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Twitter Rock Star Obama’s Silence Must Delight Trump

Twitter Rock Star Obama’s Silence Must Delight Trump

Ralph Nader
Our former president mostly remains quiet on matters of substance, providing no powerful voice for Americans to rally around.
"Obama still doesn’t want to publicly speak truth to Trump’s power abuses and fabrications." (Photo: Acclaim Image)

Great article, but I would add that Obama is still waiting for more monetary payback for his various deeds (e.g., bailing out Wall St. and the banks) and he doesn’t want to aggravate his benefactors. Obama was no bleeding heart liberal as president, so I don’t expect him to change now.


Why would he? The same economic, elite, criminals and cabal of oligarchs that allowed Obama to become POTUS allowed Trump to become POTUS over the one that seemed to care… Bernie.

This is the same guy that was a war criminal, and when asked about the previous war criminal said: " WE NEED TO LOOK FORWARD". I agree, Obama’s silence must delight Trump!


Love ya Ralph! But American life is not connected or affected by individuals, but policies that are funded by oligarchs. Funding in our now, corporatized, governed Democracy, and how “it” will be the death of us - ought to be written about, not political dribble about social media. MSM, through social media and cable tv are choking the efin’ troubling truths into distortions. Fact-checked, readily available public news needs to be to be shown, not the trite parodies of truth that are the rule.

Truth needs an airing in our public Commons. Thank Goddess for Common Dreams, Truthdig, The Intercept, Popular Resistance and others. Our America and our global neighbors, our “Water Protectors”, the indigenous Peoples, are trying to tell you and me, Mr. Nader, “Mni Wiconi” (Water is Life).

Why people hold out any hope for Obama doing the right thing is far beyond me- As far as I am concerned Obama was more of A sell out Republican- He gave them everything they wanted from no single payer to not punishing the Bush criminal cartel to letting the wall street scammers go free to TARP and allowing the Patriot Act to continue along with the repeal of Glass–Steagall legislation- (and on and on)- The guy deserves no credit for being A good president what-so-ever in my book…And I keep receiving E-Mails that seek to praise him- The wool this huckster pulled over everyone’s eyes in two election campaigns was permanent evidently- WTFk…

Excellent commentary!

You know how Democratic Liberals are: for a former president to intercede in politics after leaving office wouldn’t be SEEMLY!!!–Except for Dianne Feinstein who did something “unseemly” the other day, releasing a transcript out of committee, the Demos continue to color inside the lines–Meanwhile the Repubs, since Obama’s first election, mind you, have been doing almost nothing but the USEEMLY–Liberals tie themselves in knots while Repubs have been slashing and burning–It really seems like an isolated, gated community of elites trying to maintain DECORUM in the face of the barbaian takeover of the capitol.

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and what really chaps my butt is that his followers don’t see that Obama was treated horribly by the republicans, we are suppose to believe that trump is being treated worse and that the dems are standing in the way.Obama doesn’t need to make his points on twitter or anywhere else, let trump continue to dismantle everything except sending war machines across the ocean to worry n korea. repubs love war. this country will miss Obama for a long time. the lights are out in the whitehouse and all we do is argue our points but don’t talk about taking to the streets and making our voices heard.