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Two Cheers for Biden/Harris

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/23/two-cheers-bidenharris

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How about instead of two cheers, we just give two dry heaves.


Yay! DNC™ LLC (a wholly-owned infotainment subsidiary of Koch Industries) has relieved us all of annoying Democracy. They keep nominating stereotypical kleptocrats, to install progressively autocratic boogymen, and we keep playing?

We’re gavaged diametrically opposed versions of the exact same vapid, regurgitated Randian agitprop (Comcast spews comforting lies to both “sides” simultaneously) and as Bill Clinton said, “where we going to go?” Schumer can sneer about dumping their working class, while Maddow’s paid $10.5M to blame us for the Nazi imbecile DNC installed.






“It’s a Private Club, and you ain’t in it” - and it’s not going to change

I Participated in the DNC Rules Committee. I Don’t Believe the Party Is United.

The inner workings of the DNC reveal a leadership quick to shut down democratization efforts from within.


*After Iowa, and in the midst of a pandemic which makes in-person voting a risk, I thought the party should at least discuss and reflect upon what happened during the caucuses. I saw this as an opportunity to propose simple, permanent reforms that could be made to avoid issues so catastrophic that they prompted DNC Chair Tom Perez to describe the 2020 Iowa Caucuses as a “major league failure.” So, I worked up a proposed amendment to the DNC Charter to require states to hold primaries rather than caucuses.
*> *
*> Yet on the night before the July 30 Rules Committee meeting, Sanders’s campaign lawyer advised me to drop them; other Bernie-appointed members of the committee were told the same. It seemed that two members of the committee, former Sanders Campaign Manager and Senior Adviser Jeff Weaver and Chair of Our Revolution Larry Cohen, had been acting as lead negotiators on behalf of the Sanders wing (unbeknownst to the rest of the cmmittee).
> A deal was struck called the “Unity Resolution” and any other progressive proposals were seen as either in conflict or antagonistic toward this agreement with the Biden camp.

DNC to Court: We Are a Private Corporation With No Obligation to Follow Our Rules

"Nothing will fundamentally change"


The reason this type of article is all over the place is because the people writing them KNOW that the voter knows Biden and Harris terrible choices and will really do nothing to address any of the pressing issues people in the US and people in the world for that matter face.

It will indeed be business as usual. They realize they can not sell another bag of “hope and change” as too many people clue into the fact that they and the values they hold dear , are being treated with utter contempt by the DNC. This is an ages old tactic. In appearing to empathize with that reluctant voter and in acknowledging their concerns, the illusion created that they (The DNC ) is ultimately on their side and in spite of all their flaws you just have to hold your nose and vote for them. It the last arrow in their quiver of dirty tricks.

In form , it very much like how those that promote the Racist message work. “Look I may be corrupt and incompetent but hey at least I am not black”. It how appeals to patriotism work “Yes Our country does rotten things and its policies have lead to millions of deaths the world over but it is OUR Country after all and we have to support those actions”.

The illusion needs to be created that because the reader is in fact opposed to Donald Trump, they and the DNC are on the same side and given “we are on the same side” there really no other choice but to vote for them. “Hey you like the color green? So do I , lets go rob that old lady and if you do not join with me it has to be because you do not really like the color green”


It’s not a game, and we have a choice. The choice to say, “A pox on both your houses”, and sit out the election. Biden-Harris must lose this election if the left is to ever have a chance in the next generation to take over the party for the rest of us. Biden is unlikely to finish a four-year term, making Harris the incumbent POTUS in 2024, and the all-but-certain nominee in 2024, and possibly 2028 if she serves less than two years of Joe’s term. I will not willingly go along with 12 years of that, very possibly the rest of my aging life. The only way our politics ever changes is if we - the left - can take over the Democratic Party and rebuild it for us, and that will not happen unless the oligarchs running it lose, badly, every time, until we can show them the door with our collective feet in their rears. Join me in remaining #NeverBiden.


You’re article has convinced me that voting 3rd party for president and progressive for all other positions is the only rational choice in this election for many reasons.

  1. to my mind I will have voted for the greater good, not the lesser of two evils
  2. the corporate democratic machine will have 1 less vote from me; and if they lose to trump a second time that should put the proverbial stake through their heart.
  3. a trump without congress will be far better than a biden/harris with congress.
  4. the call for the creation of a real 3rd party will be undeniable and we will run a real candidate in 2024.

The simple truth is this. If the Biden/Harris ticket wins then it means that all of those issues others have listed that are deemed important by progressives do not matter whatsoever. If they can win the election even as they treat those issues with contempt then it means those issues will NEVER play a role.

Trump winning means these issues are in fact important to the US Voter and the DNC had better take heed because if one of the worst Presidents in history wins it because the left has abandoned the DNC and if the DNC can not defeat one of the worst Presidents in US history without the left , then they had better recalculate that strategy of LOTE voting and the meme that “nothing will really change”.

They had also better stop mocking the left with the claim “They have no where else to go”


I was too terrified to watch Biden. Obama’s speech gave me some hope, but I was a bit taken aback with Harris, I’m sorry to say I muted after the first minute. Let me explain. I read people’s faces. Obama’s facial expressions are ‘attuned’ to what he’s saying. The facial expressions of most politicians are NOT attuned to what they’re saying in their speeches, presentations, answers. This leads me to wonder about the things they’re not saying maybe. So, what I did was listen to Harris’s speech without the video. And the speech sounded better than it looked. I’m sorta sick of smiling faces bearing good cheer in this time of crisis. Please take this as a suggestion for campaigners: Cut the Crap! Get serious.


Or, we could admit Obama and Clinton years were more productive and less invested in foreign wars than Daddy Bush, Junior Bush and DJT#45. One way I’ve heard the duopoly dilemma expressed:
The Republican Party is a death cult. The Democratic Party is a protection racket. Should we support a protection racket over a death cult? I’d say yes but agree too many Demokrats are culpable in Repukelican crimes.


Good article. But other than saying that we could and should put the savings of the GND into education, I think the people are ready to hear the word, “overpopulation “.

Thank you for the insights and the link to your article on Truthout. Very interesting to read a firsthand account of the extreme and comical lengths to which the Democratic Party will go to stifle democracy. I am a cynic, avowed leftist and generally ornery kinda guy and yet I found myself saying “are you ****ing serious” multiple times while reading your piece.


Slight correction. That’s just the title of the article written by Shana East. I didn’t write it (unfortunately I’m not that clever)

It gets clearer every day that the Party ‘leadership’ is just no that in to democracy, or, the 99% for that matter. Talk is cheap.

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Talk is cheap, and it appears in just 70 more days, millions will vote for exactly that. Cheap talk from politicians that lie with impunity, and lie down with the dogs they take their money from to keep their jobs.

No self-respect, just jobs of deceiving a public desperate to believe someone will listen to them and help them when they need help.


who’s the doggie downer tonight?
; - )

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I love your DNC™, Beli. It is important to note that the DNC is, in fact, a private corporation, as it has certified in court testimony:

“[I]f you had a charity where somebody said, Hey, I’m gonna take this money and use it for a specific purpose, X, and they pocketed it and stole the money, of course that’s different. But here, where you have a party that’s saying, We’re gonna, you know, choose our standard bearer, and we’re gonna follow these general rules of the road, which we are voluntarily deciding, we could have — and we could have voluntarily decided that, Look, we’re gonna go into back rooms like they used to and smoke cigars and pick the candidate that way. That’s not the way it was done. But they could have. And that would have also been their right, and it would drag the Court well into party politics, internal party politics to answer those questions.” - DNC attorney Bruce Spiva (_http://jampac.us/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/042517cw2.pdf)

It is another reflection of the Anti-Democratic nature of US electoral politics that the major US Parties are legally and unabashedly run by private corporations.


What can one say? I have been voting Green since the founding of the Green Party
in 1984. I voted for Bernie in the primary. I would have voted for Warren or even Tulsi.
I dislike meme journalism; I dislike people who use ‘fear’ to move opinion.

Trump, of course, is the most vicious clown, narcissistic POS and a blister on
humanity. For the first time I will vote for scum Part II, i.e., Biden.

But contrary to the theme in this article, its author is equally living in a Dream World
thinking that Biden will make significant or meaningful change on behalf of humanity
is nothing more than wishful thinking and illusions.

Biden is owned by Wall Street just like Trump with a single caveat: Biden will continue
sweeping meaningless crumbs to the masses while protecting his Wall Street handlers.

To believe otherwise, is pure delusion.

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It’s “Debbie Downer” and I am present. I’ll be a grownup now.

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No cheers.

No cheers for would be or past murderers or liars. Its time for a clean sweep. The honeymoon is over.

Doggie Diner.