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Twelve Years Later, We Know the Winner in Iraq: Iran


Twelve Years Later, We Know the Winner in Iraq: Iran

Peter Van Buren

The U.S. is running around in circles in the Middle East, patching together coalitions here, acquiring strange bedfellows there, and in location after location trying to figure out who the enemy of its enemy actually is. The result is just what you'd expect: chaos further undermining whatever’s left of the nations whose frailty birthed the jihadism America is trying to squash.


They also moved advanced rocket systems into Iraq, the same weapons Hamas has used against Israel in recent conflicts.

This is the first time that I’ve heard that the rockets supposedly being used by Hamas are considered to be advanced weaponry. If these rockets are things to be feared then why is their success rate so low (“thousands” of rockets but virtually no Israeli casualties)?

How did the Gazans get the “advanced technology” through the Israeli blockade?

This article is another piece that assumes that the present situation in the Middle East is the result of “unintended consequences.” The author assumes that we are seeing the product of American “mistakes.”

The most important line is this one, buried in the middle of a paragraph in the middle of the article.

The tap on a massive arms flow was turned on.

While the turmoil in the region may appear to be chaotic through the deliberate myopia of the corporate press, what we really have is a carefully engineered market of death and destruction.



Peter makes a lot of statements about what has transpired recently that I haven’t heard or read before. Haven’t followed any of the links yet. Throughout he seemed to hold close to dispassionately reporting until the last when he seemed to imply that Iran’s rise is/will be a tragedy? Perhaps I’ve misunderstood his closing remark.

Seems obvious and necessary that Iran should intervene in Iraq. The US left the place a failed state whose government mostly survived by US muscle, and it looks like no place is safe there. How could Iran not intervene? The two neighbors are the populations hub there.

What is dumbfounding is the total lack of conversation in this country about the obviousness of the failure of the policies of the new American century. While militarists dissipate our wealth, and any good will left toward us, others make investment and development deals for the future in our disastrous wake. China has been a big beneficiary of GWOT.

Is it possible there is another reason Iraqis didn’t want American air power in Tikrit? Imagine yourself an Iraqi there seeing and saying “Oh good, the Americans are bombing our city - again.” They could take some solace in that the money we spend on destroying their home is money we didn’t spend on our decaying homeland, so we’ll end up about the same, except for the unexploded ordinance.

I don’t know what goes on inside Iran, and rely on Van Buren and others for a glimpse, and can only form my own conclusions from what I see. It seems to me that Iran, of all the states in that region has been a rational and consistent actor for some time. It seems known, and expected, that there are forces of the west and Israel operating inside Iran involved in sabotage, assassination, and political subterfuge. As Iranian authorities react to these provocations, Israel and the west vilify them for that. This is a very old and successful trick. The US is doing the very same thing in Venezuela at this moment, and the Ukraine putsch had a similar flavor.

I have to wonder whether Maduro really believed Obama when he told him in Panama City that he really wasn’t trying to overthrow him? “Just politics, good buddy. I feel your pain.”


Just as the debate in the USA is pointing the finger of blame at the poor peoples and “radicals” in the Middle east that are now being bombed for that regions turmoil rather than at the United States of America, the economic crisis the world over is being blamed on social spending and things like Government funded pensions, health care and the like rather than on the banking system and capitalism.

This shows how tightly the narrative is controlled by that Media which has as its function the protection of the Status quo and the very wealthy. When it comes to protecting the Wealthy one has the Propaganda arm in the way of the media, the legislative arm in the way of the Government and the enforcement arm in the way of the Military and Police forces.


It’s worse than Van Buren describes. He is ignoring the evidence that the same ISIS that we need Iran’s help to defeat in Iraq is being funded by the CIA and aided by Israel. Look at the coverage and photos on Global Research and judge for yourself. (Why is it that the only armies that win are the ones “we” don’t train, and the only media that report the news are the ones that can’t even pay salaries? So much for corporate capitalism.) We are covertly funding the forces we are simultaneously bombing, the ones that were on the brink of defeating the Iraqi government we spent so many lives and so much money trying to put in place. Even the most staggering incompetence couldn’t have brought this about. The commentator had it right: it’s all about arms sales and an out-of-control National Security State that doesn’t have a rational brain, only a mass of autonomous tentacles each intent on profit maximization. The people in the Pentagon and the intelligence agencies who let this happen without blowing a whistle, the congressmen who cash their “contributions” and then defer to the “defense experts” in the revolving door, and the media people enjoying life in the gardens of the American Versailles Palace are all to blame, and right now Americans have nowhere to turn for relief from this…shameful episode. And the grand strategic accomplishment behind all of this is that we are forcing Russia, against its previous policy, to split Germany away from NATO, unite China with Turkey and the BRICs, and isolate us in our sandbox with our military toys. Someday, too late, there wil be a reckoning.