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Two Cheers for Biden/Harris

So the old republican party is now the Democratic Party. The new republican party is a fringe lunatic group of tea partiers and other right wing fringe nutwing cases. There in no party that is truly progressive and for the people. People have been waiting. Independents and those tired of the centrist democratic power grasp can do that - create a new party.

Sorry, no cheers for the in-your-face FU to progressives.

I do, however, have an unlimited supply of jeers for the unDemocratic party.

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From the article:

“Neither Harris nor Biden will reverse the system that brought us Trump.”

there wouldn’t be a Trump Admin if the Obama/Biden Admin hadn’t sucked.
Which means, of course, that Biden/Harris will act as the precursor for worse than Trump next time.


I joined the “Never D or R” camp over 20 years ago. Slick Willie was the last straw. There is no hope of “reforming” either party. Both sides need a new party that truly represents the values of The People of both ends of the political spectrum.

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No cheer, Mr. Freeman. No policy, no candidate, no vote: not kidding.

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Please don’t sit out.
Vote Green.

Half of voters sit out.

A 3rd party needs 5% of the popular vote to qualify for public funding. That’s a fairly small percentage of the people who do not vote!

Yes, it’s sickening to see the Dem Party controlled by corporatists! BUT…you might as well forget about your Third Party vote meaning anything. Another four years of Trump, and there will be no more Democratic Elections! Going by the power grabs he’s done so far, he will rule with an IRON FIST & cancel ALL future elections. (Your best bet is to try to find another country that will take you. Good luck with that; Central America seems to have the least objections to new immigrants & it’s cheap to live there.) Realistically, our best choice is to elect Biden/Harris and never let them get by with un-Progressive policies from DAY ONE!!! Forget about a violent (or even Peaceful) Revolution; the Fascists will cement their POWER PERMANENTLY & this experiment in Democracy is over for good.

It’s really sad that half of eligible voters don’t even vote. If some way could be found to do so, they could CHANGE it all. That’s the ENIGMA.

I was a local Green Party official until we lost party status for failing to get 3% of the vote in 2018. The way the system is structured (very deliberately by both major parties) it is virtually impossible to get another party off the ground, let alone sustain it. They have to continually re-qualify to exist every two or four years in just about every state, so there is no breathing room to try and build a base. No, the best option for the left is to try and take over the Democratic Party, but it will never happen if the corporate tools running it keep getting elected.

I’d rather vote for something I want and not get it than vote for something I don’t want, and get it. - Eugene Debs