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Two Aging Pacifists on the Federal No-Fly List


Two Aging Pacifists on the Federal No-Fly List

Rebecca Gordon

It was August 2002. My partner Jan Adams and I were just beginning our annual pilgrimage to Massachusetts to visit my father and stepmother. At the check-in line at San Francisco International Airport, we handed over our driver’s licenses and waited for the airline ticket agent to find our flight and reservation. Suddenly, she got a funny look on her face. “There’s something wrong with the computer,” she said. “I need to talk to my supervisor.”


On one side of the vice is the propaganda that TPTB spew constantly--most of us here are well familiar with its myriad forms. On the other side is the fear to speak our minds that they wish to inculcate in the population. Clearly the no-fly list is part of what they consider to be "soft" power aimed at keeping the cattle in the chute. Oh, the tools of fascism...


I often wonder if the US Fourth Reich will wind up as a rerun of the movie, Casablanca, where people sell themselves, or kill, for an Exit Visa to escape Nazi Rule?


What these guys should have done was agree to be informants, ala Whitey Bulger. Then tell everyone they know they have agreed to do this. Get their families out of harm's way while telling the FBI fairy tales about non-existant people. Find out who the FBI is targeting and tell the victims. Spin stories and lies while earning a nice income. This happens all the time and the FBI is so full of itself they are unwilling to admit when they've screwed up...to the point they will continue to protect these people even if they find out they're being taken for a ride because they can never admit they are incompetent. This is a prime symptom of BD (bureaucrat's disease)...never admit you are wrong. There are others like "the paperwork beomes more important than the people it is meant to serve" and "never do today what you can put off until next year" and "always blame someone else for your mistakes." Most govt. workers have this disease. It is highly contagious and spreads from the top down.


After 9/11, I absolutely hate to fly because of the rigamarole passengers must endure for no real purpose other than TPTB can make us do it. TSA's ineffectiveness at catching and identifying actual terrorists at airports in the past 14 years has been well documented. If I can drive the distance in less than 24 hours I will, and if time allows, I'll drive longer distances, too. It's cheaper, the carbon footprint remains the same (I get 35 mpg), and no security apparatus. I've met some pretty interesting people along the way, seen beautiful countryside, and have the time to ponder the meaning of it all.

TSA is all about striking fear into our hearts, the erosion of our civil rights, and conditioning us to be chattel instead of the bold sovereigns of this nation. It has become harder and harder for diverse people to connect with one another (especially at airports where if you are not waiting in a line, you are on a personal communication device), which is how the masses are controlled in our daily lives and at the ballot box. Our power lies in union with one another. All of this security stuff, goes hand in hand with the gridlock in DC, the growth of Wall Street, the privatization of our institutions, and the slide into oligarchy. These Machiavellian devices are meant to divide us, so our country can be swiped right out from underneath us by the 1%. Resistance is not futile. It's necessary, and as far as flying goes, I resist it with every fiber of my being.

(According to the latest data, your carbon footprint can be higher than flying if you are the only passenger and the vehicle gets less than 33MPG.)


No one should be on the No-Fly list without a court hearing first. This is a violation of due process of law.


It has ever been the case that people feared in writing a constitution with an attached Bill of Rights the Government would soon insist that no rights existed that were not listed in the same.

In the USA the 9th amendment was supposed to address this but it so vague it allows the court in interpret as it wishes with claims it enumerates no rights whatsoever and merely a guideline to reading the Constitution. The Government than uses this to make claims such as the author mentions like "No one has a right not to be a snitch".


Most of my family live within driving distance (or hollerin' distance), so I don't often fly. The first time at an airport since 9/11 was in 2006, seeing a friend off at the airport. Uniformed soldiers or police in tactical uniforms, large assault rifles and dogs. Don't stare at them, look and walk straight ahead, do not roll eyes or make a peep. Non-passengers prohibited from going to the gate - I saw my friend off at an airport restaurant. Then I flew for the first time in probably 10 years. I felt as though I was in another country, without ever leaving the US. The bottleneck security procedures, the hassle of being an infrequent traveler - I returned home on short notice and was put through "the sniffer!" I had no idea what that thing was at the time!

I remember being in elementary school, being taught that we had more freedom than other countries because we were not stopped at checkpoints for ID and were free to travel freely. We were "so great" because of this "freedom."
"For reasons of national security" is an obfuscation that has no place in a free society - especially to those who are no threat at all. After looking over Ms. Gordon's impressive series of accomplishments, I am really not surprised she would be put under scrutiny as a means of intimidation.

From the Salon Article: http://www.salon.com/2003/07/25/no_fly_2/

Even executives at Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum...were delayed and questioned at airport security checkpoints.

Schlafly's people? Why, they are about some of the flag-wavingest America-loving white nationalists around - and they were stopped, too? WTF? How the hell did this happen?

I thought to myself "...Look normal, don't wear punk clothes or t-shirts at airports, look straight ahead, do not look at the guards, the guns, attack dogs. Do not deviate. Do not make a sound. Just keep walking, and be a good little American."


4th Reich is a little bit exaggerated. Have you any knowledge of what the 3rd iteration really was, and how it was to live under it?


Pacifists are more dangerous to the official version of reality than even they imagine.


If there was a free country left remaining, they would bomb it.


Look; the A-rabs hate you for your freedoms. That is why your government has removed your freedoms, so that the A-rabs won't hate you for your freedoms and so you will be so much more safe and don't need to live in fear of being free, or hated.