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Two Macs and a Trump-Hold the Principles


Two Macs and a Trump-Hold the Principles

Christopher Brauchli

A precedent embalms a principle.
-Benjamin Disraeli, 1848 Speech


And I'm proud to be a Republican,
A thinker I need not be,
And although the party's always lied,
That's just alright with me,
And I'll gladly stand up next to you,
With my Glock and my M16,
'Cause there ain't no doubt
I've lost my mind,
God bless the GOP!


Although their styles are 180 degrees apart. both Clinton and Trump are sociopaths, irrespective of neither having a criminal record. Being a sociopath is not a crime and has never been a deal breaker for any candidate.

The question voters need to ask themselves is DO I WANT TO VOTE FOR A SOCIOPATH ?


Double amen to that!! If it keeps up, I'll be taking a break from CD until we're past all this. I'm not going to spend months wasting my time reading about Trump's faults, to the exclusion of Hillary's ...


Which brings up George Carlin's attitude on voting ...


Been thinking that.


Sorry. Wrong comment slot. Comment deleted ...


Here is Abby Martin in a debate about Trump vs. Hillary.


For some reason, the "onebox" function fails for the above link, and just the raw link appears ...


That's why I used Abby's name in my link to it ...


There are Trump supporters saying that Republican leaders want Hillary Clinton to win so they can blame the people who voted for Trump for choosing a candidate who can't win rather than listening to the Republican establishment. That may be so. There do not seem to be any Republican leaders defending Trump from the attacks of Democrats, if anything they are piling on. Mitt Romney, John McCain, and members of the Bush family are not going to attend the Republican convention. Mitt Romney is looking into the voting for he Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson. So maybe the plan is to pick up the pieces after the election. Mitch McConnell just wants to protect the Republican majority in the Senate and Paul Ryan just wants to protect the Republican majority in the House. If they succeed a President Clinton will be very limited in being able to get her liberal agenda into law. So maybe the Republican leadership is hoping for a Clinton victory. As strange as that seems there is some logic to it as the conservatives want to maintain their control of the Republican Party. For the conservatives, losing control of the party to Trump would be a disaster.


Being that you are a supporter of corporate governance ultimately, you really can't lose in this election – Hillary/Trump presumably – can you?


Having read Brauchli's oh-so-clever little pieces before, I had stopped reading anything with his byline. I could almost guess what this one would say and so read it to check myself. Had I been unfair? Yes, just as expected, a milquetoast masquerading as an iconoclast.


No, he's an intelligent satirist, but the subtlety of his wit is no doubt lost on you... lest your inner Trump is chomping at the bit over the subject of this particular essay/satire.


No inner Trump here, just a strong Bernie supporter and HRC disbeliever. I had read Brauchli for years on Counterpunch and found him clever (yes, I do get it, I assure you) but always taking on easy targets in what I felt to be a not very brave way - satire with the blade pointed sideways.