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TV Pundits Eager to Make Trump the New 'Normal'


TV Pundits Eager to Make Trump the New 'Normal'

After wrongly predicting the election, political pundits are returning to TV talkshows to explain what will happen under a Trump presidency. But these predictions aren’t like TV anchors predicting the weather; these forecasts have a profound impact on the public reception to the Trump administration and the future course of US politics.


Trump so far seems to sticking with this campaign rhetoric. His two main initial goals seem to be get as many non-white people out the US as possible by deportation and preventing terrorists acts by taking away the civil liberties of all Muslin Americans and not allowing Muslims into the country. If he can deliver a whiter country and reduce the fear over terrorism by jihadists by whatever means his base voters should be pleased.


I never did get why these "pundits" are given so much weight. First of all, they're journalistic lightweights at best--pretty faces blathering shallow opinions. Second, they're usually wrong about anything of importance, because they're so bloody ignorant and steeped in the group-think. So again---why should anyone give a &*$@ what those imbeciles think or say??


So, it begins. We witness the first of the Trump March Violets, including Kanye West (as if anyone really cares, or barring that..should...care umm..btw...they shouldn't) but here it goes. This is traditional for any totalitarian/authoritarian regime. The March Violets coming out in droves..even paying..for their 'Party Badge' (known as 'The Scary Badge') or paying huge sums to be placed 'back in the donor lists' to make it appear as if they were 'On Board' from day 1. Normally students of human nature would more or less say "Who Cares? This is normal human behavior" but the thing is when this kind of groveling and overt submission to the perceived 'strongman' is definitely prima fascie evidence of.....bad....things coming. However, it is also even more direct and overt evidence of the reality..no conspiracy theory here...direct reality...of just exactly what the "Media" has become. This is the same "Media" that, far from 'turning a blank eye' on Obama or the Clinton's or Bush's or Iraq or the "Housing Bubble" (aka The Big Short) or the Militarization of "Police" (in ellipsis because they are now "police" in name only) or the Mass Warrantless Surveillance (FBI can now place bugs on the actual..courthouse steps) etc...sad endless et cetera... The once proud 4th Estate "transitioned" in the 1990's into what I call the "5th Estate" sort of my own play on so-called '5th Column' that supported Axis sabotage and propaganda efforts has more in common with the now pretty undeniable reality that the 4th estate is gone and is now simply a propaganda/agit-prop arm of the corporate/bureaucratic "Public/Private Sector Partnership" the unholy alliance that has us Right...At...The...Edge and continues thus. Welcome to the 5th Estate. It should surprise no one that this is the case. Sadly the New Left is now ramping up The exactly...wrong.."solution" in the form of "More Censorship". Oh..great idea. "Fake News"? Well, obviously. But who decides? You? The Government? The very..same..organizations and 'partnerships' that have pushed our country to this sad edge? Wow! Its bad. Frankly..its pretty obvious we're just not going to make it. Not when the 'solution' is worse than the problem. Groan!


Chandan sez: "When Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, told host Chuck Todd that this election was a “mandate” for Trump, Todd pushed back ..."

Glad to hear Mr. Todd has escaped the Clintons' basement. If he located his spinal column while he was down there, so much the better.


The MSM, including NPR/PBS, is littered with upper middle-class ( 1%ers ) and even wealthier elites. Their internal biases and overt propaganda benefits their own, and their corporate bosses, of the " official national narrative " we are sold on a nightly basis. "Americans' real god is money ". Malcolm X. That drive for money, above all else, is the basis for the pundits and Wall St. business interests to come together to defeat a progressive/populism, called " share the prosperity " policy formula. " It is very hard to be for something you are well-paid to be against ". That is why our MSM functions more as a public relations organization than as a news and information source citizens can trust and rely on. As a result, class warfare in the extreme, is inevitable. It is the official narrative of the MSM to bamboozle and dissemble for elites. " Same as it ever was, Same as it ever was....".


Our Fourth Estate - the press - has been bought-out or corrupted to pablum for the most part - a betrayal of their charge for the dissemination of the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so essential to any free state, is a thing of the past with profits and sensational scandal rubbish the norm. Today's travesty of journalistic integrity, especially in the MSM, is a pale shadow of what is needed to inform the public and what the giants of the press/journalism represented and brought to the table. No absurd claim is challenged, no obvious falsity opposed or questioned, but obvious lies and propaganda repeated as "the other side of the issue" - lies are NOT the other side of any version of truth! Today's pretty-faces are a joke and major part of the problem, running scared and complicit to bringing Trump & Co to our nation and world...........


In this election, what was the alternative? Hillary would have simply welcomed another four or more years of centrist inactive and unresponsive government. At least now, perhaps the Democratic elite can be dislodged and the left can regain its backbone against limousine liberals who think having George Soros at the helm is an acceptable and inescapable way of "doing business". It's time more progressive politicians were put forth by the left rather than ones which simply mouths words to the American people while they line their pockets from private promises to the billionaires they truly represent.


It's their job to normalize the insane. Nothing is to disturb the gravy trains.