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Tweeting While Rome Burns: The World According to Trump


Tweeting While Rome Burns: The World According to Trump

Alfred W. McCoy
Or how to build a wall and lose an empire.
"In a globalizing world interconnected by trade, the Internet, and the rapid proliferation of nuclear-armed missiles, walls won’t work." (Photo: BBC World Service/flickr/cc)


The war on terror just isn’t doing it, folks. Give peace a chance. Sure, there’s less profit in it, but the earth’s bounty properly shared is worth everything, at least to me.


It certainly does get confusing. i would have a hard time believing and having faith that his president is going to tweet his way to the best approaches to the many dangerously pressing problems that are on his plate in between all the hamburgers,


During just 12 months in office, Donald Trump has accelerated this decline by damaging almost all the key components in the intricate architecture of American global power.

Should we not be celebrating this?


I agree, Wise Owl…and, as far as I can recall, (relating to the actions cited by Prof. McCoy as newly Trumpian), our nation has almost always favored “war over diplomacy, the Pentagon over the State Dept., and narrow national interest over international leadership.”

Leadership for what end, one might ask. If our international actions have been led by the interests of monied and elite classes primarily, then said leadership should not be renewed, or resurgent. We need a nation and nations that follow different leaders, ones who have the benefit of all the world’s peoples as their goal.



Did you mean “tentacles?”

Or was “testicles” inserted for fun?


From Ajamu Baraka Twitter feed:

“A new Coalition has emerged to shut down all of the 800 to 1000 U.S. foreign military bases. We just had the kickoff conference this weekend in Baltimore, the site of the Freddie Gray uprising. One of our targets is AFRICOM, and the growing military colonization of Africa.” January 16,2018


Common Dreams Deleted This Response. Very Revealing.
(Copy Sent To Editor. Screenshot Saved).

Read to this point:

“Now, the situation has been reversed with Russia using its sophisticated cyberwarfare capabilities to interfere in the 2016 American presidential campaign . . .”


Whatever he wrote, overall, was then tarnished, along with his credibility.

By allowing Alfred W. McCoy, professor of history at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, to spread such (Evidence-Free/Worldwide PsyOp) Propaganda, once again, Common Dreams is just as guilty as all the others in this never ending/exponentially-increasing Hoax of a Campaign.



Sharing occurrence with Consortium News. Robert Parry, Editor, will not delete.


Professor McCoy didn’t convince me that losing our empire would be a bad thing, mainly because he didn’t try. In fact he made several statements that suggested he thought it wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing. So what’s he proposing we do?

We could peacefully transition to a multiple world – but nobody with any stature in our political class is proposing to do that, so we’re stuck with the status quo being maintained by an incompetent. I guess that’s the best we can hope for.


Second Deletion/Censorship from Common Dreams on the same day:

Previous responses to Common Dreams regarding the same context:

Copying all of my CD files, in preparation.


Alfred McCoy and Nick Turse contribute to TomDispatch.



"US AFRICOM Blacklists Reporter Nick Turse As ‘Not A Legitimate Journalist’"
by Eddie Haywood

“404 Not Found” page on countercurrents.org

So I posted the same article from World Socialist Web Site, wsws.org

CD took it down.


Hmmm, I was more or less with Professor McCoy until he brought up the TPP. He states that it will bring much new trade that would otherwise have gone to China. However, I was under the impression that the TPP (and “Fast Track”) were means by which foreign corporations could actually take precedence over local and state laws in pursuit of profit. In other words the TPP would cause the U.S, to lose its own sovereignty. I think there is a good reason why the TPP was called by its critics “NAFTA on steroids”. McCoy also mentions that much of the damage that Trump and his incompetent regime have caused the U.S. could be reversed if Dems took back the Congress and the White House. That seems really naive to me as I see the Democratic Party as hopelessly infected with neoliberal bullshit, from Hillary on down. I think that even if they were to make a big comeback starting this year with a so-called “blue wave” and even win back the presidency in 2020 that there will not be some sweeping renunciation of all the crap that Trump and his bunch of corporate shills have done. There are plenty of corporate shills on both sides of the aisle in what is left of our democracy.


That was my impression as well. I would recommend that Professor McCoy reacquaint himself with the particulars of how this country exercised its will on the many other countries by reading a book by a former operative who worked behind the scenes to advance our “interests” around the world. The book is called “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” by John Perkins. Recommended.


From what I understood trashing the TPP was the ONLY thing Trump got right-
I just hope that any future administration doesn’t resort to global War to reinstate this countries hegemony- We are already in too many skirmishes worldwide (according to Nick Terse and Tom Engelhardt)… I, for one am growing weary of this approach and Israel Is only hurting us and NOT our friend, and China, being smart, is the up and coming superpower…
Good post there bruce!


Thank you.