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Twitter's Ban on Trump Will Deepen the US Tribal Divide

Jonathan Cook may be right; but immediately protecting our country from the insanity of Donald Trump is far more important than the potential of creating a divide.


Had some great Monarch Butterfly attracting plants put in my yard in October. Before the cold weather got to them, I had the pleasure of seeing those wonderful creatures do their thing and watch them flit at fly in grand delight. I spend way too much time on this connected box of mine, but those Monarchs are free to rule my time any day of the week!

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At one point I wanted to be a painter, then a photographer. Unexpectedly, the camera around my neck (an old digital SLR) mounted to an overwhelming layer of non-presence, for years, everywhere I went. I’m thinking: how to frame this scene between four edges, maybe point downward to slant the perspective then crop off the bottom, maybe come back tomorrow for earlier light… any dedicated “nature photographer” has such commonplaces to constantly occupy the mindspace.

Instead of being here, now, as they say. How things sound, smell, the feeling of the breeze, the lowering of the sky. Crucially: it’s not just wonderful miracles (or tragic extinctions) such as monarchs you’re here on planet Earth to communicate with. The more electronic navel-gazing your life is chained to, the less Life on Earth you’re able to connect with. Those minutes you spend absorbed in a little bitty screen, you’ll never get them back.

One of my most revered communicants happens to be a California Buckeye – looks to be about my age, with bark about as gray. Glowing like a silver sylvan sculpture this time of year. Once or twice a year, I meet a new human friend, struck by the beauty, asking what kind of tree this is. Those are good days.

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I am not convinced, on the grounds of his extreme sociopathology.
I don’t see him as ‘elected president’, but one that has wholly contravened that office by his Crimes Against Humanity even before… that riot, oh sorry before that, that absurd phone call, oops before that, questioning the election results on no evidence, consistently and baselessly -on Twitter: surely, one should not lie about facts on it!?!
I am not sure considering how his supporters will react can be something apt to consider: the whole thing is an insanity; you are giving space to that, respect for it…
Maybe that is Ultimately Healthy or Good; nothing heals in the dark… But I am not convinced at all, going back to his extreme mental ill-health (which evert psychologist/psychiatrist attests, not that we need them to certify it - it is just folk-knowledge when you are not like that, or have views (e.g. white supremacy) are being represented - so you can ignore that!
I had friends who were very sensitive about this and told me on social media in November when he was temporarily banned, how it could set a dangerous precedent for people we liked, more progressive/humane/genuine people who were a danger to capitalism as normal (neoliberal democracy)
But this guy should never have got into office; it is well-known how extreme psychopaths can attract very unhappy people; they have that gut-brain skill. There are many, right-wing, male leaders who have these tendencies. but Bolsonaro and Trump are the extreme ones, and seem to be quite similar in how they are just not there inside: why is there not some universal law banning them form getting anywhere near Power!? Would they still have such a Twitter-following if they had nor been resident? I doubt this very much!
I am sure most people (if not politicians) would vote for such a Law