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Two Charts on the Gun Crisis: One Hopeful, One Hopeless


Two Charts on the Gun Crisis: One Hopeful, One Hopeless

Jim Naureckas

Scared Americans buy more guns, which leads to more violence.


The first chart above confirms what I already felt: the upper right corner of the chart (most guns, most deaths) is totally “Red States”, almost all in the Southeast. So much for the NRA’s claim that more guns make you safer!


Yes, I am a Southerner also. I am a rare breed, in that I am a 70 year old, white. male Southern Liberal.
It has been a difficult journey, never feeling like I quite fit in. I spent 3 years in a very liberal Western European country in the mid-70’s, and it changed my outlook permanently. I was always a little to the left, but that experience kicked it up several notches.
The chart does not surprise me. It just makes me sad. Everyone I knew growing up had a gun or two, mostly shotguns and/or hunting rifles, but certainly not assault-type weapons! And there was not the gun fetish that has become so endemic the last 30 years or so. The adult men around me in my childhood and teen years were mostly WWII veterans. All of them had seen all the violence they could ever want, and rarely spoke of it.
I worry for the South as it is today! I fear that it will react very negatively in the event of a major crisis or a systemic breakdown.


" And it debunks the standard right-wing talking point that Chicago proves that gun control doesn’t work: You can see Illinois towards the left side of the chart, with about as many gun deaths as you would expect it to have for the number of households with guns it has"

Nice try… there’s a huge difference between Chicago (homicide rate of 18/100000) and Illinois as a whole. It puts Chicago about the same place as WY. Note that the MG graph counts total gun deaths (as Mr. Naurekas correctly pointed out )

" If you go back to the top chart, of course, you see that more guns is not a recipe for more security, but the opposite"

Gun crime, as well as crime in general, has been falling drastically since the early 1990s while number of guns in private hands increased, negating the statement that “more guns equals more crime”


A sane country would take actions after 1 or 2 of these horrific bloodbaths, especially massacres such as Columbine or Sandy Hook. Not the USA, no way. It’s bloodbath, after bloodbath after bloodbath after bloodbath after bloodbath after bloodbath after bloodbath after bloodbath after bloodbath, etc. Nothing gets done, we just shrug our shoulders and wait for the next regularly scheduled blood bath. We are a truly sick psychotic country. The same country that does not have true universal health care.