich and their salaries depend on other rich people and corporations. They cover things with a strong class and ideological bias, not surprising given who owns the media, and they are guilty at all times of the most rancid group think.


Good one once again P.B. You have a talent for finding great music from the past to highlight the news, you must have quite the tunes library in your head.



Music is Morphine for the Soul. It is good for whatever ails you, or, if you are already happy, it can bring you peace and contentment beyond measure.