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Twitter Only Tech Firm of Nine to Say No to Helping Build Muslim Registry


Twitter Only Tech Firm of Nine to Say No to Helping Build Muslim Registry

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Out of nine technology companies, from Facebook to Booz Allen Hamilton, only Twitter confirmed it would refuse to help the Trump administration build a "Muslim registry," The Intercept reported on Friday.


Only one out of nine to actually make a stand for liberty and justice, and the Equal Protection clause. Hooray for Twitter! The rest of you, please leave your corporate charters on the desk on your way out of our country.


Right. It's a [fill in the religion] registry.


If there's going to be a registry where do I sign up? I'm a Lutheran, but I'll be a Muslim for a day just to get my name on that damn list. And if they want Jews to wear a yellow star, give me one of those too. This sounds so much like Hitler's treatment of the Jews in the 1930s it's scary. Registration is the first step to segregation. This would clearly be unconstitutional, but an Enabling Act (after a burning of the Reichstag type event) will shred what is left of that old rag. These are dark times, folks.


Spot on. I was raised Lutheran as well. My brothers fiance is from Iran and my whole family has said we will all go and register as Muslim's should neofascist Trump have this registry.


I'm with you. All that's happened with U.S. empire since 9-11 (not to mention everything before then), it's like a mad dog in its death throes (and yes, I am also alluding the the "mad dog" choice for upcoming U.S. war chief; one does not "give him a chance" with a mad dog). The murder of Iraq--that is, of untold millions with ongoing potentially millions more--in full daylight for the whole world to see, and against the in-the-streets wishes of the largest political demonstration of humanity's wishes (the worldwide demos against the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003) in humanity's history. I feel that amazing collective transformation is always possible, and having all of us get on that list would be a little instance of such wonderful solidarity. We need to go beyond our fears and stand, sit, pray, act, and speak with each other no matter what.


Very disappointed with the misleading headline. We don't need to be adding more disinformation or misinformation to the marketplace of ideas. Not when we have truth on our side. This is the first headline I've noted on the Common Dreams website that was so misleading. Admittedly heightened awareness in the last week or two, but I have called out false or misleading headlines long before that.


Wanna bet that Sen. Keith Ellison will be first on the list?


Question: Before the Japanese Americans were sent to internment camps during WWII, were they registered first?


Since the US paid out 1.6 billion in reparations to those imprisoned in "internement camps" (20,000 per person) there must have been some reliable records. Probably each prison (internment relocation facility) had lists of prisoners, but I could find no mention of national registry.


Me neither, but thanks for your reply.

Does anyone out there in cyberspace know what kind of list the government used to round up the thousand's of Japanese Americans during WWII?


I do not know, what you are talking about.
Do you?


Is twitter really doing this out of principle and decency? Or is it just because such a project would be beyond the range of what they technically offer?

Because they have helped the Trump campaign extensively. They have hosted scores of foaming-at-the-mouth racists, sexists, antisemites, Islamophobes, all kinds of hate speech. They've had free run of twitter and it has been a great organizing tool for the Trump campaign and their fraudster sewer rat in chief, Kelly Anne Con.

So I wouldn't be so quick to shower them with praise.

P.S. They also actively assisted in undermining Bernie's campaign during the primary. They weren't posting advertising material from unofficial Bernie supporters - often without them knowing it, for example. But Trump and Hillary supporters - all of their stuff would go up, no problemo. And, in between, these Nazi hate trolls have had free run. Along with all of Trump's campaign supporters posting material like "Make America White Again" - spammed over and over again. But Bernie's people's material wasn't going up at all .. even though they allowed them to think it was .. so people would be working for hours and hours and hours - for nothing. And twitter knew this - and kept pulling this on Bernie supporters again and again and again.

I wonder how much money Trump has in twitter? He's addicted to tweeting. You wouldn't believe the stuff this individual tweets, too. He is UNFIT for the presidency.


This was too much:

Muslim Comedien Sits Next To Eric Trump On Plane To Scotland

He's like, "I can't believe I'm sitting next to Trump's son. Allah, thank you so much!"

So, anyway, he takes the opportunity, of course, to confront him about this registry list, and Trump's son makes like it's a joke or something - and says it's not for real.

Check out the photograph at that link. The guy is seriously disconnected from reality. The entire family is.


I haven't seen anything about a registry either. What I read is that people were subject to a fine of 5,000 dollars (a lot of money then) if they disobeyed a military order on this. However, in Hawaii, it said that about 40 percent of the population was Japanese American and only a few thousand were held ..

I suppose there was tremendous social pressure. People report incredible bigotry towards Japanese Americans during this period. And I was acquainted with someone online whose father was in a Japanese prisoner-of-war camp and never got over it ... they were so mistreated .. this person had a lot of bigotry toward anyone of Japanese ancestry as a result - and was just fully unwilling to grapple with it, right into the 21st century. I've found, too, that many of the people who feel the most intense about the atomic bomb debate ("yes it had to be dropped-how can anyone suggest otherwise") - had family who were in the Pacific war effort (others perhaps more Atlantic based).

I see that there's a searchable base, but it doesn't look complete, given the total figures.

Here's an interesting piece about some other groups that were interned; apparently, only Eleanor Roosevelt remained a lucid influence in this top echelon of hysteria. She was opposed to it.

Consider, too, at the end of the war, our government then actually helped Nazis escape through these rat lines, in coordination with the RCC - because, at that point, the Cold War was kicking in - and they were making their deals.

We also allowed many Nazis to come into the U.S. after the war - particularly in science; and, during the war there were many Americans of German descent - who, someone else told (of German descent) were very sympathetic to Hitler.

That's partly why, I think, we see today, this voting phenomenon with Trump - of German heritage. His father never served in the second WW against the fascists - no one in his family, and he was with the klan or something, and involved in housing discrimination.

Just some thoughts.


Thank you for your reply and thoughts. One has to wonder how the US Government rounded up the thousands of Japanese Americans in WWII, without some kind of data base.


Ann Frank left a diary of what happens to children when this policy is followed. No Jews in America, we don't want their kind. FDR made that decision then. She was of a different Religion so she was sent back to Germany to die. We have her diary. I was never told in school, where the diary was required reading, that she died because of America. Should we just ban all people with Brown Eyes?


Might have been their physical characteristics.


That would mean even though Japanese, America citizens, they had to be betrayed and profiled on physical characteristics alone. Lets hope that Trump will not ask his fascist, white, nationalist, Americans to do the same with Muslims and Hispanics!