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Twenty-One State Atttorney Generals File Suit to Stop 'Illegal' Effort by Trump to Skew the Census for Political Gain

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/24/twenty-one-state-atttorney-generals-file-suit-stop-illegal-effort-trump-skew-census


I’m grateful that the state attorney generals are fighting this.


Trump, Moscow Mitch, and their organized crime syndicate disguised as the GOP are not just dehumanizing immigrants, they are dehumanizing people of color, they are dehumanizing Democrats, in keeping with Goebbels’ play book to demonize and dehumanize anybody who doesn’t agree with you.

Autocrats have always engaged in cascading demonization. It starts with one demographic with gradual addition of more demographics. Although Jews were the largest single population that Hitler murdered, his purge started with intellectuals, and opposition parties, and eventually included gays, gypsies, and many other demographics.


Donald calls ‘his’ “Make America Great Again” the greatest slogan in political history.

'After World War I, Germany suffered a major economic depression with devastatingly high unemployment. People were frustrated and the established political parties in Germany at that time were seen as unable to bring about the change needed.

Thus Adolf Hitler seduced the German people with a slogan of “Let’s make Germany great again.” In January 1933 Hitler was “legitimately and democratically” elected chancellor and leader of Germany.

Together with his great slogan, he had scapegoats ready as to why Germany was being kept down — the Allies for demanding reparations and the Jewish people that he characterized as grasping and with divided loyalties that had helped hand the Allied Powers their victory.

Once elected, democracy was abolished, enemies were imprisoned or killed and millions of Jewish men, women and children along with millions of others died in concentration camps, as well as the millions of soldiers and innocent civilians on both sides of the Second World War. His grandiose boast of “making Germany great again” led the nation to the darkest moment in its history and its enduring shame.’


Your otherwise good post omitted a few things, Jews weren’t the only scapegoats, many academics, socialists, communists, trade unionists, Roma’s (Gypsies), were also demonized and many executed. And most relevant to todays problems, that Trump idolizes Hitler.


Terry did mention Jews “along with millions of others”, that while not as specific as to specific groups as you listed, that also included many others, did acknowledge many beside Jews as victims.of hitler’s pathology, racism, and inhumanity

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True, and my post wasn’t meant to be a critique of Terry’s post, just add to it.

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And, the young anarchists are accused by nat’l politicians of both parties of trying to destroy the norms and very foundation of the U.S.? Of spreading chaos, and generally attempting to monkeywrench the political and economic order?
Of destroying our very country’s glorious history?
Ah, it appears that accusatory claim and ill-fitting political tone may be on the wrong political foot here, so to speak.
If this article is remotely true we should be rounding up some different suspects
Just sayin’.

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I think the Rabbit Hole goes quite a bit deeper than this. I applied in early January to be a 2020Census Enumerator here in Minnesota and was accepted before the end of January. Since then…not a peep from the Census bureau.

The enumerator’s job is to phone those who have not replied and then drive to any residences to physically record the information from citizens who are unreachable by phone. At least that was how the job was framed. We were supposed to have formal training sessions completed by late March or early April. NONE of that follow-thru has happened.

I found 2 friends who also applied and were accepted, and they too were wondering whether Trump and Ross have just called the whole thing off!!! Does anyone know what is happening with the 2020 Census?

It’s just a matter of time before history repeats itself. First, the Holocaust deniers. Then the president of this country calls a group of white nationalists who bear Nazi symbols fine people. People defending racial hatred. Defending symbols of racial hatred. The executive defending the hate symbols and sending storm troopers to put down peaceful protesters who march against state police brutality against racial hatred. We are not what those evangelicals and republicans like to call so proudly, “A Christian Nation.” Seems to me like we are of something else entirely.

Well, I keep getting notices to send in my information. I’m informed it’s the law under penalty. I’ve been away from my home for blocks of time so if someone has tried to canvas, I haven’t been here. I read recently that if you don’t fill it out and the govt knows a house is occupied, the house will be counted as a white male. I don’t know if that’s true but it was enough to make me give in.