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Tweeting About Size of His 'Nuclear Button,' Trump Disrupts Peace Effort With 'Childish' Threat


Tweeting About Size of His 'Nuclear Button,' Trump Disrupts Peace Effort With 'Childish' Threat

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"This tweet alone is grounds for removal from office under the 25th Amendment. This man should not have nukes," argued former White House ethics chief


Miss you George:


Just when I believe that the adolescent president couldn’t do anything more childish and and dangerous, he proves me wrong. Shame on Congress for shirking their duty and allowing this fool access to nuclear weapons. Every one of them who looks the other way on this continuing madness should be tried for treason.


Thank you, WiseOwl, I needed a laugh this morning! I’d never seen this one before.


It’s a crying shame that this Congress has allowed this Fool to be in office for nearly an entire year.

What is even more amazing is the amount of damage and destruction this Congress and this Fool have wreaked on our nation’s institutions and our nation’s lands and waters.

After this latest tweet about the size of his Nuclear Button, if Congress doesn’t act to remove the Fool from office, or restrict the Fools power to command the use of weaponry and the Armed Forces, We the People must seriously begin to organize the nation to physically remove this Congress for it’s dereliction of it’s duty to protect the country from the worse threat facing us which is the Insane Fool in the White House.


Richard Painter and all of the fine people at CREW are working extra hard at finding a solution to our demise. I wish I could send them money but I have none. Maybe you do? It is a damn shame that the people we hire to uphold the Constitution cannot or will not do their job and that we have to hire outside help but we do.

On djt…this is terrorism…this is treasonistic…this madman behind the wheel must have his keys taken away and his car repo’d.


Trump, along with all of his supporters and enablers, is insane.


There is an additional danger in this madness. I remember hearing that certain generals who are in the chain of command for nuclear weapons use have stated that they will not disobey an order from the Mango Mussolini if he orders a strike against North Korea or somewhere else. What is also disgraceful are the number of 'Murkins who will cheer if Trump annihilates North Korea. Most of these idiots have no idea what even a “limited nuclear exchange” could do to the Earth. Just one more reason for me to be ashamed of my country.


Leadership in Seoul and Pyongyang don’t need anyone’s permission to hold bilateral talks. A peace treaty should supplant the six-decade-old armistice, lowering regional tensions; meanwhile the rest of the world can go about its adult business, undistracted by tantrums and mangled syntax from our child-man fake president.


President Trump, STFU!


The United States does have a ‘bigger button’ than anyone else, that and the planetary reach of the United States armed forces, unequalled in both surveillance and striking power, along with a massive and fruitful land area, a land area from sea to shining sea which was taken by force, as are all land areas inhabited by any and all peoples throughout both history and prehistory - these and more are the bases of the American way of life.

If Tocqueville is considered right, in that in a democracy you get the government you deserve, then it is as it is.

The childish comments are no longer relegated to Trump - they are here in abundance on Common Dreams.

I’m approaching 68 years old, and all my life I have watched as supposedly reasonable and responsible men and women have ‘led’ our planet to the brink of ruin - of utter and complete desolation and un-survivability.

Trump is power and privilege - money and deals - and that has always been the trading nation’s real dream - which I have seen very very few, let me repeat, VERY FEW - not complicit in, and many, wannabes to the max - John Steinbeck’s “temporarily impoverished millionaires.”

Trump is an accurate - all too accurate - reflection of America - and that is why paranoia reigns - from the New York Times - to Steve Bannon’s projects - to here.

The mirror can be disconcerting.

Where are the reasonable ?

The down to Earth, connected to nature, human beings?

In the mountains - should you step off the beaten trail - you will find yourself all but alone.

I am finding this new method of dialogue, if that is what Trump and his tweets are - absolutely refreshing - even though I disagree with virtually all of his policies, his science denial, etc…

In truth - there Trump is most certainly not alone - in fact he is on the beaten path - right there step for step with the American public and citizenry.

The least we could do here is be honest.


There are no words to describe just how insane Trump truly is. The USA has completely lost its soul. Of course in truth, this has been the case since the beginning. The USA was founded on genocide and slavery and has never changed course since. Trump is merely the outcome of centuries of trying to deny this truth and now the mask has finally come off for good. The USA is arguably the most evil nation in the history of the earth given its propensity to destroy the entire world on behalf of its oligarch owners. And I will not give the citizens of the USA a pass as they keep on participating and enabling a system that is so evil to the core.


That is the scariest thing to ever think about right now, a complete idiot like Trump in front of a nuke button. We are on the “Eve of Destruction” and the picture in my mind is of a Bozo the Clown Trump in front of a nuke button or a Chimpanzee in front of a nuke button. No disrespect to Chimpanzees of Clowns meant. Do we have any of those here on this discussion board? ( ^ 8


Let us remember while we all die a slow death from nuclear fallout analogous to the slow death from starvation and disease of 5000 Iraq babies a month during the sanction on Iraq, Trump and his military entourage ‘go to ground’ in the Cheyenne Mountain Complex, a nuclear bunker protecting it’s inhabitants from WMD for many years.


Thank you, manysummits, for pointing this out. As a society, we have gotten into a habitual state of fear and paranoia, leading us to embrace illusion over reason, opinion over fact, myth over history, charisma over competence. Tell us what we want to hear, and one can sell us anything, anything at all. This trait as always been with us to some degree, but has become “normal” since 9/11; and it has led us to the situation that we now find ourselves in. I’m not sure we are capable of the unity of purpose that would be required to find our way out.


They will probably name it “Trump Mountain”.





Those who are blind to the Two-party bullshit lies and thievery deserve to be called out.

Their ignorance and lack of ability to recognize Evil and so something constructive about it, is destroying our country, our Democracy, our children’s futures.

Many blame our media organizations for the disinformation they pedal.

However, the responsibility lies firmly where it belongs, with each voter.

This general Apathetic State of our Nation is not promising. In fact, it’s downright depressing for those of us who “see” that great change is needed.

Only through cooler heads and education will we move in a direction away from the Duopoly and towards a political party whose visions are dominated with Peaceful Coexistence and Equality for all.


I get what you are saying in agreement with manysummits, but here is the rub. The events of 9/11 aside (won’t go there, I don’t dare) what has transpired since has been a brutal assault on the US citizenry to a degree that is almost unfathomable.

True, US citizens for the most part have been asleep at the wheel. Also true, a relatively small group of individuals (the super wealthy and large corporations) has taken over the mass media, has constructed a system of surveillance unparalleled in history, has systematically sold off a large chunk already of what was once publicly held e.g., utilities such as water and electric, has created a school to corporate prison pipeline producing cheap labor for other corporations, has systematically created a nationwide militarized police force, has rammed through legislation that has codified mass surveillance, warrantless searches and seizures, ability of the military to take citizens under arrest with no charge and hold indefinitely and even sent outside US borders (NDAA), has instituted draconian “security” measures at airports with biometric facial recognition soon to be rolled out in a million different ways (fuck you Apple), and the never ending sordid rest of the litany.

Oh yes, and the wars. All wars post WWII were forced upon the citizenry, and at the expense of so much opportunity to coalesce something better here. Too many US citizens have gone along with these wars, supported these wars, fought these wars without questioning those sending them, etc. No doubt that is true. But again MOST support for these wars has been manufactured consent by deceit on a mass scale.

I don’t think that most US citizens have had any chance whatsoever to counter such.

Any such “unity of purpose” is impossible by design, and has been for decades now, and especially post 9/11.

I think it is very important to emphasize who the real culprit is here.


Hopefully, somewhere in that bunker, an enlisted man whose wife and children were not allowed entry and are dying slowly, is brave enough to use his sidearm, a “45” would be poetic justice, decides to do what the cowardly Republican Congress should have done long before this scenario unfolded.

Remove 45 from office.