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Twitter Shrugs, But Atomic Scientists Warn Trump an "Existential Threat to Humanity"


Twitter Shrugs, But Atomic Scientists Warn Trump an "Existential Threat to Humanity"

Julia Conley, staff writer

Democrats urge Congress to pass legislation placing lawmaking body between Trump and a nuclear launch


Dumbf and all his cronies are an “existential threat” to EVERYTHING! Actually, his alleged “non-cronies” (Schumer, Pelosi, Feinstein, et. al.) fit into that category as well.


Since Trump has censored the use of “science based” from his administration’s vocabulary, there is clearly nothing to worry about.


I know I know, but I can’t help myself but to say…

Do you recall all of those assertions from some on the “left” that Trump would save us from a nuclear war?

I mean, it made so much sense!!! That right wing fascist dickhead with a nuclear button on his desk…no problem!!!


Didn’t they remove “Brain-based” as well?


The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists has been claiming we’re going to blow ourselves up since 1947, never being more than 17 minutes from doomsday. The fact that they claim we’re now closer than at the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis shows (3 minutes now versus 12) shows that they’re more about picking political battles than objectively showing the nuclear threat.


trump is such a danger to humanity. I cannot stand to look at him nor listen to him. Do noi read anything that comes from the WH, it’s all lies & propaganda. Impeach!!!


It should be obvious that anyone who tweets, including those who run twitter, are twits.


The clock is only moved at the end of the year - the Cuban missile crisis was in October and had been resolved by the new year. Thus, it was the signing of the Test Ban Treaty in 1963 that caused the change in the clock at that point (moving it back from 7 to 12 minutes). You can see their timeline and reasons for every clock movement at https://thebulletin.org/timeline
They certainly have been just as likely to move the clock forward during Democratic administrations as during Republican ones.


I fail to see why the President of the United States of America can make terrorist threats on social media. He is after all only a citizen of this nation not a potentate.


Really Twitter-Head Jack Dorsey!? Trump’s Tweet doesn’t violate your terms of service? What would? Maybe when Mr Trump tweets “5 4 3 2 1 Launch. I pressed the button. You, Little Rocket Man, and your depleted food-starved regime, and amazingly, all your subjects are now toast”. Seriously, sir, you have misjudged the import and impact of this user’s Tweets. You need to block him entirely or submit his ever Tweet to review before allowing it to post. The news is full of the “I” word again today. Don’t be one.


Ultimately whether or not Trump gets banned on Twitter the real issue should be him having access to the nuclear codes at all. Such a system was put in place under the assumption that the U.S. president would always be of sound mind. I think this past year has shown the dotard to be anything but.


Clock or no clock, any rational person would conclude that the right wing fascist dickhead named Donald Trump should not be able to come anywhere near “the nuclear button”.


It’s insane that he’s our president.


I think I’m going to start making regular calls to my Senators and Representative about the need to pass legislation to keep Trump away from said button.


Our God will shield us from Nuclear war . .I hope we picked the right God . .


Hmmmmm, Evelyn. Sounds just like I felt in Bush-the-Younger’s day.


You will certainly never see me write the “P” word in front of his name.


Not really sure how God got in here.


Gallows humor. Helps ease the tension.