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'Two-Faced' Texas GOP Seeking Hurricane Relief After Rejecting Sandy Aid


'Two-Faced' Texas GOP Seeking Hurricane Relief After Rejecting Sandy Aid

Jake Johnson, staff writer

When Hurricane Sandy slammed New York, New Jersey, and a number of other states in 2012, Ted Cruz and more than 20 of his fellow Texas Republicans voted against an emergency aid package devoted to the areas devastated by the storm.


If I did not believe that playing politics with people’s lives is repugnant (a republican’s raison d’etre) I would say attach a Medicare for All rider to any relief package and sit back to watch the hubbub. In fact, just get the relief to those who need it without delay and without political posturing, republican hypocrisy (oops, redundant) be damned.


So very typical…“others” in peril were/are of no value but when it comes to the Tex rethugs, the vaults are opened and the money will flow in copious amounts and add to/finance the “Shock Doctrine” policies that DJT will trumpet when he flies into Houston (??) this week.


Exactly what Mexico is doing. We should coordinate with them and Ted and the GOP be damned!


Reverse NIMBY

Now It’s My Back Yard


While I’m sure there are great people in Texas. I say let Texas divorce itself from the Union. The politicians have their heads up their asses. Just sayin.
Texas feels like a third world nation. Glad they let me pass through, with minor hassles.


I wonder what the people of Texas think about Trump’s wall now that Mexico is providing aid. Nothing like a wall to help in relief efforts! Just another day in Trump’s Bizarro World!


Why do people keep being shocked by leopards’ spots not changing? It’s an inside Texas ( for most all Republicans ) joke about getting it over on the librul fedrall ( pronounced like U-haul ) goviment. They can yuk, yuk, yuk it up at the next Men’s Bible Study Group, held of course, in the comfort of a private golf club’s 19th hole. Drinks of Kool-Aid and 30 year old bourbon, all around. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Joe Scarborough will be emceeing and telling everyone about " the good people at Charlottesville who are exercising their 1st Amendment rights when they live out the dream of the Plessy v. Ferguson decision " of 1896. Joe and Southern Republicans love that free money and trashing the librul goviment. Same as it ever was, only lots more hypocritical and lots more expensive.


Isn’t “two faced GOP” an oxymoron ?

When ISN’T the GOP two faced ?


Exactly…with both faces being those of malevolent, cackling clowns.


While the photos from Huston are disturbing and I feel sorry for those folks being affected by Harvey, at the same time I recognize that they put Abbot, Cruz and Cronyn in office. Texas allowed the murder of Sandra Bland to go unpunished. Texas denies Global Warming. Texas wants Mexicans to be imported to harvest their crops, but then refuses to pay them.

There are so many reasons to vote against aid for Texas. I called each of my representatives and told them “NO”. So, Texas, pull yourselves up by your bootstraps!


An article bearing a resemblance to good journalism would have at least mentioned that Cruz’s stated reason for not voting for the Sandy relief legislation was that he claimed it was loaded with spending for things that weren’t direct aid and, in some cases, totally unrelated even to future preparedness. From my cursory research, this does, in fact, look to have been the case. (See linked article below.)

A more useful article would have explored Cruz’s voting record on other bills with significant pork. Was he being hypocritically selective in this case?


Bravo for Mexico! See, they are human after all! Not so sure about Texas Republicans.


Gee, what a BIG surprise!!   I wonder if this will be mentioned on Faux “News” tonight?

Since there will undoubtedly – and sadly – actually be a significant delay while the RePooplicans figure out how they can best profit from this natural-but-human-enhanced disaster, IMHO adding a Medicare-for-All rider to the initial bill would likely cause little – if any – delay, and might even do some good.


Well, as a Senator, Cruz is the arbiter of what “pork” is right? And as Senator, he’s one of the main culprits in ensuring regular order is not followed in the Senate. Remember, he was on of the biggest shutdown advocates of 2013? As the article you link to, quoting Craig Jennings, says,

“This is how Congress tries to get in their priorities. Ideally you want this all done through regular order and the normal appropriations process,” Jennings said. “There is no regular order anymore. We’ve been jumping from a debt ceiling crisis to government shutdown crisis to whatever crisis comes next. However it’s supposed to work isn’t working.”

Mr. Jennings goes on to note that it’s Republicans that are refusing to do things through regular order. Plus, I’d be remiss to note a big reason why Ted Cruz is so disliked is his penchant for conveniently standing on principal when television cameras are present. So as far as I’m concerned he’s worse than a hypocrite, he’s a showboating fraud.


Denying multipronged denialism is the way of ‘centrist’ politics and economics.
This pays very well.


Cruz is a hypocrite, he is only against pork for others, usually liberal states, but not when it comes to his state. There will be plenty of pork given to cruz in the aid for harvey.


What I want to know as a Californian is how much longer is the country going to put up with being essentially in a continual state of battery which seems to emanate in largest part from Texas? As W Bush said, “The whole United States needs to become more like Texas.” This crap has been going on at least a steady 17 years, and more before that. They are producing the lowest life public officials, making double talk and “jokes” the norm of the discourse. Enough. We do NOT have to put up with it.
These days it is always Texas that costs us money legally (Not the hurricane, all the other wingnut stuff happening in their courts). The era of the entertainment and media people selling this immaturity to us as “cute, funny, wacky” and harmless has run it’s course. There are at least a few million whites down there who are as dangerous as cottonmouth snakes. They are a violent state and proud of it. The United States needs to really consider how much more abuse the nicer folks that make up the bulk of the country are expected to take from this increasingly grotesque, sinister crowd. On every single issue: women’s bodies, militarism, guns, LGBT issues, environment, you name it, they are blowing it Won’t even start on racial matters. Get in line or get off the federal gravy train Texas-you’ve been on it for decades and now all you do is bitch and kill.


Ted Cruz is a libertarian who thinks the government shouldn’t exist (except the military). He supports the de-funding of FEMA, NOAA, NIH, and every other agency (except the Pentagon). He doesn’t believe in taxes (except to fund the military). He doesn’t support any “entitlements”, like SS, Medicaid, food stamps, or unemployment insurance. He thinks the ten commandments need to be carved above the doors of every courthouse in the country (although he’s not so sure about the one that talks about not killing people and he totally ignores Jesus’ summary of the commandments as a requirement to “love others as we love ourselves”, but then most “Christians” really hate the teachings of Jesus despite using his name a LOT). He claims God personally told him to run for president during a lengthy prayer session with his family.

Cruz always reminds me of those grifters who run the tent-camp revivalist prayer meetings down south in the summer, albeit with a better vocabulary than most. You know, the preachers who smack their palms on the foreheads of the supplicants and declare that they are cured of what ails them. (“You’re HEALED!!! That’ll be twenty dollars.”)

As with all fundamentalists, cash always trumps prayer in the end.


Sorry but I can not let Ted Cruz’s evil bromance with, the kill the gays, pastor Kevin Swanson during Iowa’s 2016 caucus, and Ted Cruz’s " We will carpet bomb them into oblivion. I don’t know if sand can glow in the dark, but we’re going to find out." statement about ISIS in Syria during his presidential campaign in December 2015 go unnoticed, or unforgotten. Ted Cruz’s rejecting Sandy Aid as well, and everything else that surfaces about Ted Cruz just reeks of pure evil.