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Twenty-One Reasons People Hate, Hate, HATE Betsy DeVos


“They” look at wealth as “freedom”


That is correct-an investment or a business “earns” billions.


Yes, they should be charged with treason!


Well, Tillerson is being replaced by Pompeo. Yawn


If it means that much to you, fine.

In the end, she’s the enemy. And that’s all I care about, regardless of her motives. But I have a hard time believing any billionaire is serious about anything other than geld.


In a time when we sit in awe of the apparent disconnect between what is best for all and what the administration is doing, Betsy DeVos manages to stand out as one of the most damaging choices for her position in government. Not only is she entirely unqualified, she is actively working to destroy the very system she is supposed to oversee.
My wife and I are both career educators and we were appalled at her selection and continue to lament the hopeless ignorance she brings to the position. If she had made even any effort to see what public education is, we might have felt slightly heartened but she continues to promote her singular issue – diverting all funding from public schools into for-profit private schools, which she has a vested interest in. The lack of an ethics and blatant self-interest she demonstrates is breath taking in its immorality.


Did you see this from Real News?


It took Trump to assemble the most immoral and unethical administration in the history of the United States of America.

That, will be their legacies.

Welcome to Common Dreams Marc.


Explaining why some folks hate her is not the same as showing she’s wrong.


Hummm…She’s the only one protected by US Marshalls? Perhaps some patriot who is braver than I will consider the implications of that fact.


It makes one understand how the French brought the guillotines back in the 1700’s.


Not only do the overwhelming majority of Americans know who and what she is (including many disapproving conservatives) but they know she has zero qualifications and should not be in such an important position. She and Pruitt both have more capacity to permanently damage the American people and the social fabric faster and with more permanence than just about any other cabinet members. Some people argue that she is not in fact a sociopath, that she is just driven by her idiot “ideas.” Does not matter-the effects of her actions were criminal in Michigan and she intends to pull off as much as she can at the federal level.


You and I think alike Vasily.


Trump thinks she’s great. That reveals much about handpicking mirror images and those that handpick them.


Because they look towards this wealth and see what they could be, never realizing that the reason the onlookers are so poor are because of the rich that they admire.


I like it, “If you don’t like it here you can leave.” How many times have the poor and disenfranchised heard those very words?


I find it kinda ironic that she say’s she is “misunderstood”, and yet she is the Education Secretary of the U.S. I would have expected that she should be skilled and educated well enough to speak with out being misunderstood.


People who say they are “misunderstood” may sometimes be correct, from my personal observations. No idea what ratios would be–some people who are personally troubled, even mentally ill often declare they are misunderstood. And naturally, people who are “up” to something nefarious will say people just don’t understand. She falls into the last category. It would be of interest to do a psychological profile on DeVos and see how much sociopath is part of her makeup. We will never know, but her actual manifested behavior is crooked as hell. It’s just cloaked in lots of money and churchiness. She is a con of the first magnitude as far as I am concerned.
Sometimes nice, well meaning people are indeed misunderstood. Not her. Not at all.


With the craziness of fundamentalists please do not mention the burning of witches. The dark times could come again. I am not a witch, but I support their constitutional right to their own religion, without persecution by others.


You may be blessed with something I call youth and not have caught the reference to Monty Python and the Holy Grail (around 1:10 you’ll hear the newt reference):