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Twelve Ideas Post-Election from Front Line Organizers


Twelve Ideas Post-Election from Front Line Organizers

Bill Quigley

When you find yourself in a suddenly darkened room, what do you do? Some rush blindly to where they think the door might be. Others stand still, let their eyes get adjusted to the different environment, re-orient themselves, then cautiously and sensitively, move forward. Some search out people who might be able to show the way. Post-election, a lot of people are re-assessing and searching for the best way forward. Here are some ideas on where we should be going and what we should be doing from experienced, thoughtful people who are organizing on the front lines.


I'd add that just as at Standing Rock there is at least one known instance of an employee of the pipeline company acting as armed instigator, and facing full bore attempt to slander and traumatize people standing up for their legal rights, become very familiar with the logic, methodologies and history of non-violent resistance. Make it an active part of the evolution of thinking.


Fight to remove all obstacles to Direct Democracy.


I love what 'the old goat' here has underlined! And all the above invites to continue to educate ourselves
with great humility and modesty, as Bill Quigley so admirably reminds us - as usual, that dear soul! I'd
add that a reading or re-reading of Franz Fanon's THE WRETCHED OF THE EARTH is another informing
experience! Cheers! Love/struggle, as Lynne Stewart likes to remind us! Elizabeth, Malone, NY


At the risk of being accused of grabbing at straws, I would argue that Trump's win actually will help progressives. To wit:

(1) For his own irrational, isolationist reasons, Trump is implacably opposed to the TPP, which neolibs intended to be one of the last nails in the coffin of corporate take-over of democracies. TPP's lasting damage to America would have been every bit as great as that of Citizens United. With Clinton out, we won't have to rely on her honesty, when she belatedly said that she will not support the TPP once elected president.

(2) Trump shamelessly misdirected the deep anger and despair in the country. The fact that Clinton utterly failed to channel these same sentiments for the good, as Bernie did, exposed the Democratic party leadership as hopelessly out of touch. Trump's win may yet rally the rank and file Democrats to clean house. Bernie came close, but he was cheated by the Clintonites at every turn. We are now given a second chance.

(3) Trump's misplaced love for Putin, and Bibi's losing bet against him, suggest that AIPAC will have less clout with his administration. Thus eclipsed, the neocons will be less able to dictate mideast policy, or order about officials in Washington who put their provincial interests ahead of America's. Clinton as president, on the other hand, would have been only too glad to do their bidding, and send our soldiers in to fight someone else's wars.

(4) Trump's proposals regarding gender, race, religion, environment, NATO, taxation, immigration, etc, are scary talk. He is unlikely to get his way though, since the Commander Empty Suit in Chief needs plenty of dummies to prop him up . But his voters are now spent, and his own Party in Congress balks at his leadership. On the other hand, a President Clinton might have successfully triangulated her way to get her way. She is now silenced. Bernie's bold vision now has a fair chance to a fair hearing.

As Michael Moore pointed out in his book, progressives are actually the majority of the country, based on preferences for specific policies in numerous polls. He found that most Americans are not only fair and good hearted, but are of like mind. Up till now, the 1% has managed to run the country their way. Trump's presidency may be exactly the shock the country needs to start changing course for the better.


We must remember that the Media, in it's current metastasized form, is no longer the PEOPLES' dependable friend. Edward R. Murrow and I.F.Stone are no longer with us to ferret out the truth. The Media we have today exists to scare us and control us for its own power and profit. My point is that the Rupert Murdochs and Mark Zuckerbergs, and all the "news" they publish, only exist to build themselves up by tearing US down. Any time spent at their news sites will only make us LESS confident of our natural power to thwart this current wanna-be dictator. Remember, this is OUR country. We are, also, members of the current "Owners' and Caretakers' Co-operative" of planet earth. We have responsibilities to civilization and to life itself, but don't fret the size of our task. We have been given powers beyond all imagination to protect our world and country and community and families from those pissants who try to steer humanity into a ditch, so STOP YOUR FEAR! Know that life itself is here to defend us.