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Two Ferguson Police Officers Shot Outside Headquarters


Two Ferguson Police Officers Shot Outside Headquarters

Jon Queally, staff writer

Two police officers were shot outside the Ferguson Police Department headquarters early Thursday morning, local law enforcement officials have confirmed. Both officers are in what was described as "serious condition,' though their injuries are reportedly not life-threatening.


I hold the people of Ferguson, all people, in my heart. This deadly provocation to chaos threatens the hard work, loving attention and documentation to counter the perversions of violence, the militarization and distortions that have arisen due to choices made by government, economic policy and inequality that generates fear and hardship that have no place in a just society.

I am reminded of the distorted expression fomented by the military of “fighting for hearts and minds” - which is nothing more than an advertising slogan to veil blind force incapable of real consideration and thought. We are fighting for the heart which informs the thinking and means of a just society; to wrest from unjust powers the capacity to overcome the fears and degradation that type of power generates.


Blowback is hell, isn’t it?

I hope that the wounded officers recover. I also hope that they do some soul searching.



I wish I could argue that this was another false flag, or the act of agents provocateur, but sadly this is just an act of ignorance and stupidity by people who don’t understand the importance of perception.

This plays right into the hands of the violent racists and their apologists, and it’s depressing as hell.


This is not an act of ignorance and stupidity. It is an expression of the level of anger after years of mistreatment of people in this city. We are living in a police state. Our system of ‘justice’ has no justice. Our ‘representatives’ don’t represent us. The economic system is serving only the very wealthy.

I don’t condone this act, but it did not happen without years of provocation. We need to change our government. The government of the United States is not acting in the interests of the working people of this nation. I don’t approve of violence on either side and more violence is not what should happen now. We need to change the corrupt government under which we all (but the top 1%) suffer under. Hopefully we can make this change in what is left of our democracy. We all must stop voting for any candidate affiliated with the two major corporately funded political parties. There is no lesser evil. We need to sweep out all the halls of our government and start over.


I agree. 99% of us are treated like ‘insurgents’ in our own country.


Your summary is one of the best, collective observations I have read on this site re: the causes for violence in Ferguson, our country and around the world. Bullying people here at home and abroad finally erupts in violence as oppressed people eventually rise up and throw off the shackles of that oppression. Violence only begets more violence, unfortunately. But people will only tolerate so much. And you are certainly correct that our governments here at home no longer represent the best interests of tthe great majority of people


When peaceful change and justices is made impossible it makes violent change and justice Inevitable. It doesn’t have to be this way but to few want too much and will do whatever keeps them their much.


It is equally, if not more sickening to read of unarmed citizenry being shot - and killed - by police shooting.


I completely and utterly disagree. I’m not going to go out and do the research but I would be willing to wager that the unarmed civilians shot by police vs. the number of police shot by civilians is 1000:1. The cops simply don’t want ANY danger in their jobs. They don’t want ANY doubt in their jobs, and they’re willing to kill people to make sure they don’t have any. They are showing their cowardly colors across the nation. Here’s a hint: being a cop has RISK, and if you’re not willing to accept the risk without shooting and killing innocent civilians, then you shouldn’t be a damn cop. Pack it in. You’re not protecting and serving, you’re acting like anyone who crosses your path is dangerous. Notice I used the word RISK, because as we know, actually being a cop is NOT one of the most dangerous jobs in the US. We have loads of cops in the country who are cowards and who wanted to be cops because of ego and power. And it’s showing.


This isn’t Neurology. Stop harassing the people with societies unfair and unjust application of the law and authority has nothing to fear. This applies to elected and appointed authority. Don’t use the bullshit that “Life isn’t Fair.” Deal with it.

Conversely, If life really isn’t fair, then anything goes in a fight. Malcolm X stated that as long as one was respectful, courteous, and obey the law, justly applied, then go about your business. Touch that person or group and they can send authority to the cemetary.

No Justice, No Peace. No Justice for the people swindled out of their homes and pensions by Mofos on wall of shit uh I mean wall street, Then no peace for anyone who defends this system in its entirety. All Authority knows how to do is destroy anyone who calls them out for their murderous lies. Oliar and the Bushitter are the most of recent examples of murderous liars and thieves.


It is way beyond time for the entire Ferguson police department to be fired! There is so much anger, against the Ferguson police department (which, while I do not condone it is understandable ) that one wonders how many other police officers are now paranoid and trigger happy and will be out for revenge.


Nobody in these comments has excused shooting police or said they deserve it, they are saying it’s pigeons coming home to roost. If the police act like they are in a war against the citizens, they may end up in one. In my location there were two recent police shootings of unarmed white guys and the only comment they made was the shooters are a little shook up. Poor Them


Totally agree with you Funk. These people take this job knowing there are inherent risks and they need to accept that. That is what what would be said to anyone else in this position. The fact is that being a police officer is no longer the #1 most dangerous job there is. Here’s a ranking from CNN Money and there are about 6 jobs ahead of police in numbers of fatalities per 100,000 workers.


It’s worse than that, Helen. If you do the sums, you find that, were it not for things that kill us too (disease, etc), 99.7% (for 150 cop-specific deaths p.a.) to 99.8% (for 80 p.a.) of all cops would live to collect that wonderful, military-style half-pay pension after 20 years. They kill us to make sure their chances are maximised.


Nope, they’re not being shot. That’s the whole point: they’re shooting us.


You’ve probably already seen this - but I post it for the thread.
DN this morning interviewed one woman thinking along the same lines, noting that Ferguson might benefit from a regional approach to the problems in the city


Good thing there’s no background checks required for purchasing firearms, huh? Good thing firearms don’t have to be registered either, huh?


So many Brits wax poetic on the Grand Days of the British Empire. But that Great Empire was built through military conquest. And how did the conquered respond? By eventually throwing off the shackles of the conquerors. So really, how great was that empire that was built upon violence? Not so great in my opinion. When ever people are forced into a situation through threat of violence, they will always resent it.


Thank you for the link.