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Twenty-One Reasons People Hate, Hate, HATE Betsy DeVos


Twenty-One Reasons People Hate, Hate, HATE Betsy DeVos

Common Dreams staff

Lesley Stahl: Why have you become, people say, the most hated Cabinet secretary?

Education Sec. Betsy DeVos: I’m not sure exactly how that happened… I’m more misunderstood than anything.

The above exchange from Sunday night’s "60 Minutes "interview highlights an important point about our Education Secretary.


I just hate that bitch.


I’d like to see her do forty days and forty nights in the wilderness. The wolves might just give her a pass, fearing the toxic stew that courses through her veins. That the Republicans served her up to Drumpf is proof positive of their avarice for all things fair and just. Perhaps we could put the whole cabinet in the Big Brother house (I don’t watch TV, so give me a pass on details, please.) and watch whatever the f*ck the competition is unfold. For ratings, I suggest that each contestant gets an AR 15. Betsy would probably do well, as her brother (Erik Prince) surely taught her how to shoot straight (with bullets–not thoughts). 22) She’s a witch. Burn her before she turns someone into a Newt (Gingrich).


I’d like to see her stripped of every single penny, stock, and other financial interest, that she was given - not earned - in her life, including every one of her monied friends and connections, and be forced to start over completely from scratch ON HER OWN. I’d be very, very surprised if she could even rise to the level of “middle class” by the time she died, as she has zero experience in any useful capacity whatsoever, in any role. Possibly flipping burgers at Burger King, or stocking shelves at Walmart, although she would probably keel over after an hour from exhaustion, being unaccustomed to actual physical labor her entire pampered fucking life.


Yes. The founding of the US can be seen, in part, as a rejection of hereditary monarchy. Under our present system post-Buckley v. Valeo and post-Citizens United, hereditary wealth now equals hereditary political power regardless of merit, or even inclination.

The remedy for this is confiscatory estate taxes—sooner rather than later, thanks.


All these Trump cabinet fools need to be taken down. ASAP!


I agree. It worked extremely well during/after WW2, when the top marginal income tax rate was 90% on super-wealthy individuals, and even modestly wealthy individuals were taxed at more than twice today’s rate. When the modern Estate Tax was first imposed in the 1920’s - and increased through the 40’s - it reached highs of up to 77% on the very largest of estates. Thus the insane, profligate wealth disparities that reached their apex in the 1920’s with the palace-like mansions of the Long Island Gold Coast popping up like daisies while millions starved went the way of the dinosaur - and most of those mansions were sold or gifted to the State or County governments.

You’re right - we need to get the estate tax (and income tax) back to those levels once again. And if the uber rich plutocrat elites don’t like it, they can feel free to move away and give up their US citizenship, and thus their positions in US government. Good riddance.


No one “earns” billions.


Bernie Sanders told us that Billionaires would attempt to “Buy” the election.

And, so it is.

Why, in God’s name, do so many admire wealth?


I would also like to highlight the fact that her entire family has been pushing their agenda on Native American tribes as well by “funding” Christian schools in areas of deep poverty, where any investment whatsoever gives a semblance of hope: https://navajotimes.com/rezpolitics/richard-helen-devos-foundation-donated-3-4m-rehoboth-school/


keepin’ it simple for da people…:slight_smile:

DeVos is a piece of work. She’s totally in this for the personal enrichment. It’s one of the more impressive conflicts of interest in an administration overdosing on those conflicts.

But this is a position that’s been filled by privatizers for years, and it is fair to ask why did it take DeVos to mobilize this level of opposition?


Because to criticize #42 and #44 is to be a stooge for the Rs—at least, according to the Dbots lurking about these premises (my wild guess, FWIW).


Probably, it’s just a shame that when we had 8 years of serial privatizing going on there was very little mass opposition to the charter movement. Make no mistake—I think it’s a borderline holy obligation to oppose DeVos. Problem is, I wish people would do this on a non-partisan basis.


Unfortunately, she is NOT “totally in this for the personal enrichment.”  If only that were true, she wouldn’t be so dangerous.  Her primary goal is the establishment of a Funny-Dementalist “christian” theocracy in place of what little is left of our secular democracy.  A major step in this plot is to destroy our public schools and turn all of our children over to private “christian” schools so they can be brainwashed daily from as early an age as possible.  If her charter schools make money as part of this, it’s just ‘Frosting on the Cake’ to DeVos and her cronies.


Thanks Unc, you saved me a whole lot o typing.
Agreed, DeVos is a sanctimonious fundy kook of the first order.


If you haven’t yet read “Demcracy in Chains” by Nancy MacLean, I offer it my strongest recommendation. The history of today’s “charter school” movement is traced back to racist (and classist) opposition to the SCOTUS decision in re Brown v. Board of Ed.


Second the recommendation of Democracy in Chains. MacLain’s outline of the reaction in Virginia to Brown, which inspired economist James Buchanan and his “public choice” concept, in turn influencing the Kochs et al., is an instructive look at the roots of DeVos’s approach to education.


Or the bears might get her…


Not only that- she HATES women who have been sexually attacked or raped. She believes more in the attackers she thinks are falsely accused!!! She is nuts!!!


Never even worked a day in her life, and I heard her “college” ed was also bought and paid for- I seriously am disgusted by this piece of crap. If she wants to get rid of all tribal people, Jews, black and brown people, gay and lesbian people, trans people , disabled people etc- let her crawl back into the hole in which she belongs and cover the hole so no air gets into it.