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Two Congressional Resolutions That Won’t Advance Israeli-Palestinian Peace

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/15/two-congressional-resolutions-wont-advance-israeli-palestinian-peace

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I remember being about eleven years old when I came to the conclusion that there would never be peace in Palestine. It wasn’t that I was so bright, only that it was so obvious…

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Israel does what it wants whether it’s contrary to our stated goals and principles or not and somehow manipulates our political system to have us pay them to do it. It has pushed us destroy the Middle east (Iraq, Syria, Iran), damaged out standing and alienate our many allies. No adversary is doing more damage to the US. Cancelling the Iran deal, for which Netanyahu takes credit, is a case in point.

Any Congress person who says anything critical of Israel or who does not vote for appropriations for Israel has a well funded opponent in the next primary and is out of office, courtesy of A.I.P.AC. (American Israeli Political Affairs Committee) and Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations. The most notable example was the late Senator Charles Percy of Illinois. It’s as simple as that.

This is too merica-cntric, the US is nit in control of the issue there.
The real problem is that neither Israelis nor Palestinians are really ready to compromise. Both sides think, with some credibility, that if they hold out, somehow the other side will surrender and go away. Not going to happen. Both the anti-Israel BDS and anti-Palestinian actions (such as moving the US embassy) only encourage these attitudes.
The only way forward is to find a way to get BOTH sides to compromise, understand each others narratives, and seek reconciliation, but both partisans are still too tied to useless demonization of the other side that leads nowhere.