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Twitter Goes Wild After Trump Tweets He's "A Very Stable Genius"


Twitter Goes Wild After Trump Tweets He's "A Very Stable Genius"

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

"This might be enough to lead the board of any corporation to call an emergency meeting on its CEO's mental status," says former White House ethics director Walter Shaub

President Donald Trump looks up toward the solar eclipse without protective eyewear on the Truman Balcony at the White House on August 21, 2017 in Washington, DC. (Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images)


C’mon, Twitter! BAN THE CRAZY BASS-TURD!!! He is polluting the Twitterverse with his insanity!!!

How much more proof do those who ought to be writing articles of impeachment need to determine he’s NOT SANE enough to run a toilet-cleaning company let alone a WHOLE COUNTRY!!!?! Does the asshole have to murder a baby on the White House lawn before he’s put into a much-deserved and NEEDED straight jacket???!!!


Uh, @dumbtramp, how do those 6 bankruptcies and your run for prez in 2012 square with the lie you tweeted?

How’s the weather on Fantasy maradolto Island this time of year???


Who is he trying to convince, himself oe us.



If Trump was somehow committed to a mental institution for the criminally insane, his twitter would probably go something like this: " I do not belong here, because these fellow inmates are all crazy and I am the only sane person here!


What does this say about the 55 million people who follow Trump on Twitter? The only people with a valid excuse are journalists who have to report what this apparently unstable person of average or less than average intelligence is tweeting.


And the idiot would get away with it too! Not to mention the fools who still support the whacko picketing outside the nut house walls!


ya man, I heard of this gnarly dude, and like, wow man, he claims, now dig this will ya, that he’s like, this genius kinda dude, wow, I also heard he can’t tie his own shoes, comb his own hair or feed himself using a fork and eats burgers and fried chicken instead, this finger food dude better watch out so he doesn’t poke himself in the eye while filling his pie-hole.


The Bible quote that says: “The blind leading the blind and they all fall into the ditch.”

But what it also says to me, the blind could end up taking us all into the ditch of nuclear war!


IF any further proof was needed he just gave it to us:



Since when does Twitter actually matter? Look who’s in the White House and who’s in Congress. Look at your own economic situation. Look at the future for your children/grandchildren and those around the globe. Look at the Permanent War Against Humanity and Permanent War For Austerity. Still feeling all snarky and cute and shit?


Your post is RIGHT ON TARGET, Tom; however, I have to point out that Twitter (which I have never used) gets a LOT of attention and that is, to me, the only thing that makes it relevant AND potentially dangerous. Potentially dangerous because it, as I think you are saying, DISTRACTS people from what should be focused on and worked at to repair in this VERY screwed up mess of a country BEYOND a few word limit.


The orange butthead’s likability probably just shot up 10 more points with dumb shit followers. The Corp/Wall Street fuckheads don’t give a shit if he’s crazy as a loon as long as he gives them what they want.


Every day The Mango Mussolini stays in office, the more embarrassment he brings to America’s presidency and the country.


As a very stable genius myself, I found his tweet offensive.


That was the one line I also focused on and it it very telling on a number of levels. What his life and now “presidency” have been about: The spectacle in a society of the spectacle to distract too many from what is actually occurring under the spectacle. Wholesale destruction of the country and our lives, livelihoods and environment.


As long as Don and his wrecking crew (in and outside of Congress) can keep us distracted by things like this (including the Michael Wolff book), then they can continue to wreak havoc on our country. No worries.


Once, again, all the proof anyone needs, right from the source, that we have a ten-year-old as a President. I shouldn’t take it, personally, but I can’t help feeling insulted that the duopoly/MIC has burdened us and all the world with such a fool. If we must have this sham and pretense of a democracy, at least find an actor who can play the part.


Thanks, Tom, for stating it as it actually is in fact.


Nice. To the point.