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Twin Imperatives: Defeat President Trump This Fall, Challenge President Biden from Day One

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/27/twin-imperatives-defeat-president-trump-fall-challenge-president-biden-day-one

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Lest my moniker confuse people, I’ve CEASED being a Bernie or Buster precisely because of the unprecedented danger of Trump.

While I totally support Solomon’s premise here, the project is SO difficult it’s almost a contradiction in terms. While Solomon talks of challenging Biden from day one as a “twin imperative,” he–like everyone else associated with his campaign–in fact treats defeating Trump as a MUCH greater imperative. Perhaps understandable, given the grave danger to civilization Trump poses, but utterly useless for challenging Biden from day one.

Even if progressives were planning strategy for pressuring Biden now, history with corporate Dems warns us successfully pressuring him to adopt progressive policy would be a HERCULEAN task. Without advance strategy discussion and planning, “challenging Biden from day one” will simply be empty talk.

I’m the ONLY leftist writer I know of who’s strategizing to solve the gargantuan problem of pressuring Biden after voting for him. I’m not allowed to post links here, but I have a series about this (“Leverage under LOTE: Sane Progressives’ Herculean Task”) at OpEdNews and on my Climate Justice or Bust blog.


it’s not just Biden it’s most of the damn dems. But I will continue to fight as we all must to rid ourselves first of the murderer now occupying the white house and his gang of thieves and thugs and then cleanse it carefully of virus and all the poisonous ideas perpetrated by them. Then start in on the damn dems.


It is Naive to think that once Biden is elected Progressives will be able to swing him to the Left.

That would be an exercise in Futility.

You will not and cannot change Warmonger Joe.

For the last 50 years he has shown us who he is, a Bigot who supported the Crime Bill and prefers to Lock up my Black Brothers instead of improving their lives with decent Jobs.

He is a Warmonger who supported the Invasion of Iraq. Only a Psychopath could agree to bombing Innocent Civilians in Baghdad who had absolutely nothing to do with 911 and as the Inspectors said, they did not have any Weapons of Mass Destruction.

He has always supported Corporations over We The People and has already said that he does not care if Millions of Americans have no Medical Insurance, he will Never support Medicare For All.

In my opinion Joe Biden and his advocacy for Endless Wars is a Dangerous Human Being and I could Never Vote for a man with his dismal Republican Record with the Naive Hope that we can move him to embrace Progressive Ideas once he is elected, that will Never Happen.

Wall Street, Military Joe is just going to have to defeat the Bigot in the White House without my Vote, his Senility is getting worse and his record shows that he can never be trusted to work for We The People.

I will either Vote for the Green Party again or Abstain, but I cannot contribute to putting this dangerous Warmonger in the White House.


“Magoo” I’ve got my new username for the next time I get kicked off CD for not thinking right-wing democrats are just wonderful, which, considering this is August in a year divisible by 4 should happen any day now.

Here’s a little experiment anyone can do, no matter how similar they think the two parties are: make a list of all the horrible things Trump has done. Not nasty things he’s said or tweeted, but actual political actions and orders: immigrant children locked in cages, allowing police to murder black people and let the kkk and neonazis start a race war, the muslim ban, the tax cuts, gutting the EPA, for starters.

Then if Biden becomes president, see how many of those things you get to cross off the list by April because Biden has reversed course. This sin’t a wager, just a kind of exercise to keep from forgetting how horrible Trump is and to keep ourselves honest by approaching it methodically.


I’m convinced of two things:

A) From a war and peace standpoint, Biden/Harris and the d-party establishment are the far worse threat to civilization than Trump. In the wake of being pushed into a corner in which they have to blame Putin for their electoral losses, they will escalate wars in Ukraine, Syria, Iran, and anywhere else Putin holds sway. The same thing could be said for Social Security and Medicare – Biden has proposed cutting them multiple times, and the d-party faithful let Democrats get away with murder when one of their own is in the White House. Remember Simpson/Bowles and Obama/Biden’s Grand Bargain? Yeah, me too.

B) The Democrats are not interested in defeating Trump. They’ve already won their big prizes, namely, subverting progressives and Bernie Sanders, and opening the floodgates of sweet, sweet corporate cash. It’s now obvious, given the windfall of big donor money that Trump has engendered, that the presidency – going into an economic, racial, and public health shitstorm trifecta – is best left to Trump, the biggest gift the d-party ever received.


Apparently, you don’t believe in humanity’s climate emergency, seeing you mention NOTHING about Trump’s crime against humanity of aggressively worsening it.

Nor do you take Trump’s own warmongering at all seriously–like his coup in Venezuela (which Democrats admittedly supported, but it was TRUMP’s coup) or his pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal. And unlike Obama, Trump doesn’t even blink before killing innocent civilians in drone strikes. Even on your strongest point, Biden’s militarism, you cherry-pick the evidence to say that Trump isn’t at least a comparable warmonger.

Then, there’s the little matter of risking civil war by refusing to accept the results of an election. Perhaps you think some massive bloodshed would be GOOD for the country.


Hey I know, let’s elect a befuddled, on-edge, belligerent, puppet for the security state. The same security state that is still pushing Neo-McCarthyist red-baiting, and proxy war agitation with a nation capable of annihilating everything on the planet.


Let’s challenge Joe from day one, so he can call us fat and tell us he can do more push-ups.

Just what are you going to challenge him with Norm?

“Why, with all the leverage a wet noodle can supply!” you say. We’ll lash him with our tongues!

And guess what, nothing will fundamentally change.

Believe him when he tells and shows you what he is.


Again, the same idiotic failure to compare. The ONLY alternative is electing Trump–who, as I forgot to mention above–just NEEDLESSLY killed 100,000+ Americans by his self-serving criminal negligence in handling the Covid-19 pandemic. THIS is the provenly GENOCIDAL serial killer you’re actively seeking to elect.

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200,000 plus Covid-19 deaths when you consider serial under counting to date, under counting that will worsen between now and November 3.


You’re of course correct about the overall death toll. In toting up Trump’s personal responsibility, I was using a conservative–though still shocking–number, since thousands of Americans would have died even with the MOST responsible handling of the pandemic.

I’d say Pelosi is responsible for a good portion of those deaths with her “Come on down to Chinatown” pandering. Also, Joe, with his “let’s go to the polls plea back in Feb.” Probably too, the large gatherings over the need to have mail in voting so that people wouldn’t have to go to large gatherings to vote may also have contributed. We’ll never really know, because it’s all just so much conjecture.


I think the potential Civil War topic is worthy of discussion. What do you think of Killary telling Joe he shouldn’t concede if he loses?

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You’re really grasping at straws to defend an INDEFENSIBLE position. Anything Biden did in February was before the real seriousness of the pandemic was widely known; there weren’t even lockdowns at that point. And Pelosi–you’re seriously comparing her to the person IN CHARGE of national policy? And with a personality cult that heeds his every word, to boot? WTF!

It’s amazes me fellow leftists can be brainwashed ideologues, as impervious to evidence as the Trump cult.

So you literally admit to two ways in which Trump and Biden are comparable in your comment, including militarism, yet it’s only Trump you see as the existential threat? Trump has started no wars, signed a preliminary peace agreement with the Taliban, and proposed a troop reduction in Germany – Obama/Biden got us involved in three more wars, while failing to end the Afghanistan fiasco.

As for the environment, I’m glad you brought that up. The biggest achievement for Obama/Biden on that front (or was it the largest increase in oil production of any administration in history?) was The Paris Accords, which can only be viewed as just the sort of deception that makes Biden the GOTE. Obama, as world leader, would not sign The Paris Accords unless the emissions reductions that are at the center of the agreement were voluntary and determined by each signee themselves, not scientists, not environmentaliss. That made it easy for countries to set emission reduction targets that WERE ALREADY BAKED IN. Then, in the aftermath during which Obama was hailed by armchair environmentalists like you, NOT A SINGLE SIGNATORY HIT THE SELF-DETERMINED TARGETS. Emissions continued to soar.

Mission accomplished for Obama/Biden:
Mollify easily duped progressives.
Allow fossil fuel companies to greenwash while continuing to spew CO2.
Gloss over the Obama/Biden drilling and fracking boom.
Wag a finger at Republicans (wink, wink).

And you have the balls to tell others they’re brainwashed? Just. Effin. wow.


My memory failed me. It was March when he went on television and contradicted the CDC’S advice against gatherings over 50 and said it was safe to go the polls. The point is that people die in a pandemic. Pulling numbers out of your ass to cast blame is counterproductive, it makes you look hyperbolic.

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Last I recall, Killary was neither president nor running for president. This is between Biden and Trump.

And you’re really comparing apples and oranges. In Trump’s best winning scenario, he’ll scrape by in the Electoral College while losing the popular vote by at least three million. Republicans provably engage in voter suppression in red states, so there will be legitimate legal grounds for (peacefully and in court) contesting the results of a close Electoral College race.

By contrast, Trump already holds power and has (possibly) the military, but (far more likely) Homeland Security, various federal cops, and a gun-wielding personality cult at his disposal. He’s willing to contest a legitimate election–where he loses BOTH the popular vote and Electoral College)–based on alleged rigging based on no facts at all. BIG effin’ difference!

My, you have a lot of faith in Electionguard™ . The Pentagon and Microsoft would NEVER do anything unscrupulous.

Silly spin doctoring. Renowned climate activists like Bill McKibben and Naomi Klein fully acknowledge the Paris accords as inadequate but as a worthwhile framework for nations to engage in essential discussion of the global climate emergency. You, by contrast, ludicrously equate Trump’s totally dynamiting of that needed framework with Obama’s weakening its establishment. Sheer silly spin-doctoring, and McKibben and Klein (along with Noam Chomsky) would be the first to say so.

Also, Trump continued Obama’s wars, inflicting MORE civilian casualties in the process. He also tried to start a needless proxy war in Venezuela and came dangerously close–after pulling out of a useful nuclear pact–to starting a war with Iran. Trump ISN’T any more peace-minded than Obama or Biden; he simply has different enemies.

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