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Two Giuliani Clients Who Helped Investigate Biden Arrested on Campaign Finance Charges for Six-Figure Trump Donation

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/10/two-giuliani-clients-who-helped-investigate-biden-arrested-campaign-finance-charges

Why is guillotine my favorite word? I think it all the time.


So Guiliani wants Hunter Biden investigated for securing a lucrative position on the board of a Ukrainian natural gas company through his connection to a top US government official?

Meanwhile, Rudy’s “clients” are trying (and apparently failing) to finagle lucrative positions in Ukrainian natural gas companies through their connection to a top US government official.

And let’s not forget Jared suddenly getting access to previously uninterested Chinese investors to save his ass after his father-in-law becomes president.

These guys are starting to give influence peddling a bad name.


No invitations to Davos for them!


The Ukraine has been an open air brothel for bipartisan American consultants and grifters for years.


Creatures of and from the cesspool. Trump surrounds himself with them. We loose any form of legitimate government.

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Just more proof that the Trump Administration is a MAFIAOCRACY!


Two foreign national (Russian) oligarchs, Florida business men have donated six figures to Trump associated PAC. Two questions to be gleaned from this article:

How did the Russian oligarchs come to be in America with access to tons of loot and permanent residence status?

Do the readers of this article think the good tooth fairy has been financing multi billion dollar presidential elections?

When one is running for President of the World, a little foreign corruption mixed with domestic corruption makes sense.

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The Dems should run the impeachment hearings like CSI and detective shows, with wall charts showing mug shots of the gangsters, and lines tying together the connections, assets and overlaps of Trump, Barr, Ghouliani, the Saudis, DeutscheBank, Russian mob, Putin, Manafraud, Trump Org, Ivankalolita, Kushner and other Trump business spawn, etc.
The Trump Mob is a massive worldwide conspiracy and has been for years. If someone with powerful oratorical and prosecutorial skills presents the case against the Trump Mob, even the dumbest Americans will be able to understand it.

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And let’s start referring to the whole republican party as the HYPO-HYPOCRITE PARTY.

Is there anything they touch that hasn’t had a touch of larceny about it?

And, it looks like all of trump’s usual money launderers are either in jail, under investigation, or simply unavailable. So he resorts to foreigners to do his dirty work.
Sorry bub, no Nobel for you, but we might have a Guinness Book spot for some of your outlandish anti-American stunts.

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The wall charts would not be big enough!!! Maybe even the smartest americans would be able to understand it.

I just booked a flight to Kiev. I smell success and it smells exactly like natural gas.


Don’t forget Epstein. He’s tied up in this. His pedophile/human trafficking spanned the globe and involved high level politicians and very wealthy people. You know those worlds collided.

You clearly couldn’t have read the article.

UPDATE: last year, we uncovered how two Ukrainian-Americans had laundered a six-figure contribution to President Trump’s super PAC through a shell corporation. We filed a complaint with the FEC.
Those two men have now been arrested on campaign finance charges.