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Twenty Hostages Dead After Overnight Siege in Bangladesh



Islamic terrorism. Come on, guys. You can say it.


When will this madness end?


Religious fundamentalism is the same for all religions;Christians burning other Christians for heresy; Jews crucifying a heretic; Nazis among others murdering Jews; Jews creating the Ghaza Ghetto and the Palestininan refugee camps having carried out a massive campaign of ethnic cleansing in 1947-1948; Muslims slaughtering assorted people at various times in history; Christians slaughtering Muslims and Jews at other assorted times in history; Muslims persecuting Ba'hais; Muslims persecuting each other; Moses and his friends murdering the Egyptian first-born; Joshua slaughtering the inhabitants of Jericho; David and Saul doing over the Philistines.

As some bloke once said, "Let him who is without sin throw the first stone". Or words to that effect.

That's why the God of them all has cleared out to go fishing at the other end of the Universe. Religious fundamentalists; why bother with the stupid buggers?


Corporate media never paid attention when it was just atheist bloggers being hacked to death on a regular basis in Bangladesh. Now that they are attacking religious people you pay attention!