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Two Days Before Primary, Sanders Hits Mich. to Stump for Progressive Gubernatorial Candidate Abdul El-Sayed


Two Days Before Primary, Sanders Hits Mich. to Stump for Progressive Gubernatorial Candidate Abdul El-Sayed

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt..) was in Michigan on Sunday to throw his weight behind Democratic gubernatorial candidate Abdul El-Sayed.


Somehow Whitmer seems to have taken off in the polls and left El-Sayed and Thanedar in the dust. El-Sayed is barely doing better than Cynthia Nixon in New York but she has a whole month left to try to catch up. Whatever Whitmer’s message is it seems to be playing well in Michigan. Democrats should take note of that. Something is resonating with the voters in this Midwestern state. It doesn’t seem to be El-Sayed’s message. Whitmer seems to be on to something.


El-Sayed on the issues:


Gretchen Whitmer on the issues:



37.5 percent to 33.5 (within the margin of error). That is some spin, you must be dizzy for the DNC/RNC partnership!


They seem pretty interchangable to me. One supports this the other supports that. Yawn. Another day closer to the end as we know it.

Bernie’s a good company man. On behalf of his supporters he’s willing to be cheated and humiliated and to lead people to a dead end.


“Blue Cross has given more cash to Whitmer than any gov candidate in past decade”


I don’t regard “ontheissues” as entirely reliable, and done see much validity to those ideology plots and their built-in bias for so-called "libertarians.

Note that El-Sayed’s rating for “opposes higher taxes on the wealthy” is based on support for a bill that “limits foreclosure on non-payment of RE taxes on over-assessed Detroit properties.” This, of course has nothing to do with taxing the wealthy - it has to do with helping the poor stay in their houses in blighted Detroit neighborhoods where the assessment may be $80K but the house is actually only worth $8K. Clearly, nobody running ontheissues has ever been to the rust belt.

But having said that I really don’t see big differences between the candidates. Maybe someone in Michigan can clarify this.


The people have already been led to a dead end with Trump. Actually, it’s a dangerous cliff.
Your analysis of Sanders basically doing the same thing is just as dumb as Trump’s supporters believing the crazy of Q Anon.
You and Lrx are really just two sides of the same coin. The juxtaposition of right-of-center Dimocrats vs. all-is-lost leftists is a false choice.
And a dangerous one, as well.
See who the Portland Police fired their flashbang grenades at on Saturday. It wasn’t the racist Proud Boys and white nationalist Patriot Prayer crowd. It was Antifa and their supporters. That action would be duplicated across this entire nation. And, the blowback would be fierce. Are you really ready for the ensuing carnage?


Both sides of the Portland thing are morons, playing right into the ruling class agenda. That’s what Portland and Charlottesville, and the ones to come are all about. It’s to keep the hate alive.

Election in ruling class society are false choices, haven’t you heard?

And that’s what voting is all about in this ruling class society. You are voting for your master. You don’t seem to learn from the past – how many “disappointing” elections?

No Liberal or Conservative deserve respect.


I’d swap. " disappointing elections " for " stolen elections ", in your comment. I’m not talking about Russian interference, either.