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Two Former U.S. Presidents Simultaneously Advocate for a Close Family Member as the Next U.S. President

Two Former U.S. Presidents Simultaneously Advocate for a Close Family Member as the Next U.S. President

Glenn Greenwald

Americans love to mock the British for choosing — in the 21st century — to live under a monarchy and honor the hereditary succession of a royal family. I enthusiastically participate in that derision. Few concepts are as antithetical to reason and democratic liberty as anointing families that are vested with an entitlement to wield power through dynasty and lineage.

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"Bill Clinton pronounced his wife “the best change-maker I’ve ever known,” "

Then she would make a super super market cashier. I’m sure she would be good with that “we came, we saw, he died,” smile.

“Two Former U.S. Presidents Simultaneously Advocate for a Close Family Member as the Next U.S. President”. And i still don’t care

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Well, about the British Monarchy. At least Britain and othe Commonwealth countires don’t waste billions on the utter farce that has been and is the USAian presidential elections. Second, at least the Head of State of the UK and other Commonwealth countries are usually well-educated people who have been taught good manners. Third, whilst the Monarch is not elected but is more the result of a lottery and does have powers to sack elceted governments those powers are rarely used; however, they can be, which is useful. But it is to be regretted that the present British Monarch and her representatives overseas have signed into law considerable legislation of which she and her family should have been ashamed, namely those powers that have destroyed civil liberties in a number of Commonwealth countties and also the UK.

Glen, as usual, is spot on. U.S.'s preoccupation with rich celebrities is another distraction that prompts people to vote against their own best interests.

Another good article by Glenn Greenwald.

Americans love to mock the British for choosing to live under a monarchy.

Americans live under the same concept, but of course instead of a monarchy, it is a corporate, oligarchy where the POTUS are selected. If that were not true Obama would have had Bush indicted for his lies about WMD’s in Iraq and tried for being a war criminal. But alas, since Obama was selected by the same people that selected Bush, he has no choice but to exonerate Bush, otherwise Obama knows he would be indicted next!

I agree with 90% of the things Mr. Greenwald says, but his derision for the Royal Family is not one of them. Whoever invented Constitutional Monarchy was a genius. It is by far the best form of democracy on Earth today. The Americans, exceptionalists all, tout their form of national governance as the best. I think that anyone with a brain, can see from current US political chaos disproves that thoroughly. The US has a written Constitution yet time after time is is much more honoured in the breach than in the observance thereof. The British on the other hand (and numerous other European Constitutional monarchies) have a living Constitution that walks and talks in the form of their Sovereigns. While President Obama or the Congress can agree to ignore the US Constitution, none of the Prime Ministers or Parliaments can ignore the Sovereign with impunity. In the UK, She is there waiting to be briefed and ready to use Her powers of persuasion to change anything the current government is doing, which She believes is to the detriment of the nation. Certainly She cannot change it as She doesn’t have that power, but Her authority is what the Prime Minister is using to pass bills and to run the country, so She does have some real effect. Don’t forget that She had been trained from a very young age to be Queen and has outlasted numerous prime ministers and numerous presidents, most of whom were neophytes in their positions. Separating the power from the authority is the only way to prevent despotism.